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I married going on 10 years I have a son adopted son. Life it's been a challenge for me growing up, with school, establishing relationships. I always felt like I was different can fit in and I've learned recently to accept the differences that I have from my males. The question I have for other xxy klinefelter's patients out there, have you ever experienced a feminine side of yourself that you feel like a woman like you what to dress as a woman not saying that I'm a cross-dresser but I have experienced enjoyment and just tampering with that in the safety of my own home. I've been hiding the side effect that I've had a feeling like I wanted to wear women's underwear and wear short shorts and shave my legs for many many years and I've been hiding everything except for shaving my legs to my wife except for recently I've been doing it more frequently is this normal or am I just crazy? And if this isn't crazy then how do I find closure with my wife that she will understand but not fully understand. Any feedback would be great I appreciate it thank you.

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    I live in the US. Yeah, as a child I wore female undergarments, since I thought of myself as a female. I put oranges in a female bra and paraded around the house when no one was around. For awhile I thought I was missing a vagina, so I bent my penis back with a string to form a makeshift vagina. Even today, I still do that. I also play with myself as if I have female breasts. The only thing is that I never had any breast growth, so I pretend that I have them. Then at age 8, I thought that I had to be a female to love or have sex with a man, until the age of 9 when I went to the local library in the US and found the word homosexual. It was then I decided that I didn't have to be a girl to love a man, I could just be a homosexual. But being a xxy male, I found that hard because of my small sexual organs, I didn't fit in: in that sexual culture. So I don't know if I could be considered transgendered or homosexual or asexual, or I am what I am, I totally unique xxy male. On this website, I have listed over 20 different medical problems that I have or have had in the past, but I forgot to mention this part of my personality.

    The only xxy males I have corresponded with are on this website, but they all seem to be married with female partners or wives, so they have not expressed anything what you have expressed on your website.

    I have met only 2 xxy males who were gay, but they are not friends. I met them at a XXY convention in Colorado in the US several years ago.. The majority of the xxy men at the convention were married to female partners.

    About 10 years ago, I corresponded with a married xxy and he expressed that he liked to look at men's sex organs in their trousers and his wife let him dress in womens clothes. But I lost contact with him once he moved away from his apartment. His apartment building was torn down and it was rebuilt.

    The other xxy man is listed as guy xxy on this website and I assume he is located in the UK.

    I am a different xxy male so don't judge yourself to be similar to my personality traits. Every xxy male is different. I was diagnosed at age 29 and I am now 65, so I have learned that I dont care what others think about me. At this point in my life, I don't wear any female clothes or undergarments.

    Be yourself and enjoy life. Good luck in your search for others like yourself

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    I regularly shave my arms & chest, but I'm not weird or anything, everybody shaves where they don'the want hair, how's

    that weird? When I was a teen I had to be shaved for genatal surgery, and it was so exciting I carried on shaving there myself ever since

    . If others can'take relate I don'the care, I'm happy, if they want to be miserable that'she their right.

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    Now that I'm back home, to my trusty computer, what hard and fast rule exists that says men should wear one type of underwear and women another type?  If youy or anybody wants to conform to any of societies standards, that's their business, and if not, that's their business too.   If a man wants to stay at home and cook, and child mind, and garden, and maintain the property, whatr says he can't, or what law says he can't?

    Here there are moves afgoot to make all school uniforms gender neutral, if that happens what will trans people wear to make themselves look as obviously trans as they look now?  

    I've never been able to explain what it feels like to be man, and I've asked many people to explain to me what it feels like to be a man or a woman, depending on which they are, and none have been able to, so I know you can't too!  So what does it matter if you shave whatever parts of your body, is it your hair or another persons?   What does it matter what clothes you wear, especially undergarments, who's going to see them?      


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    I used to buy very silky men's underwear during my 20's up to my 40's . They were soft and shiny. Plus they had a penis pouch. Unlike most underwear in the past. Nowadays most underwear have extra room for penis and testicles. I am sure try make satin male underwear or some underwear that are see thru. There are websites that sell these items. If you have any sex stores they may sell these items. Nowadays some gay men shop in womens store for items to wear, they can always say they are buying items for their partners. Drag queens are always shopping in stores like these. I am not labelling you.

    Every person is diffrent. Enjoy your life. As a gay xxy male, wear whatever you want. The silky underwear for me makes me sweat more so I now tend to wear cotton underwear with pouches to hold my 2 cm length penis and my hazel nut sized testicles. Wearing normal.underwear without a pouch shrinks my penis and testicles too close to my body. Yes, my penis does shrink into my body and I have no foreskin. I am not obese.

    Good luck.Try not to judge yourself by other people's standards.

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      Non-gay men shop in ladies lingere stores all the time. I for one shop where ever I choose. I even shop in major department stores for panties & bras as I have natural. breast due to KS, no one bats an eye, just the other day an older woman said to me as I was looking at bras, that's to small for you, I in return said oh no they are my size, to which she said ok. My wife of 19 years & I have had bra fittings together.

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    Hi I'm a cry didn't find out till I was 40yrs old no kids married.im haveing a lot of bad health due to Klines.they put me on tostestaro this gave me thought of being bi.my wife under stood this and I think if u talked to ur wife about it she would under stand

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    I too have KS, I've been married this time 19 years, my wife totally accepts my KS & wearing panties & a bra for my natural breast. I have felt like I was more female than male, I dressed in female clothes since an early age & have since. over the years I have purged my female clothing & forced myself to wear men's underwear & such, though I was never happy. I was wearing panties & a bra when my wife & I met 25 years ago, as our relationship grew I explained to her that I had KS & that I wear panties & a bra. she was very excepting, even today we shop together, & have had a bra fitting together. I feel in my case it is normal to have these feelings, & I don't do it as a fetish. I am more comfortable with females, than males, I don't have any male friends, I do have many of male acquaintance friends, but I only have one friend I consider my best friend & that is my wife we were best friends before we were together. I love to cook & clean, I am very artistic & love crafts, but I played football & love cars. when talking about your inner circle I have only one person in it, that's my wife.

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