Joint stiffness and low level pain along with swelling of the joints.

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I suffer from joint stiffness and low level pain in my hips and knees.

Hips play up at night making sleeping difficult. I roll of one hip because it is sore over to the other hip for the pain from there to remind me it is also sore!

My first steps when I get out of bed, my legs feel like tree trunks they are just so stiff.

My ankles and feet are always swollen, I have forgotten what my ankles look like as it has been years since I have seen them.

Anyone with similar problems and any suggestions to remedy these issues?

Sarcoid is much more then just a lung issue!

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with joints. There is a natural way to fix that. I don't know if you have magnet therapy over there. We have it here, and we can even buy magnets to use them at home. I bought them for my mom and aunt, and they really work. Both used to have swollen, painful joints. Since with the therapy, they are feeling much, much better. I know another person who has rheumatoid arthritis; manget therapy has helped her a lot. Just make sure that you buy the right magnets, and that they come with instructions.

    You can read about this type of therapy online; there are many contradictory opinions, but in my mom and aunt' cases, it really worked. You can also find info on webmed about this therapy, showing that it is effective.

    Another thing you can try is light therapy, especially infrared therapy. there are many studies online attesting infrared therapy efficiency in joint/bone-related conditions. You can find infrared lamps for home use, so you can also benefit from this type of therapy. Read about both types of therapies, and then decide which is better for you. As far as I know, both work...

    Take care,


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    I feel for you!  There is a product that you might want to check into, it's something that Magda is touching on but specifically called "Tommy Copper" and they have a wide range of items to treat the body.  It does work, so I'm told. I am going to get the one to cover the hip and knee. 

    You are so correct that saying Sarcoid is much more than a lung disease.  Unfortunately, for few, it touches many parts of the body.  Just so you know you're not alone, mine touches, skin, eyes (also sjogrens) nose, cartiledge, ears, lungs, lymph nodes and heart.  It sux!! 

    I'm not sure that Sarcoidosis is even on the list of "things to find a cure for" becasue really, many have it and it goes as quickly as it came.  The few (us) get this and it doesn't leave, just spreads.

    Arms out for you, accept this hug and know I will keep you in my prayers so you get to feeling better!  (better is all I ask for these days)

    Warm regards,


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      Oh, btw, tommy copper can be purchase through Amazon.  I hope this helps!  Check with your insurance, if you doctor feels this will work for you and he gives you a script, perhaps your insurance will reimburse. I'd ask those at the insurance company first to see what exactly they would need so you don't have to pay all out of pocket!
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      HI Frustrated,

      I don't know if magneto therapy is the same thing with Tommy Cooper's therapy. The therapy I'm talking about implies static magnetic fields (two magnets on which you keep your feet, then your hands, to allow magnetic waves go throughout the body). They can be used on any part of the body. Is Tommy Cooper therapy same with this? I'm asking because I've never heard of it - so I know nothing about it. Do you know if it's available in Europe? I would like to compare the two therapies in order to undertstand which is better...I might shift direction... smile


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      Magda! My friend!!

      Tommy Copper is a name brand of different supports for the body.  Such as, if you need help with your knees, they have the answer to that.  I've heard good reviews with this support and I'm going to purchase the back support (and my insurance will pay for it since the auto accident has to pay for any kinds of treatment that is a positive for rehabilitation, for life!) 

      You can order this on Amazon!  Perhaps it's not the same but it does sound like it is.

      Let me know what you've found, Magda. 

      Your friend,

      Frustrated eekcheesygrin

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    I AM up now in pain.I have just started taking Omega 3 Oil xl iti  is supposed to be made for what I am going through RIGHT now i will keep you posted
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      Hi Deborah

      I am moving forward on my joint pains under the following plan.

      Four injections for inflammation 

      both hips and both knees. Last knee to be done on this Thursday.

      Therapeutic lower back massage this Friday.

      Also taking glucosamine 1500mg and krill oil 1000mg caps daily

      Along with anti inflammation caps Inza 500mg (new to me) along with a stomach protector Ozmep

      This is improving the situation but the jury will probably be out until sometime next year.

      Hopefully a new me by the time it all sorts itself out.

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    Hi Tangles

    I have just been reading your tread and know what you are going through.

    I was diagnosed with Erythema Nodosum at the begining of 2014, this progressed to Sarcoidosis about 6 months ago.  I have now found out that the pains in my joints I have had for years is linked to this.  I am now taking Methotrexate (last 7 wks) and folic acid.  Haven't seen any improvement but I am told can take upto 12 wks to see an improvement.  

    Currently suffering with terrible joint stiffnes so much so that when I try to stand after sitting at my desk at work it takes several moments to be able to straighen up.  Lower legs and ankles are extremly bloated and struggle to get shoes on.

    I was hoping that the Methotrexate would be the cure I have been looking for, but after reading all these posts I think I have just been fooling myself.

    Only good thing I suppose I have no issues with any major organs, Yet!

    I wish you well but cannot give you any remedies wish I could.

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      Hi Helpless

      I quote you as saying

      "Currently suffering with terrible joint stiffnes so much so that when I try to stand after sitting at my desk at work it takes several moments to be able to straighen up.  Lower legs and ankles are extremly bloated and struggle to get shoes on".

      That is exactly my problem...I could not have said it any better myself.

      My lastest news is a mixed bag of good and bad.

      For the first time in decades I can see some detail in my knees and ankles even though that detail is slight as in now where near complete. This has been really great and I am walking a lot more and even lossing some weight which is always good.

      The meds I listed before have now been a part of a long discussion between my family GP and myself. I have had improvements in my knees and ankles 

      BUT my family doctor has worned me that long term use my cause problems with kidneys, heart, liver and fluid retention.

      So I am now going through a six week program of taking myself off those wonder drugs in consideration of my long term health.

      Wish I could have my cake and eat it aswell!!!

      Very frastrating.


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      Hi Helpless

      There is another discussion I think might be of interest to you.

      "Anti Inflamatory Medications...may damage your stomach lining!"

      Suggest you have a read




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