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Contact Dermatitis Not Going Away? Advise needed Please.


I posted a few weeks ago that I was suffering from perinium pain. After several visits to a doctor, I was sent to a dermatologist. I was informed I have contact dermatitis in the perinium/ upper inner thighs area. I have had this problem for a month now. Before going to the specialist, Doctors gave me steroid cream, fungal cream, antibiotics, fungal powder and nothing worked. The dermatologist after indicating I was suffering from contact dermatitis on Tuesday, prescribed me with an stronger steroid cream( Triamcinolone Acetonide (ARISTOCORT/KENALOG) 0.1 % Top Ointment). I started using the cream on Tuesday, and after 3 days I don't see any different. The cream was supposed to start working within 48-72 hours. At this moment, I dont know what else to do. There is no pain, but the discomfort is really anoying when sitting or walking, specially the skin rubbing on my underwear. Any advise would be apreciated.


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  • crystal63405 crystal63405 avalos316

    Do you think there is something your using or doing that keeps the irritation up? Can you think of anything that you are coming into contact with that you could be allergic to? Like a new detergent, a new product, a new activity...anything you can think of? 

    • avalos316 avalos316 crystal63405

      I changed my detergent a month ago, but when doctors told new detergent was a possibility, I got one of those detergents for sensitive skin three weeks ago. The only thing I can think of is the house were a live is getting remodeled, and the workers have been putting the white preparation thing they use all over the house before they start painting, but if this was to guilty chemical, why would it be the perineum area and not the rest of the body.

    • crystal63405 crystal63405 avalos316

      Yeh, I am like you....don't think something in the environment would cause a reaction only on this specific area of your body....I would consider everything that is coming into contact with this specific area....any soaps, underwear fabric, where the underwear are stored before wearing them, wearing latex gloves for application of cream (latex allergy), soap residues left behind after bathing (not completely drying off in this area), any products, working out in a gym leaving underwear damp, chlorination in hot tubs or pools....also you could ask your Doctor about taking an occasional antihistamine like Benadryl to combat the allergen...if you can't get a handle on this you should be re-evaluated

  • philippa61759 philippa61759 avalos316

    I would go back to your doctor.  Even if you are still coming into contact with an irritant, iI would have thought a stronger cream would have counteracted it.  The other possibility is that your are allergic to the cream.

  • dawn57104 dawn57104 avalos316

    Hi There

    I have also had this and it isnt pleasant, i had it due to sleeping round a friends and their washing powder it took months for it to go away.

    The creams i got from the dr's only made it worse and itch well i could have taken all my skin off it was horrid.

    The trick is to find what it is and eliminate it fast. until you have found it and your body recovers there is not much help. i found nivea cream helped the most with mine. most steroid creams i would react to. due to the skin already being delicate its very hard to break the itch scratch cycle with contact dermatitis.

    been there got the t-shirt with this, hope you find something that will help.

    I have successfully not had contact dermatitis for 3 months now

  • eva96035 eva96035 avalos316

    avalos316, Well I guess first and foremost, since you have had all kinds of treatment for this, have they tried anything that you take by mouth to help counteract this contact dematitis ? Second I don't know about your personal life but if you have a partner, have they been tested to know if maybe they might have dormant dermatitis ? Some people are just carriers for some things and have no visible signs at all. I don't mean to pry just asking if that may be a possibility ? Also when you talk about changing detergents did you get everything hypoallergenic that would come into contact with that area, because you may need to if you haven't already thought of that. Keep us updated and let us know what you learn in this matter and I hope you find relief soon cause itching in that particular place is horrid. Also is a yeast infection a possiblility as to what started this to begin with ?

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