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Vaccinations and Immunisations

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  • tamara89 3

    Pneumonia vaccine made me so sick

    On Friday I had the pneumonia and tetanus vaccines and I have to say that was the worst decision ever. By the 25th hour after, Injection site was in my right arm and I am right handed. I cannot move my arm it hurts so badly to even attempt to raise it. My head has been throbbing. Worst headache. My

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  • saurabh29070 1


    i was on intradermal regimen for rabies post-exposure prophylaxis but switched to intra muscular on day 3 since and had both intradermal (.1mlx2) and  intra muscular (1ml) of should i do ? Can I continue with intra muscular from day 7 or coun this intra muscular as day Zero

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  • kanita89971 1

    dog bitting

    I was bitten by neighbourhood dog 🐶, I delayed till 16 days ,then I go to clinic and consult with doctor and have Rabies vaccination. I asked information to dog owner And he said that that has gotten vaccine already. Do I need still worry about Rabies infection??? So far , I feel muscles leg

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