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I have had urine leakage for about 40 years and no cause has ever been found, except one doctor told me I have a false entry into my bladder so my urine pools into 2 different areas, so my bladder is not emptied completely.

First it was thought I had strictures, but after having those removed, I still had leakage. The the doctor thought I had bph, benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. I was given drugs but still I leaked urine. Sometimes the urge was immediate and I had to find a toilet immediately.

Though the years I have been on numerous pills to stop the leakage, nothing works.

But since I have been on haemodialysis and my water consumption has slowed, I drink less than 4 cups of liquid (US standards) per day. I leak less but the problem still exists.

In the past, I used adult urine pads but I got too sweaty wearing them in my underwear, so I don't use them that often.

I use some padding everyday now; mainly because I never know when the leakage will occur.

At night, I don't leak alot but it does happen. My underwear is sometimes wet.

Does any other xxy have this problem, or am I the only one.

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    I forgot to mention , I had a procedure called TUIP, transurethral incision of the prostate. The doctor removed some areas around my prostate figuring that would stop my leakage, again that did not stop my urine leakage or what is now called post void dribbling.

    I can't be the only one. Someone wrote me on another forum who stated he has the same problem and he is xxy

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    Hey, John,, where you from,,,  I havea problem of ?? not emptying, I could pee,, and stand ther 5 minutes,, sometimes be able to go more . And sometimes not able to get any more to expel,,,,,   then you know shake it off, and wash hands, done . Walk down hall, into livingroom, and feel like I gotta go again, and do . I dont have any burning when I void, I dont have enlarged prostate . IDK what it is,, did go for a urodynamic, once, biut was not completed,, cause I passed out had vagal attack,, and was brough to hospital . Quit an expensive day for me there . But I get an sudden urge to urinate,, and I gotta go,, I can feel myself dribble,, . Since I have become disabled,,,,,   I have been wearing a diaper,,, better safe than to be sorry .. Even though they have not held up,, and or . 

    I did ask where you from,, I live in Syracuse NY,,  ?? maybe you near and we could meet up .


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      Sorry, I have so many emails from this forum so I am trying to catch up. I am still at March, hopefully I will be able to answer everyone.

      I live in Denver, Colorado. I don't drive a car, nor do I travel out of state.

      Question--do you pee standing up or sitting down. If I am sitting down on the toilet, I always leak because I think I am compressing my bladder.

      Also, since I only have 4 inches, urine flows down by scrotum. And since my scrotum caves in, because of my surgery years ago to tie down my testicles, I usually have to wipe myself on my scrotum .

      Caffeine will cause more pee, it is like the medication lasix. If on lasix, to reduce swelling in you legs, no matter what you do, you may have to go more often. I used to be on it because I used to get ulcers in my legs. but since I am on dialysis, I drink less liquids. Liquid are anything--, water. soda, coffee, ice cream, popcycles anything that can turn into a liquid. can cause you to pee more.

      I use pads now, but when I was in rehab, everyone is put into adult diapers. Because I couldn't get out of bed, it was very helpful because I only have one leg.I am a a puree with a below the knee amputation and a partial foot, no toes.

      If I wear short pants, I can pee standing up by putting my penis our of my underwear and pulling up my short pants.

      Have you looked at any of the emails on this website. Some use carheters. some use a condom of sorts to hold urine. Or one woman suggested a clamp.

      I have a urinal under my bed, at night, if I have to go. Or if my bathroom is occupied, I will use the it.

      Did I tell you I am a gay person.


      Like I said, I am still trying to catch up on my emails. So hopi will try to email you soon

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      Hello Ed, I found a recent pot about how to control your leakage proble. It was a post from James 17316. He uses a Coloplat clear condom without aloe in the adhesive.

      It is a condom catheter. He can urinate it it and he doesn't empty it for 14 to 16 hours.

      Maybe you can try it.

      I am unable to give you information about where I live or where I will be on June 23 to 25, because the website has deleted my email.

      I can tell you I live in Denver. I am 65 and I have a prosthetic leg. I am single and gay. No partner but live with relatives

      I don't travel outside of my stare anymore.

      Apparently this website does not want any person meeting anyone who posts any information about themselves. It is not a dating service.

      So I hope you will understand.

      But you should try that condom catheter. I know you can empty it without anyone knowing you have something under your clothes. You empty in a toilet stall, again no one would know what to are doin a toilet stall.

      Look up James 17316, he explains how you use it.

      Good luck

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      After looking at some other emails on this website you may want to look for information on artificial sphincter or a implanted neural stimulator. I tried to post all if the ways to prevent male leakage from several individuals on this website but I believe it was taken off. It involved Overactive Bladder (OAB ). Another post indicated a Prostatic Artery Embolization but I have no idea what these operations involve. Maybe whoever posted these devices can help you or other males regarding urine leakage.

      But I don't know why you would be retaining urine unless you may have a stricture.Have you had a cystoscopy to check if there is a problem.

      Years ago, my doctors believed that I had urethral strictures and they thought once the were removed, I should have stopped leaking urine. but once they were taken off surgically. However, I still leaked.

      As I indicated before, I will be at an event in Aurora Colorado on June 23 to June 25 , so I will not answer any emails during the week of June 19th to ?

      I am sure others may be able to resolve your problems. Just continue to look at others who are experiencing leakage on the uninary (leakage)

      forum on this website.

      Good luck

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