The Sequal Trust

3 Ploughman's Corner
Wharf Road
SY12 0EJ

Tel: 01691 624222


The Sequal Trust (Specialised Equipment and Aids for Living) is a nationwide, fundraising charity founded in 1969.

The Sequal Trust aims to help bridge the communication gap for disabled people of all ages throughout the UK. They provide equipment for those unable to communicate either because they can't talk or they can't move their hands to write, or both. By providing advanced technology, the Sequal Trust can make it possible for people, who can do no more than press a button, to gain access to the whole world.

The Sequal Trust provides a practical service for both children and adults, encompassing a wide range of disabilities presenting speech and movement difficulties, including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism and spinal injuries to name just a few. The people they help cannot afford to buy vital equipment that will improve the quality of their lives immensely.

When someone is put in touch with the Sequal Trust they liaise with professional bodies to ensure the right equipment ensures maximum benefit. Having attained a recommendation, they then start to raise funds on behalf of that person, initially in the member's own locality, then spreading the campaign further afield and supplementing with general funds as and when necessary.

The equipment provided by the Sequal Trust can transform lives, enabling adults to have satisfying jobs and children to learn and play. In some cases it is the only means of communicating basic needs and feelings. Most important of all is the freedom that comes from not being totally dependent on others.

Last updated on 29/10/2013

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