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I injected into my groin about two weeks ago I never felt no pain till the heroin effect had gone so I know I hit the desired vain. But 8 hours later I had a severe pain in my groin I could not walk I had to slowly crawl on all fours to get to the toilet other than that I was bed bound. I was like this for two days then my friend visited and she told me to try naproxen and codein so I tried these and I helped a little I was able to very slowly get around. I was still in a lot of pain I took these for about a week the pain would get worse some times. Then my leg got a hell of a lot worse I was in extremely bad pain my friend called 111 . When the ambulance guy turned up the pain had subsided a little but he checked me out and said there was nothing obvious but that I should go to the hospital luckily my friend took me when I got there I really struggled to get into reception my friend left me at the car park as she had to pick her daughter up. So I shuffled into a&e reception I was seen then told to wait to see an assessment nurse. I was seen within 15 mins he told me I would be seen by a nurse then Dr.

I was eventually called by a Dr who asked if I had seen a nurse to which I said no he asked what was wrong, I explained he then was about to examin me when my name came on the tannoy to report to nurses station the Dr told me to do as the announcement had said so I then had to struggle to the nurses station when there they didn't know what I was talking about but please take a seat in the waiting room so had to struggle with my hobbled walk to there during all of this I was in severe pain eventually a nurse seen me she took my blooded pressure and heart rate then she said I'm not sure if the Dr wants blood tests then she said oh yes he does the she said wait here a min so after a 5min wait the Dr came back in and told me to walk back to the bay that I was in with him before. I could not believe what was happening to me I struggled back to the bay. The Dr asked me to show him my groin area which I did he then said OK and scribbled a prescription for codein I told him that that harldly touches the pain and that naproxen helped more so he put naproxen on the prescription and left. I could believe what had happened but thought they know what they are doing so slowly left the hospital when out side my pain got extemly worse I slowly made my way to the reception and explained she told me to go to nurses station I asked for a wheel chair or crutches anything to help me walk she got very snotty and told me her insurance would not cover that. So I had to very very slowly try to walk the 400foot about a third of the way a woman I assume was a manager shouted what that man there and pointed at me. Then she stormed towards me she told me I had been seen by a Dr so get out I tried to explain the exceptional pain I was in but it meant nothing. The police where there for a separate in insedent and I felt I had no choice I phoned my friend she picked me up now for the past 6 days the pain is just getting worse I don't know what to do I have even considered suicide I can't take the pain no more and nobody is listening to me I suppose its all my own fault and I deserve it all I am a heroin addict after all

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    Judging from your language I'm guessing you're in the UK and since I don't know the way your medical care works I can't really help you with that. But I want to make a suggestion. Have you ever heard of Kratom? I'm not even sure if it's legal in the UK and you can check that out but Kratom is an excellent opiate replacement. It is used by a lot of opiate addicts to replace the opiates that they've been taking. It is also wonderful for controlling your withdrawal symptoms. Kratom affects the opiate receptors in your body and tricks your body into thinking it's getting opiates. It works well for pain, withdrawal and replacement of opiates. You can learn a lot more about it if you go to a website called Kratom Bible. Although they do sell Kratom on this site it's also a good resource for information I kratom. I have never bought from them so I'm not endorsing you purchase anything.

    I'm of the opinion that your doctors and nurses at the emergency room treated you horribly. Unfortunately because of your extracurricular activities you are going to get a lot of that. I hope you that you don't take it so personally. They are misguided and misinformed professionals that are not acting very professional apparently.

    And for the love of God if you're going to continue shooting up heroin don't shoot up in your scrotum. You've got your ankles and the backs of your knees if you don't want your arms to show injection marks. And please be sure you're using clean needles every time.

    Feel free to email me if you want to talk more privately.

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    This will be the second time I've posted on here. I don't know what happened to the first one but it didn't end up getting posted.

    I believe you may be in the UK. I'm basing that on the way you talk about your health care that you received in the hospital. Correct me if I'm wrong. And since I'm in the US I cannot really speak of the treatment that you got in the hospital. but I have other comments to make.

    Let's start with the fact that they treated you so badly. Just because you're an addict does not mean they have the right to treat you poorly. They recognize it as a fault and if I were you I would write a letter to the administrator or whatever you might call him about the miss treatment you received.

    Second item, I wonder if you've ever heard of Kratom. I'm not sure if Kratom is legal in the UK. But for the sake of argument let's just say it is legal there. You should look into using Kratom because it can replace the heroin you're using now and it will help with the withdrawals of stopping heroin as well. Kratom works with the opiate receptors in your body and fools the body into thinking it's receiving opiates when it really isn't. Kratom has shown time and time again that it works wonderful for treating withdrawal symptoms from opiate drugs as well as using it on a regular basis to keep you from using heroin again. Kratom is frequently used for pain as well as the two things I just mentioned. I suggest that you go to a website called Kratom Bible. They have very good information on their website. They do sell Kratom as well and I am not endorsing their Kratom because I've never bought from them before but they do have a lot of good information on their website about Kratom and its uses.

    Lastly I just want to say a few things about your using heroin. First of all stop injecting your scrotum. That probably goes without saying but there are other hidden areas you can use like your ankles are the backs of your knees that people are not going to see particularly this winter.

    I wish you the very best in your life.

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    Hi yanney68

    You may have caused a blood clot that causes severe pain..you need to get medical attention....go see your doctor....

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