Wheelyboat Trust

North Lodge
Burton Park
West Sussex
GU28 0JT

Tel: 01798 342222

Web: www.wheelyboats.org

The Wheelyboat Trust, formerly the Handicapped Anglers Trust, is a registered charity with the purpose of improving the quality of life for disabled adults and children. Much of the Trust's activity centres on the 15ft Wheelyboat. This boat resembles a mini landing craft with a bow ramp which lowers onto the shore for easy access, especially by wheelchairs. Once aboard, a wheelchair can be freely manoeuvred thanks to the boat's flat, stable and unencumbered deck. Up to four wheelchairs plus an able-bodied helper can be accommodated.

There are now nearly 100 such boats distributed throughout the UK, many of them used for angling, others for different water-borne pleasures such as bird-watching, photography, painting, family picnics or simply the enjoyment of being on the water. Please telephone for an information pack and locations list or visit the website.

Last updated on 25/09/2013

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