WCRF UK - World Cancer Research Fund

22 Bedford Square

Tel: 0207 343 4205

Web: www.wcrf-uk.org

Their vision

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) helps people make choices that reduce their chances of developing cancer.

Their mission


  • Funds research on the relationship of nutrition, physical activity and weight management to cancer risk.
  • Interprets the accumulated scientific literature in the field.
  • Educates people about the choices they can make to reduce their chances of developing cancer.


WCRF UK is the principal UK charity dedicated to the prevention of cancer through the promotion of healthy diet and nutrition, physical activity and weight management. WCRF UK is committed to providing cancer research and education programmes which expand understanding of the importance of food and lifestyle choices in the cancer process.

By spreading the good news that cancer can be prevented, WCRF UK hopes that many thousands of lives will be saved. The education and research programmes of WCRF UK are funded almost entirely by donations from the public.

Last updated on 15/10/2013

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