War Widows Association GB

c/o 199 Borough High Street

Tel: 0845 2412 189

Web: warwidowsassociation.org.uk

The War Widows Association (WWA) is essentially a pressure group and exists to improve the conditions of war widows and their dependants in Great Britain. Its work encompasses those who have suffered bereavement as a result of World War II and all conflicts since then, including Iraq and Afghanistan. The WWA also represents those who have suffered the loss of their husband in peacetime, when his death was attributable to his service life.

It works with all government departments, petitioning for improvement in pensions, the administration of benefits and other issues affecting war widows. It represents war widows at national events of remembrance and it maintains close links with all ex-Service organizations and the Service widows' associations.

Last updated on 15/10/2013

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