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Vaccinations and Immunisations

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  • Pacman mum 1

    Pneumonia vaccine

    Had the vaccine on 3rd November by night time I had no appetite,headache,severe arm pain and hard to move it , no energy atal ,fever, it's now ,6th November and since last night I suddenly git blocked runny nose and cough and clogged up chest ,and sore throat , is this another side effect , what I'

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  • umers 2

    Missed Vaccination date

    I have been diagnosed with Dust and pollen allergy. I have very severe issue with allergy and the doctors have prescribed me the allergy vaccine. I have to take a shot every week. The amount/quantity of vaccine increases every week. The problem is, I have missed a few days of vaccinations. What I

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  • saurabh29070 1


    i was on intradermal regimen for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis but switched to intra muscular on day 3 since and had both intradermal (.1mlx2) and  intra muscular (1ml) of should i do ? Can I continue with intra muscular from day 7 or coun this intra muscular as day Zero

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