How small are we exactly talking?

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I suspect I might have Klinefelter's syndrome but I can't afford a karyotype at the moment. Since I read that small, firm testes are the only symptom that is always present, I am wondering if someone can describe to me how small the testes are and what do they feel like if a person has this condition. I'm thankful for any feedback given.

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    Hello Howard,  I presumed as time goes by all XXY's balls would atrophy to next to nothing, or under 1.0 mls volume. They would feel like marbles, rock hard.  However I know my presumption may be incorrect.  biggrin   I don't know what size other XXY mens balls who participate here were when they were diagnosed, but I do have a single report that mentions an XXY man with normally functioning testes, so he didn't have KS.  So his case proves the only thing consistent with all XXY's is XXY.  biggrin

    See my profile image?  That is the right testicle of a man with KS.  Balls are measured in volume and the instrument used to determine their volume is called an orchidometer.  In that image the orchidometer reveals his right testicle to be 6.0 mls volume. He was in his 30's when that image was taken.  I however have a letter from my Endocrinologist  describing my testes as 1.0 mls volume and I was 17 at the time.  Years later in a discussion my Endocrinologist said they were smaller than 1.0 mls, it's just that the orchidometer only goes down to 1.0 mls so 1.0 mls is what he recorded.

    If you're adult, and your balls are less than 10 mls volume, I think you can assume they're not right.

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      Thank you very much ??. Since mine are kind of bigger than 1ml but still are small, I guess I'll try to save money to get a karyotype just to get the peace of mind.

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    That'll make getting medical care difficult.  It was my doctors' nurse who said I didn't need another karyotype when mine couldn't be found, so I requested it done again using the most modern techniques.  That was 2015/16, not long ago.  Anyway my Endo said "we'll do it again"  so we did, and I'm still XXY.  Never know I might have been mosaic, but no, I'm still XXY.  Anyway where I am getting medical tests are free, even when nurses do protest. cheesygrin

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    Thinking it would be convenient to tell something more about me. I am tall with slightly longer legs, lots of body hair (leg hair, chest and stomach hair, arm hair and even little back hair), but limited amounts of facial hair, also not as thick as it should be. As a child I was passive, I remember I always prefered just sitting and talking to someone than doing some sort of activity. I also was less coordinated than my peers, but I was always very smart in school, I had an IQ test in elementary school and it came at 136 points. I had an surgical intervention for my testicle that was descended but was always going back in the rectum at 6 years old, as a baby I started talking at 8 months but needed some pediatrical help with crawling. Puberty never hit me as hard as other boys, even though I started developing earlier than most of them. I remember having pubic hair in 4th grade, 10 yrs old. I kinda stopped at 14 when other boys got their bodies looking muscular while I still had a waist thinner than my hips, although they weren't as wide as they are described when doctors talk about klinefelter's. May I mention that I was very shy and anxious through my whole life, but got past that when I was 15, started talking to girls and competing with boys and that got me popularity.

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      My genitals were normal, I even managed to keep my foreskin, as did my brother!  All our male cousins on our dads' side were butchered. Our mother gave our dad an option, if he stays how from work to care for until the wounds had healed, he could have us butchered.  Thankfully he was too lazy to stay at home.  At 11 I had what I later discovered was a wet dream -  there was no sex education where I was, and my mother was expecting me to ask her questions, I don't know why I never asked questions about anything else!  Communication was not a strong point.  Not long after that even I started w*****g, not actually knowing what it was I was doing, but it felt good, I just had to do it again and again and again.  This doesn't sound like the XXY boys I read about who're supposed to have delayed puberty, I was definitely not delayed.  And I developed pubic hair long before anybody else in my class, for a time i was very popular, everybody wanted to see my genitals, and do more than just look.  Boys are very inquisitive people.

      Then my family moved to London, and I discovered British boys were just as inquisitive as boys here.  So even though I saw boys who wee normal, and they saw me and I was not normal when it comes to balls, they didn't notice and neither did I.  Maybe penis size was all that took our attention?  Maybe the ability to ejaculate? Yet again though, unlike what I read, I don't and didn't have a small penis.  In fact I read that in one study ONLY 23% of the XXY boys had a smaller than average size penis by the end of puberty.

      "By the end of puberty the penis was of normal size in 77%"

      Long term outcome in children of sex chromosome abnormalities

      Shirley Ratcliffe

      I'm very sensitive to claims that XXY boys have differently formed genitals to normal boys, as if that was true they'd be diagnosed much more than they are!   It's my experiences that doctors love giving us erections to see how big our penis is, as it's supposed to smaller.  So is your penis like the 23% XXY minority?

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    I never read anything about wider hips until recently.  I heard a prepubertal XXY boy on YouTube claim to have wider hips than other boys, which is weird as hips only widen under the influence of oestrogen, which only occurs after the onset of puberty.  Give people wrong information and they repeat wrong information.  I look around me I see many men who could qualify as having KS based on how they present with their clothes on.  If there's a wide variation of maleness in the XY community (which there is) why can't you present with a variation?

    With me and my 1.0 mls  balls I didn't start to grow facial hair until I was in my 20's, and didn't shave my full face until I was over 30!  I was always one of the shortest in  my class  at primary school, I thought I was pretty good at sports, my academic record was appalling!  Yeah I displayed  all the now known attributes of an XXY boy needing educational assistance.  One of my teachers even noted "(He) won't even attempt something new unless I go over it with him individually, something which is impossible in a class."   Usually success breeds success, except for many of us, where confidence is so lacking even success is not encouragement enough!

    So I would say you're not XXY.  You're just a variation of XY.  cheesygrin

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    I have stated mine are about the size of hazel nuts with the shells on. They were hard when I was in my teens and 20's, now at age 66 they are not quite as hard, so they are like hazel nuts without the shells. Mine have never been measured. Without testosterone injections, my testosterone level is 34. I am not tall at 5 feet 5 inches. or 165 cm. I don't have wide hips, but I do have structural problems, for example I cannot lay my hands flat on a table. In order to do that, I must twist my body, to force my hand flat on a table. I have measured my penis , it is 4 and half or 10.1 cm, when erect

    I don't have a simian fold on my hands.I am not overly obese. Due to testosterone, I can grow a full beard, but not a full moustache.

    I had no muscle tone as a teenager, very weak, extremely shy up until I started weight lifting in my 40's. I have a very short little fingers, I have very slight hand tremors. I have no major dental problems. But I do have osteopenia due to getting dialysis treatments at a haemodialysis center, and not to a lack of getting testosterone. I have 2 genetic kidney disorders which is why my kidneys failed.

    From this forum, every xxy is different and they are not like me. I have over 21 medical problems listed with my doctors.

    When I went to the xxy convention this year, one xxy had over 100.

    I have been getting testosterone since I was 29, I am now 66.

    I don't remember when I got public hair, but in 3rd grade I was taller than all the other boys, but I never grew any taller at puberty.

    There are many (you tubes )with information on KS or xxy. I am always learning news things. that I may or may not have.

    Luckily this forum exists.

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