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Tourette syndrome (TS) is a medical condition with a genetic component but is, as yet, of unknown cause. It is characterised by a combination of chronic muscular tics (twitch like movements) and vocal tics (involuntary noises) and is often socially stigmatising.

Tourettes Action (formerly The Tourette Syndrome (UK) Association) is a registered charity, established during 1980, to assist sufferers, their families, and any other persons connected with the disorder. Its aims are the following:

  • Providing support.
  • Educating, informing and campaigning.
  • Promoting medical research on behalf of those affected by TS.

Members include individuals with the disorder, their relatives and other interested people. Tourettes Action develops and disseminates educational material to individuals, professionals, and to agencies in the fields of healthcare and government. It co-ordinates family networking and other services to help people and their families to cope with the problems that occur with TS. It also assists with the funding of research. Services of Tourettes Action include the following:

  • Provision of a national helpline (number above).
  • Twice yearly conferences with guest speakers and question and answer sessions.
  • Support groups.
  • Newsletters and recommended reading lists.
  • Identity cards for a small cost.
  • List of UK consultants specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of TS.
  • Advice on finding specialist help in matters such as education.

Contact the above for a free information pack.

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