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About us

Patient - you can trust us about your health

Since 1996 Patient has been giving you trustworthy content, information, and advice to help you get a better understanding of your health. Patient is trusted by people and healthcare professionals around the world.

Trustworthy content

All Patient’s content is checked by health professionals so you can trust its accuracy, authority, and it being up to date. Everything on Patient meets the highest standards of clinical accuracy and ethical integrity and follows the NHS Standard for Creating Health Content.

Whatever you want to know about your health, you can trust the information on Patient.

Standing out from the rest

With so much health information available from so many different sources it is difficult to know what to trust. We understand how important it is to be able to trust what you read and view, so everything we produce is checked and reviewed by health professionals. Patient’s health information is trusted and used by healthcare professionals around the world as well as their patients.

Our editorial policy shows the process which goes into creating our content and why you can trust everything you see on Patient.

Why you can trust us

Expertise - Our team of experienced healthcare professionals - including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists – make sure all our content is accurate, evidence-based, and up to date with the latest research and guidance.

Credibility - We are transparent with all our sources and resources. We name all our authors and peer reviewers so you can be assured of their expertise and credentials. We also name everyone who is quoted or contributes to our content and highlight their areas of expertise. We only use research and guidance that comes from reputable medical journals, institutions, and healthcare experts.

Comprehensive content - We provide information on hundreds of conditions. Our 1,000s of articles and research-backed guides give practical tips and advice and cover a wide range of health topics to cater to your diverse needs and interests.

Accessibility and availability - As well as our website you can find our content on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We make it easy for you to get Patient’s trusted health information however suits you best, wherever you are in the world.

Whether you are looking for information on a specific condition, want tips to prevent illness, or advice on living a healthy lifestyle, you can trust Patient.

Our trusted history

In 1996, husband and wife doctor team, Tim and Beverley Kenny, launched Patient UK, their online health information directory. The Kennys and their team of medical authors produced resources and information for medical staff and their patients, delivered straight into GP practices using software from specialist provider, EMIS.

This directory of evidence-based clinical information became, giving trustworthy health information to the public and health professionals around the world.

In the past, the Times newspaper declared Patient: “The top health website you can’t live without”, consumer group Which ranked us as its top health website, and the Royal Society for Public Health gave us its Health and Wellbeing Award.

For the public and health professionals we provide more than:

  • 1,200 condition leaflets.

  • 800 medicine leaflets.

  • 2,000 health features.

  • 2,000 Professional articles.

Our trusted company

Patient is a part of leading innovative healthcare company EMIS - Egton Medical Information Systems Limited, which makes technology that improves people’s lives. EMIS software is the number one choice in primary care, community pharmacy and A&E care settings, and number two in hospital pharmacy and community care. More than 10,000 healthcare organisations use EMIS systems daily.

EMIS is also the parent of the Patient Access app, which Patient is part of, which helps you take control of your healthcare. Patient Access connects you to local health services when you need them most. Book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and discover local health services for you or your family through your mobile or home computer.

All content on Patient follows a stringent process of creation, to ensure its accuracy and relevance. Regular reviews and updates are performed to reflect changes in healthcare, our culture and society. We commit to providing excellent, accurate, and up to date health information.