The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service

Territorial Headquarters
101 Newington Causeway

Tel: 0207 367 4500


The Family Tracing Service exists for the purpose of trying to restore (or sustain) family relationships by locating relatives who, for whatever reason, have become out of touch. The Service has close links with colleagues in many of the 126 countries where The Salvation Army is operating. The Family Tracing Service does not become involved with certain types of enquiry including: friends, situations involving adoption, former husbands or wives, young people under 18. Features of the service include the following.

  • Confidentiality - addresses of relatives located are never disclosed without their prior consent.
  • The Service can act as a 'postbox' for relatives unwilling to reveal their addresses.
  • The Service has a success rate of around 87%.
  • The cost to the Service is in excess of £150 per enquiry but a registration fee of £45 (£25 for those whose only income is state support) is requested - the balance is met from Salvation Army funds.
  • The Service uses procedures that are tried and tested. It is not a helpline service. All enquiries are carried out by experienced and skilled researchers and caseworkers.

Last updated on 29/10/2013

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