Sexual Health

Sex is part of human nature, but protecting yourself during sex is all too often overlooked in the heat of the moment. Why would anyone want to ruin the fun by worrying about STIs or an unplanned pregnancy? Although some may not think it to be important, 200,000 people in the UK a year test positive for chlamydia, with genital warts, herpes and gonorrhoea also common. We're not saying don’t have sex, we’re just suggesting that you do it safely.

"Though there is more openness about sexual health, far too many people of all ages are still being affected by STIs. They risk long term pain and fertility problems because they’re embarrassed or scared or simply do not know to access advice and treatment. This hub is here to give you information and support about all aspects of sexual health, including how to have sex safely, so that you can have an enjoyable love life without fear of infection."

How to talk to your partner about a sexual problem

How to talk to your partner about a sexual problem

Sex is often portrayed in TV shows, film, erotica and online porn as adventurous, uncomplicated and trouble-free, yet in reality, sexual problems are a common issue that will affect many of us at some point in our lives.

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