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Will I have fibromyalgia for the rest of my life?

I really need to know this. So long story short. I've had fibro for about 5 years now and it's only 3 days ago a doctor said I will always have this. I'm not sure if this is true, she didn't seem to know that much about the condition. Now I'm utterly terrified! Please I need to know. A simple yes or no will do. I'm really scared.

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  • anna141

    So sorry that your gp is so uninformed. I think that the best thing you can do is to find as much information that you can from a fibro support group. You can find a list of support groups elsewhere on this site. I think there's one called Fibroaction,. I do hope that this will help you. Good luck.

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  • jimtorry

    I have done loads of research on fibromyalgia and I have done everything to try and prevent from happening or curing the F/M, diet, exercise became a vegetarian,meditation and yoga, nothing seems to help, I think it is a kind of damage limitation, try to do all of the above and the flare ups become less and I can cope a lot better with the condition, but I still get the flare ups and boy they wipe me out and that is due to me forgetting to pace myself properly.You will come across a lot of stuff like I cured my F/M through affirmations and meditation it is a ploy to buy their stuff, don't take it in.What I am really trying to say is try and look at your condition positively and find ways to ease your symptons, it is never ending and you will find it is all down to trial and error, whatever works for you. You have to take action on this as your GPs are very uninformed on F/M because nobody really knows what to do with it, specialists you name it, nobody knows and sometimes you are treated as an actor as externially you look ok, blood pressure is ok, blood tests don't show up anything. So you have to sympathise with the proffesionals as well.

    Love and Peace James

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  • jimtorry

    Sorry I meant to mention that get yourself checked out for B12 deficiency as the symptoms are the same as F/M, check it out on this site. I am now getting B12 injections every 3 months, to early to tell if they will make a difference, oh and B12 vitamins from the shop won't work if you are deficient, they are not strong enough.

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  • AuroraDee

    I personally don't know anyone with fibro so it's really interesting to know what other people have tried. Being told that made me really scared. I'm more scared of it getting worst. I tried to do a lot of the relaxation techniques but I was too anxious. Yeah I've saw so many ads saying this is the cure, I saw one saying acupuncture was the cure, I couldn't help think, that is soo not going to happen and surely it can't be that easy. Like I said before 5 years and every time it got worst I waited out, due to not knowing what else I could do. It took many years to get some one to believe me and even now some doctors are not sure what to make of it. Yeah I would like to get mad at them but I can't. They can't see what is causing the pain so (it looks like) it stumps them.

    Ok I will (:

    Thank you so much for you're time! smile

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  • jimtorry

    I was also getting acupuncture through the NHS, but in the end all it did was inflame the F/M ending up with the acupuncturist having to give up as he didn't know what to do next.

    The main thing is not to lose heart and try light yoga exercises/meditation, believe me when I say this really works and helps tremendously with the mental attitude towards F/M. If you don't have much money look up a Brahma Kumaris centre in your area they are a free organisation and have really helped me.



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  • anthony 4

    I have had "fibromyalgia" since my childhood years and I am now 76 years old. It is a terrible condition to live with but through the years I have found ways to deal with it the best I can, such as, relaxation and rest, and during very bad days I take OsteoPanadol 2 tablets X 3 times a day. I do also take TRAMAL SR100 - one tablet at night which has given me great relief and if it wasn't for the Tramal I do not know I cope with doing all I do .

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  • vjl56

    Hi Aurora there are other similar posts you can read on this site. I think I'd say much the same as the others. It's a very individual thing. You could try asking for a referral to a rheumatologist or even neurologist as basically the fibro pain comes from our pain centre In The brain being over stimulated or over reacting to pain, so something a well person can do may cause you a lot of pain. As I've said in another post, really listen to your body and don't over do it on a good day, and take it really easy on a bad day. If you have things that need to be done pace yourself.

    It's a flaming nuisance when the gps don't know/understand and all you cam do is educate yourself as best you can.

    One thing I've done for a while is have a deep tissue massage once a month. Whilst it's painful it really helps in the long run and becomes less painful too.

    Good luck. V

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