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Paruresis is "an inability to urinate in the presence, real or perceived, of others". Common names for the condition are Shy Bladder, Bashful Bladder or Pee Shy. A medical description is psychogenic urinary retention. It affects both men and women, of all ages and backgrounds. Sufferers are often called avoidant paruretics (or APs for short), meaning that their paruresis manifests itself in avoiding the situations that inhibit them from being able to pee.

The UK Paruresis Association was set up in July 2002, became a charity in December 2002, and a charitable trust in 2005.

The trusts aims to relieve people suffering from the social anxiety avoidant paruresis (aka Shy Bladder Syndrome), particularly by:

  • The provision of internet based information and support.
  • The provision of desensitisation workshops.
  • The promotion of the concept of individual privacy in the design of public toilets.
  • The promotion of research into all aspects of the condition, particularly its cause and treatment.
  • The raising of public awareness, including that of the medical profession.

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