The Wingate Centre

Wrenbury Hall Drive

Tel: 01270 780456


The Wingate Centre aims to enrich the lifestyle of people with learning or physical disabilities by providing gymnastic, educational and recreational facilities for all ages and all levels of disability. They have two areas of operation:

  • Gymnasium specialising in disabilities.
  • Holiday/short break residential centre specialising in disabilities.

The Wingate Centre offers short break residential accommodation specifically designed and equipped for disabled and special needs schools, voluntary organisations, self help groups and social care adults and children. Accommodation comprises nine ground floor twin bedrooms with hand basins, with a full range of disabled bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and sluice rooms. Lounge, TV and games room. Lifts to first floor with accommodation and disabled facilities for another 32 people. Hoists for use in bedrooms.

Last updated on 19/10/2012

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