do i have klinfelter syndrome?

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i have dyslexia,adhd.i sucked at sport since childhood(basicaly very poor eye to hand co ordination).but i am also an amazing sprinter.anyway,because of my mental state and my rather wide hips i started suspecting i have klinegelters.I tested my blood testosterone,FSH,LH and the results were

testosterone-310 ng/dl (300-1800 normal)

FSH-6.15 mlU/mL(0.7-11.1 norma)l

LH-2.80 mlU/mL(0.8-7.7 normal)

i am 20 yrs old and i am very depressed because of constant fear i have KS.i wanted to acheive higher education and now whenever i think of it i think KS will never make me succeed.

will karyotyping absoulutely correctly diagnose if i have it or not?

also,my testicle size is pretty normal,i masturbate everyday and i am heterosexual(dont know if matters or not)

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    Hi tanvir,

    It may surprise you to know that KS folks have the same levels of intelligence as other human mortals, so I hope that eases some of your concerns.

    I am not medically qualified to diagnose so I won't attempt to but I'd recommend that you see your doctor to discuss your worries, though to be fair to both you and your doctor, you are only 20 years old so, early days in your development as a young man. Lots of people have Dyslexia without KS but as I say, speak with your doctor-but to answer your question, yes a karotype would determine your chromosomal state.

    I wish you well.

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      thanks for your reply.but what does my hormonal profile indicates? i read that people with KS have elevated levels pf FSH and LH.are my ones elevated?what about my dont know how doctors in my country are.they will say i am completely normal,they also dont like patients who do reseach on their on.I really want to avoid going to a doctor and just go do a karyotyping test.But i have know idea if they do that kind of test in my country(Bangladesh).And a lot of respect to people with must be extremly hard for them
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      Your results indicate you need to see a doctor.  I don't think you'll find anybody brave enough to stick their neck out in public and say anything else.  

      I'm XXY, I've had the test by seeing a Geneticist who arranged for it to be done.  My original test was done in 1976, when I was younger.  rolleyes

      My most recent test was done 3 years ago maybe?  They lost my pictgure of my karyotype so I had them do the test again, I have a right to have a copy of that picture.  Anyway so few of them are done in NZ I expect they liked the exercise.  I'm still XXY afer all these years, and I had 300 cells checked, the 5th cells was counted.  

      Becasue KS statistics are counted from every person with any number of additional X's, and the more X's inactivated the higher the degree of difficulty presented,  then we cannot say as an absolute certainty that all KS guys have the same level of intelligence as males without KS.

      It's one of those brick walls I run into often, even on Patient UK.  Have you seen their App?  According to patient UK KS is the genetics that cause KS, and the symptoms of the disease the additionals X's are caused by themselves!   So KS causes itself.   eek

      The correct way of saying it is "The additional X (or X's) causee seminiferous tubule dysgenesis, and the symptoms of that disease are what we call KS."  

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      I was terrified anoither comment was about to go by the wayside, so I posted it. Pwhew!  XXY has it's own set of symptoms before the onset of puberty.  Most XXY males have perfectly normal homone essays in the womb and in childhood, even though the doctors who write for Patient UK say XXY boys are low in testosterone even inthe womb.  That most XXY boys are not diagnosed at birth proves that belief to be untrue.  Low testosterone prenatally typically caues a smaller than usual penis, sometimes even micropenis.   Boys with Kallmann syndrome often have micropenis - feel free to look it up.

      In the now famous report by Dr Shirley Rattcliffe,   "Long term outcome in children of sex chromosome abnormalities"  23% of XXY boys had a penis smaller than average by the end of puberty, and an unstated minority had a smaller than average size penis at birth.  Testosterone level in amniotic fluid did not differ their XY controls.  In childhood 42% of XXY boys had speech impairment  - boys with Kallmann syndrome have no such impairment indicating testosterone level has nothing to do with it.  This is possibly an effect of the additional X?

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      In the report by Dr Shirley Rattcliffe,   "Long term outcome in children of sex chromosome abnormalities"  All the XXY boys entered puberty normally, on average at 11.9 years.  Yet the information from Patient UK says delayed puberty is a symptom.  I say they don't know what they're talking about.  It may be that some XXYY or XXXY or XXXXY boys do indeed have delayed puberty, but stock standard XXY boys typically do not.    This is why the doctors should stop talking about KS boys and start talking about boys with a karyotype, like XXY boys, or XXYY boys, or XXXY boys etc.  I believe  such talk with save lives, literally.
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    Only a doctor or other medical person would be qualified to analyse your profile. I suggest you contact an online doctor, or write to a laboratory to seek help if you don't want to see a doctor. I know doctors don't like to be told by patients what the diagnosis is, they seem to feel threatened by shared knowledge but sadly, they hold the cards and we have to play it their way. So I wish you well Tamvir2005, sorry I could not be more helpful.
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