High pitched voice and 47xxy similar to gay xy men

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Whenever I talk on the telephone, I am a adressed as miss or madam, but after I tell them my name as John , the caller changes their pronouns.

I always had a high pitched voice. In high school at age 16 to 17. I sang as a tenor. My voice never changed during puberty.

I recently saw on YouTube that someone did a study on xxy's and in it they indicated that xxy boys or men have a high pitched voice.

Has any other xxy's have this kind of voice. I can't be the only one.

I noticed some gay men have high pitched voices but they all seemed to be normal xy men, based on body type and their sexual organs.

I had never seen any study mentioning a high pitched voice in xxy men until now.

Is it because more medical studies are being done on xxy boys and men and the high cost of testosterone treatments, in some cases. I read alot of medical facilities are prod more testosterone products now than before when I was diagnosed at age 29 in 1982.

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    IDK,,, my voice is different, but when  I was younger I believe it was more noticable . Please share, how your life is taking you in life with xxy,,, and some of the health concerns xxy men have,, like enlarged breast,, I have male boobs,, I am fat, obese I have gone upto 350 ibs now,,, most of my problem with weight is not being as mobil,, when I did work .  I am disabled now,, due to legs just giving out,, and one foot I get wicked cramps in it,,, it takes me down . Most often I use a walker,, so I dont fall .   BUT TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF, AGE, ARE YOU MARRIED,,, ETC ...


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      Well, I have been told by relatives when I started to talk, that I told them I was a sissy. They laughed and then they said I stopped talking altogether. I didn't start talking until I entered pretty scookl, but it was intermitten. Then in first grade, I started talking. I don't remember any of my ealy childhood. One memory. I do have is I am in the attic, and someone takes off my muscle shirt, I don't remember who it was or what happened to me. But when I was in my mid 30's, ,I put on sleeveless. shirt and I got goosebumps all over and immediately took if off. I don't wear any kind of sleeveless shirt because of that.

      Anyway around 9 or 1p0, I was attached to boys in my class, so at that point, I knew I was different than other boys. I thought I would have to become a girl because sometimes I felt I was a girl. Then I went to a library and discovered the word homosexual. So at that time, I was a homo. I didn't play any sports in grade school or in high school. Also, I didn't know how to male friends, I was very shy and clumsy. Not to smart compared to other kids in my school. In high school. I knew I was different. I felt odd as if I was a space alien. A freak because I didn't fit in a school. I saw used a bathroom only when I was alone. In gym clasd, as I looked at the other boys in the showers they were extremely bigger in the penis area, so I showered after everyone had left the shower area. I also have short term memory, so my grades were not great. I can read a book but one hour later, I couldn't remember what I read. That is shirt term memory. I graduated from high school, but never saw what grades I got in 12th grade. All I wanted to do, is get money. It was at this time, I discovered x rated book stores. Or x rated pro shows. Since I wore a business suit, at one bank where I worked, I was able to enter the stoes and buy and read gay magazines or gay movies. I was under 21 years of age. I felt I had fooled three managers of the x rated shops.

      Anyway, in college, I tried looking at medical books trying to find out what caused small testicles. But nothing I read explained why mine were pretty teenage sized. I went to college on grants, I really didn't want to go, but a relative persuaded to go. My average grade was "C's" or incompletes. Or failed grades. In 1982, I finally asked a doctor about my retracting testicles. The results indicated I had 47 chromosomes or xxy. I was 31. I was overweight being 5 feet 5 incest tall. I weighed about 180 pounds. With this information, I finally found the name Klinefelters Syndrome. I soon stopped all college classes.I never gradiated from college, I had over 140 credits, but after learnng. about xxy, I wasn't interested at all about school.

      I was diagnosed in 1982, at age 31.I couldn't grow a moustache or any. facial or body hair. In around September I started hormone injections. I could grow facial hair and soon discovered it started to cover. my chest and back, but I could never grow of full.moustache over the years, I add pounds to my waist, but thought I was eating too much. I weighed 195 pounds But back in 1985, I was diagnosed with 2 kidney disorders-- Minimal change and focal. segmental glomerosclerosis.(FSGS). In January 2014, I weight over 205 pounds.

