Wales Council for Deaf People

Glenview House
Courthouse Street
CF37 1JY

Tel: (Voice) 01443 485687, (Text) 01443 485686


The Wales Council for Deaf People is a registered charity and the major voluntary body in Wales concerned with deafness. It is an umbrella association of organisations, both voluntary and statutory, working in the field of hearing loss and representing people who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and deaf/blind. The main aim of the Council is to support all activities of benefit to people with hearing loss in Wales with the object of enabling these people to lead fuller and more independent lives. The Council is involved in the following.

  • Representation, either alone or in co-operation with other organisations, to obtain access and equality.
  • Setting up community volunteer groups to fulfil local need and to participate in local planning of services.
  • Providing training, running courses in sign language and lip-speaking.
  • Access to a freelance communicator agency which encourages user organisations to provide communication access for people with hearing loss.
  • Producing magazines, newsletter, handbooks, and information booklets.
  • Offering services including freelance interpreting, information and advice, advocacy.

The Council produces an Information Booklet (published in Welsh and English) covering helping hearing-impaired people enjoy better communication; aids to daily living with list of suppliers; list of training courses and fees; list of local support groups and deaf clubs; tinnitus and lip-reading.

Last updated on 15/10/2013

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