The Lee Spark NF Foundation

Moor Hey Farm
Knowle Green

Tel: 01254 878701


Necrotising fasciitis (NF) is a severe infection involving the soft tissues below the skin, particularly the fascia. It can affect anyone at any time on any part of the body. NF may be caused by a number of bacteria; one of these is Streptococcus pyogenes also known as Group A streptococcus. Streptococcal necrotising fasciitis is not a rare condition with approximately 3,000 reported cases in the UK each year. The Lee Spark NF Foundation was started in January 2000 by Doreen Marsden whose son, Lee, died of this disease in October 1999. The group has the following aims and activities:

  • To offer information and support to survivors, bereaved relatives and friends.
  • To raise the profile of the group amongst professionals.
  • Volunteers are based all over the UK so any callers to the above number will be put in touch with a local contact.
  • The group's medical team includes many supportive and helpful professionals who can answer questions.
  • The group produces a leaflet which includes a description of the disease and symptoms as well as further details of the its activities.
  • An annual get-together, usually in September, for survivors and bereaved to share experiences.
  • Quarterly newsletter.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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