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I'm a 28-year-old male and i'm trying to work out if i have a chromosome disorder... i'm more than confident i do.

Anyways, in a nutshell i have:

1 - Never been able to grow any 'real' body and/or facial hair.

2 - Have a small frame, easily passing off for somebody much younger.

3 - Have small muscles, and many of my bodily features are quite on the small side e.g. a bit feminine.

4 - Currently having difficulties performing ejaculation during sex.

5 - Get prone to small periods of depression, and i will openly admit to previous substance abuse to combat this.

This is just a slight overview but i'm trying to work out why i never full developed into a 'manly' person... i've kinda accepted this is way i'll have to life my life, although it would be nice to seek out treatment that could aid me!

I only really mentioned this to a doctor, mainly about the lack of facial hair and penis/testicles on the smaller. He did some blood tests, reported back and said my testosterone levels were fine etc... although i know i'm not right, and need to return and me more open/honest.

Also, this may not be relevant (due to past binge drinking) but i also have issues with high blood pressure, feelings of pressure in my head and weird twitching.

I do apologise if this post is a little all over the place; it's late now... i just want to try and find some answers, work out what's wrong with me sad

It's sometimes that pathetic i wish i was more manly, wanting a load more testosterone so i can at least grow a beard and perform better in bed!

Any help will be appreciated.



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    Did your doctor tell you what your testosterone level actually was?

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      It was a casual "everything seems fine" and that was it, even though i know there is something up with me!

      Recently relocated to a new country, registered at a new surgery practice, so want to try and freshly approach this subject...just kida getting fed up now.

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    If you can, it might be possible to get a second opinion?  When it comes to testosterone what level is in your blood might be normal, at the low end of normal, and doctors won't think anything of it.  

    Specifically you need to ask your doctor is your testes are the right consistency, ask if s/he thinks they're 'small and firm'  if they are  further investigation is warranted.


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      I will go in and ask for another testosterone test, and i will ask for testes to be examined.

      Sometimes think they will just say it's all fine, hoping not to cause you any further embarrassment!

      Is there anything else i can (tests etc) i can have ask to have done?

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      I was suspected because I had no musculature, didn't shave, and my balls were very small and firm, less than 1.0mL volume.  Normal balls are supposed to be somwhere between 15.0 and 25.0mL volume.  Normal 17 year olds are supposed to have at least some facial hair.  

      So even if your male family  members are about your build, the balls are a dead giveaway, the gold standard!  cheesygrin  

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    So what happened?  
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      It's rather lengthy. But two years ago I was diagnosed after not being able to get my wife pregnant. It's been a rough road of emotions and disappointments.  Feeling like a loser and not being able to give her what she wants the most. Also the dr I went to put me on all different types of meds that pretty much made eriections and a sex drive impossible, and sent me in a further depression. Where I turned to alcohol. 

         After the long term pity party I finally decided to try Something on my own against the medical advise I was given. I quite the alcoholism and stopped the dr's meds. Then got some testosterone much stronger than he was letting me use. I used his weak 200mg for near two years and went from a test level of 67 to 94.  It wasn't enough !! So I started taking test 300 twice a week mondays and Thursday's over the course of 10 weeks I was getting more muscle tone my high blood pressure dropped to normal. My sexual desire came back alone with feeling much more manly.  I've got chest hair like I've never had. Not a huge fan of that tho lol. Finally was able to acheave muscle building goals in the gym. I currently use the T which is much cheaper and more effective the the garbage my dr perscribed me. My large girly breasts have gone down as well I just look like a guy now. It's awesome!!  

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      I told my Endocrinologist that my examination of my own semen found no sperm, and he took a note of the conversation  and recorded it in my notes.  That was after my GP mentioned  he thought I had KS, so I looked it up, of course.  I'm like that.  Tell me anything I don't know and I'll look it up.  I'd only just left school before I was diagnosed, so I had regular contact with some of the teachers and regularly just turned up for visits. They didn't mind.  Sciences and Biology especially were my favourite topics so I knew what to do when it came to examining ejaculate.  I'd just assumed I had sperm so never bothered checking before I left school.  I was also pretty certain finding a place to w**k at school wouldn't be so easy, so I had to transport my sample there in a container.  It was all a very secretive process, quite exciting really, thinking back.    cheesygrin

      As a sort of aside, telling girls I wanted to have sex with they we didn't need condoms was easy, getting them to believe me not so easy.  That was before the days of HIV/AIDS.  Then the big concern for the girls was getting pregnant, but I had no concerns.  Mind you, what male is concerned about getting a girl pregnant?   Even before I was diagnosed I didn't care about pregnancy, I just considered I was lucky no girl had got pregnant. Now, maybe I wasn't so lucky after all?  

      After I was diagnosed getting a girl to have sex with me was just as hard, the hardest part was convincing a girl I was really interested in, not just for sex, to see me.  Forming a long term relationship was extra difficult, how do I go about it?  I know I'm not going to be making any babies and women in long term relationships want babies!   The thing they probably want the most will not be coming from me.  I tended to shut up about being XXY or having KS.  

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      Wow man! I understand you there. My wife and I have been going through some real battles these last few years. Unfortunately it all came from not being able to have children with her.

        We are taking steps to repairing our relationship now and hope of adoption in the future. It's tough all in all but I just won't let it bring me down anymore. God made me this way so I'm going to except it, as hard as that's been in the past.  Rock bottom is the best place to rebuild lol. 

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