The Lary Project - Supporting People With Voice Disorders

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The Lary Project is committed to supporting and representing people with voice disorders throughout the UK and beyond. It aspires to create a sustainable organisation that brings together people with voice disorders to improve their lives.

The charity exists because ...

  • People with voice problems face highly challenging symptoms that may include pain, hoarseness and vocal fatigue. These too frequently lead to isolation, career stagnation or unemployment and various mental health problems. Crucially, one's identity - something that voice is so integral to - is often significantly undermined.
  • Despite these evident challenges and the numbers of people affected (up to 1.5 million in the UK), awareness of voice problems as a disability, let alone a serious one, is almost non-existent. This lack of awareness means voice-unfriendly practices in our society are not even questioned.
  • Furthermore, if one's voice problem cannot be cured by medication, surgery and/or speech therapy, ongoing medical support is limited. Despite this evident gap in support, there was no charity - until The Lary Project - specifically for all the voice-impaired people in the UK. Indeed, worldwide there is very little.

The Lary Project exists in order to ...

  • Create the first comprehensive community of voice-impaired people - in the UK and beyond - and support these people in the successful management of their disabilities.
  • Help develop and lobby for the improvement in health/social care and employment opportunities for the voice-impaired.
  • Raise awareness of voice impairments and the voice-impaired so as to create a much more voice problem-friendly world, where life's normal activities are again a real possibility.
  • Promote voice care so as to reduce the incidence of avoidable voice problems.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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