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I have been on Lofepramine for a year and it has worked ...

I have been on Lofepramine for a year and it has worked very well in reducing and treating the depression I have had for many years.

I have tried other antidepressants in the past which made me tired, irritable and badly effected my sleep patterns and appetite (which caused me to put on weight).

Lofepramine however has enabled me to return to normal sleeping patterns (I no-longer wake up tired and fatigued), a normal appetite and less-frequent bouts of depression.I sometimes get thirsty more easily and seem to want drink more water but apart from that changing to lofepramine has meant I am no longer as depressed as I was and am enjoying a normal life.

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  • Guest

    Hi all,

    I been suffering terrible anxiety and irretability, wouldn't say I generally feel depressed. I've been prescribed lofepramine tabs 70mg to be taken at nightime, after surfing the net it has become apparent that they are prescribed more for depression rather than anxiety, that's one of my concerns, also I struggle with eating disorders, also from my research they seem to give u weight gain, which I really could not cope


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  • Guest

    ive been spending hours on end trying to research lofepramine..there are a lot of clinical trials and articles with lots of medical jargon but its almost impossible to find much of peoples own experiences..

    from what ive gathered tho, most people have said they didnt notice weight gain with lofepramine..

    on the other hand, ive seen \"changes in bloody sugar and possible weight gain\" on quite a few not quite sure wat to make of it..

    if it helps tho, the psychiatrist i saw wanted to put me on another anti depressant but i told him i absolutely refused to take anything that would make me gain weight, so he changed it to lofepramine instead..which im hoping means that (as long as u dont sit around and do nothing but eat all day, which u might do without even realising when feeling depressed) it doesnt cause weight gain..

    ive been on it a month so far and if anything ive been a lot less hungry..havent noticed any changes in weight tho, neither loss or gain..

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  • thgun

    I've been on Lofepramine for 14yrs and it has helped my deppression. I was 15st when I started taking it. My weight gain from the other medications I was on cause me to rapidly gain weight. This effected me mentally and I was prescribed this drug. Two days after taking it I noticed a change in my appetite. Within 2yrs I was down to 8st 2. It felt great and I never ever want to go back to that weight again. Since 2006 I noticed that my appetite as increased slightly and I started to put on weight. I'm now 10st 7ish and I do go to the gym but I'm really worried that the drug is no longer working and that I will go back to my old weight and become I'll again. I could not cope with It again and this time it would put me over the edge. I've also noticed that in the last 3-4 years my sleep pattern had changed. I'm not sleeping at night not wanting to go to bed. When I do go to bed I am tired in the mornings and sometimes my body will crash and I will sleep all day especially weekends even though I don't feel tired. I've been hear before when I wad not well. Is thirs natural or am I becoming

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