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Twenty years ago at age 28, a L4-5 large central disc he...

Twenty years ago at age 28, a L4-5 large central disc herniation and L5-S1 disc protrusion lead to severe pain Managed non surgically. The Only rx helpful was ice, electroacupuncture, shiatsu and acupressure massage. After two years of agony and 12 acupuncture treatments my back pain and sciatica was controlled. Intermittent backaches are self treated with ice, capsacin cream or pain patches - salonpas-HOT, and shiatsu massages. I hope

others with back pain with similar pathology will find relief.

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  • Regina

    You are the first I have read who has experienced pain relief from disc herniation without surgery. Amazing and good for you. I think that is quite rare with a disc herniation more than a disc bulge. Congratulations on your success.


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  • rebeccalouise

    hi there,

    I am39 years old and for last 8 months been in lot of pain lower back area[many yrs of suffering before on and off but nothing like this].led to sciatica in jan could not move with allpain. Had 8 wks physio not much help had mri scan begin april2009 showing i have prolapsed disc L5/s1 with root compression to the right. Isaw surgeon last week and he has offered me surgery but only for microdiscectomy to get rid of leg pain as there no operation that can help with the back pain

    My problem is my back pain has been cotinually bad for 8 months efery day on painkillers and wearing heat pads[costing a fortune]. i dont want to go thru with this op when i can manage with leg pain at the moment as surgery takes good couple months to recover,thereis possibility that back pain will get relief but no guarantees. I am waiting for my appt to come thru for surgery but wonder if anyone else with a prolapsed disc suffers with back pain more than leg pain and if they didnt have surgery did their backs get better with other therapys as hospital said they will refer me to pain clinic but not heard lot of success with this and i have a 3 yr old to try and look after which has been so difficuilt.

    thanks for reading and any replies gratefully received.

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