About a year ago one night I experienced a great feeling...

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About a year ago one night I experienced a great feeling of illness. I felt as if I had been poisoned and I felt extremely uncomfortable in my stomach. After a few hours this went and I was right as rain. Some months later I experienced a sort of pain in my windpipe, seemed to occur when I was sitting up uncomfortably in bed or awkward position sitting, sometimes when walking around. It seemed to start in my throat and proceed downwards, like a bubble of pain which was trapped. Then I noticed I was burping a lot. This all came and went over a period of months. Towards the end of last year I started to feel really sick, plus this knawing sensation in my gut, often during the day and especially at night. I used to feel so hungry with it and food seemed to help it for a while and also liquids. I went to the doctor and he thought it could be a kidney infection. Took some antibiotics and things were not so bad. Left it for a few months then all started up again. Took cabbage & liquorice capsules for a while which felt better but when finished those it started again. Then took Alfalfa which helped but still feeling the knawing etc. Finally went back to the doctor who wanted to give me Omeprazole but luckily I had been warned about it as to excruciating wind and pain and I asked for Ranitidine. I had a really bad night last night (had not go the prescription yet) as woke up feeling really ill as if I had been poisoned and had the terrible knawing sensation in my stomach. Got up and walked around and drank lots of water. Some time later... after passing wind a few times, I went off to sleep. In the morning my stomach felt as if a truck had gone over it but the knawing had stopped and I no longer felt ill. I took the first Fanitidine this morning. I still feel sick and the knawing is still there but not as bad, at the moment. Doctor has asked me to have blood test and to arrange for me to see a specialist with a view to the camera down the throat. Has anyone else experienced the above regarding the feeling of being so ill that they feel like they have been poisoned along with the knawing in the stomach and then it going off after a while?

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    Hi there,

    I have been having problems like yours, it started about 3 years ago when I took severe pains in my abdoman and was taken to hospital they thought it was gawl stones but didn't find anything. it happened again about 6 months later & again examined for gawl stones & found none. I have been going to the dr at least every 6-8 weeks since with problems in my gut. I have now had cramps, feeling sick & wind like lump stuck in my throat , I have been given omeprazole today and told if it works i'll get more tests done. I'm feeling very frustrated and would just like to get it sorted out.

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    Hi there.

    just read your experience. hope it has been sorted out now. can you please tell me what you meant by your comment saying \"luckily you had heard about Omerprazole\". what exactly did you hear? would be grateful for any information as I have been prescribed them now.

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    Hes saying some folks suffer from abdominal cramps (pretty general gut ache, nothing acute) when they start or as they continue their course of Omeprazole smile

    Its a miracle drug for me though :D

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    I've just started taking Omeprazole, first night I woke up twice with heartburn, but not since then, that's 3 days without problems.

    I can cope with being a bit windy if I'm sleeping OK.

    As for ranitidine, it never really helped much as a preventative but was OK if I took it at first signs. not helpful for those many nights where you wake up in agony.

    I'm hoping that this will sort me out and that after my 28 day's I'll be as good as new. Otherwise it's an endoscopy.

    I guess you need to try the pills for yourself as everyone's experiences are different.


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    for years i have been having awfull pains in my gut and stomach. i have had the variouse cameras abdominal scans ect; ect; oh and hundreds of xrays; i was admitted to hospital, just after new year, with rectal bleeding, and clots, the diagnosed me with infected colitus, i feel that they are clutching at straws i take omeprozole 40 mg and they are the only thing that help me but i have been on them for so long that they are weakening or i am becoming emmune to them hope this helps
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    Hi I suffer from Barrett's esophagus which was caused by years of suffering from indigestion and doing nothing about it even though i was forever poping rennies but I didn't go to the doctor about it until it was too late and now i have this damaged inside me which i have been told could eventually go cancerious at any time.

    Myself and partner both suffer from indigestion and have both been prescribed Omezaprozole. I take 20mg every day and my partner takes 20Mg twice a day along with Gaviscon which works for him as well.

    We both previously suffered from bad indigestion but since taking Omeprazole we very rarely suffer from it now and only occationaly when we slip up when we are bad .

    Its a process of ellimination as we have cut out most fatty fooods and eat smaller amounts at more regular times.

    We do still have occations where we eat fatty foods and sometimes we get away with it with very little suffering.

    We have also lost weight and also try and eat healthy which works for us. We were advised by a consultant at the hospital to try and not eat anything after 9 oclock at night and to prop up our bed at the top end with books.

    We have tried everything as well as loosing weight, not getting stressed and taking plenty of excercise which has all helped.

    It's a process of ellimination and only you will know what works for you when you give it a try but don't let your suffering go on as it could result in unreparable damage like I have as i didn't think anything about it when i used to pop rennies by the packet.

    Best to give them a good try and see if they stop your indigestion as they are a very good drug and are relitavely safe. You getting hot might not be anything to do with taking these tablets as it might just be that your concious of the fact that you have taken your first one. If you experince any other said effects get back in touch with you doctor and talk to him about it but give them a good try and see hpw you get on.

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