Tunstall Response

Ascot House
Unit 1, Malton Way
Adwick Le Street

Tel: 08450 56 54 46

Web: www.tunstallonline.co.uk

Tunstall is a leading provider of telecare and telehealth solutions. Tunstall's monitoring centre is known as Tunstall Response and currently provides monitoring to over half a million people in the UK. Its staff are on hand 24 hours a day to answer alarm calls. Details of the user are instantly displayed on the operator's computer screen, enabling them to take the most appropriate action to ensure the safety of the user. This may include contacting local key holders, family members, doctor or the emergency services.

The monitoring centre regularly deals with a wide variety of calls, including users who have:

  • Smelt smoke or gas.
  • Heard an unwelcome noise outside.
  • Received a suspicious or unexpected visitor at the door.
  • Had an accident in the home such as a trip or fall.
  • The need to hear and speak to a friendly voice.

Last updated on 25/10/2013

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