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my rights to discuss any medication that I am to be prescribed.

I am to be prescribed medication do I have a right to disuse this with the person who is recommending / prescribing the medication or to I have to just accept the doctors recomendation without any understanding of the medication.

I ask because I am to be prescribed medication for bipolar disorder, and I would like to talk though the options and discus any alternative medication I am told if I dont accept what is offered then I will be refusing medication, and I have no right to time to discus my medication with my doctor, that seems so unfair.

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  • Benny Blanco

    It's probably best just to say "yeah yeah whatever". Unless you are a serious risk to yourself or others then there isn't much they can do about their 'refusing medication' threat. Maybe you could point out to your Doctor / s that you have Bipolar Disorder not brain damage and that if they don't at least pay lip service to the BMAs guidance and explain your medications and treatment plan to you then you'll complain and continue to complain until they do ;D

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  • pc

    thanks house, I was beginning to think I had brain damage. lol well stupid really.

    I have been on lithium for years and now have stage 3 kidney failure probably due to the lithium? and I dont want to take it any longer I have enough problems without kidney problems to so I wanted replacement for lithium off my consultant, lithium didn't stop my manic episodes anyway! now they have just left me medication free as I have refused to take my lithium. I would dearly like to just sit down and talk with my consultant about other drugs.

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  • Benny Blanco

    You could ask your GP to refer you to another hospital / consultant citing your dissatisfaction with the services this current lot are providing as a reason, it's not unreasonable to expect some sort of discussion regarding your medications and treatment, your treatment is supposed to be in cooperation / partnership with your Doctor / s not imposed like under some kind of dictatorship smile

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  • Genie ex nurse

    You have every right to ask questions about your medications. You need to know about why he/she is prescribing it, what the effect the drug has on your body, if there are any side affects, dosage, and any other queries you may have. In Aus, we can get a second, or even third opinion. Unless you have been found to be a danger to yourself, or others...... your body. Don't dismiss it altogether yet though, mabey you just havn't had a complete and detailed explaination from that person. I hope you have found me helpful

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  • pc

    thank you so much for your replies it's just nice to know I am not odd in my belief that I should have some say and understanding of my medication. I am not a danger to myself or others, but I could be taken advantage of, when I am manic! so my husband escorts me everywhere when I am. I have ask for a care plan and as part of that care plan I have a say in its creation and so will add medication to my care plan, I'm hoping this will give them the opportune to give me what I require without losing face. I will keep you posted.

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