The Lone Twin Network

54 Ventnor Avenue
Hodge Hill
B36 8EF


The Lone Twin Network (originally called the Lone Twin Register) was set up in May 1989 to offer a network of contacts and support to anyone whose twin has died, at whatever stage of life. The Network helps twins who have had similar experiences of loss to share their views and feelings and to offer and receive peer support.

The Network List is the means by which lone twins can make contact with one another as soon as they join the network. The List gives information to enable contact and there is no obligation for members to participate in ways other than they have chosen. For example, telephone numbers need not be included in the List.

To become a member, write to the above address, requesting an application form. Membership is currently open to those over 18. There is no fixed membership charge but they request a voluntary annual contribution. Members receive the following:

  • A confidential Network List which is annually updated to enable contact with other members.
  • An annual Newsletter, which contains Network news and members' articles.
  • Information about the Lone Twin Network's AGM which generally alternates between North/South and regional.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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