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      On February 2014, my 2 kidney disorders finally caused me to be on dialysis. From February 2014 to July 2014, I lost 88 pounds of water. So I weighed 117 pounds, however, I looked like I was over 100 years. My face was shunken. and I was sicly. One thing I didn't mention was in May 2014, my foot was amputated due to diabetes and gangrene. Then in June , my same leg, was cut off below the knee, due to infection. So I have a prosthetic leg on my left stump. Then in October 2014, my big toe was cut off due to diabetes and gangrene and in November all my toes were cut off on my right foot due to infection. So I have a partial foot.

      Basically, I now weigh 144 pounds. I never had any breast tissue. I didn't have any muscle tissue in grade school, high school or college. I have structural problems in my bones. I cannot lay my hands flat. on a table unless I swist. my body so that my hands can lay flat on a table. My legs are also odd. If I am laing on my bed, I can bring my legs to my stomach but they are Noth straight looking. One leg cannot be bent all the way, like my other leg. I have some leg hair but.more on my chest due to shaving it after several EKG's. I have back hair. I amlosing head hair mainly due to different doses of testosterone in the past. My penis size is 2 incest when soft or 4 inchest when erect. My ancesry. Is Mexican amwrican. I am age 65. I used a walker because sometimes my right leg gives out. I also have one prosthetic leg and on e partial foot shoe. My prosthetic tech thought hiking boots were appropriate for my partial foot. I walk around town when I go shopping or to the movies. I had my testicles surgically tied down because they were always going into my inguinal canal and the pain was horrible they are attached to the bottom of my scrotum and they are hazel nut sized testicles. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes. I can see okay with glasses, but I also use prescription eyeglasses. Mainly because I had them in college and sometimes I have double vision. My double vision comes and my goes and I have had this problem since my 20's. According to my medical record. with my current medical insurance. I have over 20 different medical problems. If you name one, I probably have it.is the I believe ate the result of xxy. But not all xxy's have what I have. On this forum, I call myself unique. I have listed some disorders in xxy forum. But others on testicular disorders, kidney disorders, orchiopexy, urine leakage, cataracts

      The only good thing I have is hearing of an 18 year old according to my ear, nose and. throat doctor. I wear size trousers from 31 to 34 waist. It depends if I can put my prosthetic leg in the trousers. Waist 31 's are tight at the waist due to recent weight gains. My skin is two toned because my arms are always in the sun, but my legs are a lighter color.

      As I stated before, I am a loner so I had boyfriends in the past but not long term. Mostly, for 1 week to 1 month. I am very independent. Never married. Due to my many medical.problems, I am in credit card debt. I retired and get a pension from the Federal governmen, which pays for my medical insurance. I also have Medicare. Usually at home I use a wheelchair mainly because I can't wear my prosthetic leg that often. I live with relativs.l mainly due to my credit card debt. I have some teeth in my mouth, but my mouth cannot be opened wide because it locked once in my 40's, and it has never been the same.

      I don't drive a car, I have never been on a cruise, or in an airplane. I gor confused on a cross country bus, so I never travel out of state. I live in Denver, Colorado My birthday is in 2 months and I will be 66.

      I own a cane but I don't use it.

      I hope this gives you the information you wanted to know about me.

      I am a very open person regarding my medical problems or disorders since I have alot. That is why I try to answer many. questions on the several forums on this website because I have had the same illness as those who ask for answers.

      I don't give out my address on this forum mainly because years ago, one xxy had indicated to me. another xxy appeared at his home and became a stalker. I had written to both and. shared his address to several xxy's.

      Years ago, I had written in several gay magazines seeking other gay xxy's, but I used a post office box at that time to avoid that kind of surprise visit.

      There are xxy organizations around the US and in some foreign countries. They are on several websites if you go to the National Institute. of Health.

      Good luck in your future questions on this forum

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    Personally i like high pitched voices on men. Sometimes i sound high pitched and my pastor sounds very high pitched but maybe its because he is young. This might be the case for you, puberty hasnt kicked in yet, or maybe its just dragging. People reach puberty at different ages not just teenage years. It doesnt matter how your voice sounds as long as people can take you seriously.

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