Aching/Dull pain all over my body - possibly from back/neck?

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Hello. I'm 17 years old, female and for the past (approxmately) 7 months, I have been experiencing pain all over my body.

It's difficult to describe the pain, the easiest way is by saying it's not painful enough for me to keal over and cry out, but it's is enough for it to be uncomfortable and very noticeable. It's also kind of an achy pain, however, this changes - sometimes it's a sharp stabbing pain, sometimes it's a dull achy pain. The pain is dependent on where it is, I guess.

I'll describe today, as the pain is quite specific it's hard to generalise what every day is like. So today, I had my first class (at college) at 10:50. It was an hour and half lesson, and after 10 minutes of sitting down my legs started to hurt. It was an achy pain throughout my thighs but my knees and claves were stinging. It was also in one leg, I'd then shuffle around, it'd go in that leg but just resurface in the other leg 2 or 3 minutes later. Also in that class, my right arm (from my shoulder to wrist) started tingling and aching - it felt heavy and like my shoulder was too weak to keep it attatched to my body. As you can imagine, trying to do a timed 30 mark essay in class ended up being difficult and I managed to botch up the whole thing because I spent about 10 minutes in total wiggling my arm around trying to get it back to normal.

Anyway, skip forward to lunch where, as I do everyday, I stood with my boyfriend outside the big store near college talking to his/my friends. You know when you stand for too long and your feet, legs and lower back start to ache? Well this happened after I stopped walking. I stood for about 5 minutes and again my legs started to hurt, as did my back. My back had an odd burning sensation - like I was stood infront of a fire.

This burning sensation also happens when I sit down, but it's usually when I sit on an uncomfortable chair. Luckily at college, the chairs are shaped in a way I can sit comfortably and avoid this. But the buses are not. I have to get 4 buses a day, each 30 minutes long. And this burning sensation happens after around 5 minutes of being sat down in the same place.

Most of the pain I get, happens because I'm in the same place for too long. I can't figure out whether it is my muscles or my joints or both. I am suspecting both.

Anyway, aside from pain, my body seems to react to temperature weirdly - I'm either way too cold (sat shivering) or too warm (to the point where I feel dizzy - which also happens every time I get in the shower). I've also lost alot of weight over the last couple of months.

I've been taking ibruprofen through out the day, and that relieves some of the pain but the weakness and aching is still there. Since I get the pain worst in my back and neck, my mum has suggested something might be wrong with my spine or the pain could be stemming from my back/neck due to something being wrong in those areas (she doesn't want to go grasping at straws or making any guesses since she isn't a doctor).

Anyway, I am terribly sorry for the very long post. I appreciate any help I can get as to narrowing down what this could be. (If you need any more information, like height/weight or whatever, just say - I didn't want to write anymore because it's already long enough and too much to read).

I'm at the doctors on Tuesday so any replies I get from here would be much appreciated - just so I don't feel like a complete dumbass when I speak to the doctor.

Thank you! ^^

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    Hi im 33years old i have been having these severe pain . Last year late augs i started experiencing burning to sharp pains all down my pain and on top of that i had a UTI with fever. I was in and out of hospital for a month. The doctors did not have no clue what was wrong. Then one day i was on the bus and the pain went from 5-20 i started shaking felt dizzy i was like ohh no so i decide to ty another hospital and thank god that i did. When i got there they gave me fluid n pain meds . I had a ultrasoud done come to find out i had 1 5cm stone in my left kidney. Mind you my pain was on my upper right quadrant. So i so an  urologist and   he secide to go ahead and have surgery. Laser . Man o man was that thw worst pain ever. I wouldnt wish that on my enemy. I was in the hospital for a week becuz i had a splinter . Is the long tube they insert in utherer. Ugh painful worst thab givin birth. 

    Anyways after surgery i was home recovering but i was still in pain. I found myself getting tired quickly from just talking. And the pain would shoot across my back. So i went back to my primary n she said  lets do a mri or your spine . Come to find out i had a herniated disc. The nerve in btwn my c5c6 was pinched which made sense because my left arm was gettin numb and loosin strength. So i want ahead and saw a spine specialist he recommended surgery so me wantin this pain to go away went ahead with cervical spine surgery. 

    Till this day idm if i wouldve agree to this surgery. Now i suffer from tendenitis on my right side. My right side on my face gets numb and my hands have no strength.

    So 4mnths later the pain on my right upper quadrant came shootin me like someone hit me with a guess what i went back to my primary but was different this time was that my stomach was sensitive to the touch. I was experiencing upset stomach, throwin up for a week. So another ultrasound ,ctscan  and they found 3lil stones in my gallbladder. Now i have stomach problems. I have lost 55pounds within a year . Due to this now i have irregular bowels, nausea,vomiting,pain in my stomach that shoots atraight to my right upper quadrant. 

    This has been happening to me for this past 1 1/2. I suffer now from panic attacks / anxiety. Im depressed all the time. I see a psychiatrist its helpful talkin to someone that doesnt look at u like u making it all up. 

    So right now im waiting on an endoscopy that i have on the 27 of this month . They now focusin on my stomach . So im crossing that the stomach problems are related to my pain so i could finally go bck to work. Thats another thing i cant work now i have to depend on others ughh how i hate thats one of the main reason for my depression but crossin my fringers n leavin it all up to god. 

    Its good to know  theres ppl out there with the same or similiar problems as i do.  

    Thank you and sorry for this long essay but i wanted to go more in details just in case  someone could help me. Btw my gallbladder is functionin fine with the stones and i changed my eating habits so thats why i dont have my gallbladder removed. 

    Hope your doctor appt turns out well. That you get all the answers.

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    Ohh sry for all the errors shouldve proof read 

    Before posting but im actually sendin this from my phone so its hard. 

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    My friend was always in pain different body parts and she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia xx
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    Thank you both. I'm at the doctors tomorrow, so I guess I will be closer to finding out what is wrong. I'm a bit worried. When I was younger, I had issues with my stomach and feeling ill and nautious all the time, but the doctors and hospital (and my mum towards the end) thought I was faking. And that was the last time I spoke to the doctors about anything serious (that was when I was about 6)... So I'm super nervous!
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    What did the doctor say? I am experiencing this but I just don't get the back pains but my right arm and leg is also the worst and feels just like what you've explained

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