Working Families

Cambridge House
1 Addington Square

Tel: (Office) 0207 253 7243, (Freephone helpline) 0300 012 0312


Working Families is a UK work-life balance organisation. They help and give a voice to working parents and carers, whilst also helping employers create workplaces which encourage work-life balance for everyone. Armed by all they hear from their supporters they make the case to government and employers for social policy and workplace change that will benefit families, employers and communities.

Their vision is a society where everyone has real choices about how they balance their working and caring responsibilities.

They call for:

  • Family-friendly working hours and leave for parents and carers.
  • A right to request flexible working for all employees.
  • Affordable, quality childcare and elder care.
  • An end to the UK’s long hours work culture.
  • More help for parents of disabled children to get back into work.

Working Families also advise parents of disabled children and carers on their rights, and publish advice on how to get into work for parents and carers of the disabled.

Last updated on 02/09/2013

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