Lansoprazole rectal discomfort, bleeding, itching

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ive been on Lansoprazole for 2-3 months as I was having mood problems with Omaprazole previously and suffer from GERD. I have found the mood to be vastly improved, however, recently I have been experiencing bleeding when passing stools, and incredibly itchy anus, and severe discomfort when sitting (not like piles). Initial research may suggest that Lansoprazole may cause these symptoms. Has anyone had any similar experience? I'm going to stop taking them, and go back to the Zantac over the counter (which really doesn't hit the spot with the GERD, but relieves the worst of it).

Let me know your experiences with this.


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    You ned to replace some of the vitamin B12 it drains from you. This affects mood. pp1s reduce nutrition so you have to put that right. Then those symptoms stop. Research it as to which symptoms affect you etc. I had the same ones you mentioned.
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    Update: I stopped taking  Lansoprazole for 2 weeks, and the previous symptoms disappeared. Obviously the original symptoms of severe acid reflux came back. I then went back onto the Lansoprazole only for the rectal discomfort bleeding and itching to return within a matter of days. I am trying to supplement any lost nutrients, which is clearly having no effect. Does anyone else have any experiences like this? I need something to control the GURD, and have already discounted Omaprazole as this gave me terrible mood swings (again these stopped once I stopped taking them). Ranitidine doesn't touch the GURD. Does anyone have any positives relating to other PPI's, or do I push my GP and private health for some kind of evasive surgery?
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      My experiences have been pretty much the same.  I had a very itchy anus and light to heavy bleeding after a bowel movement. This started 2 weeks after beginning treatment for GERD with Lansoprazole. I went to my GP but he tried to assure me that it wasn't because of my medication. I took myself off the Lansoprazole and within days all my symptoms  when away.  The GERD returned within a week but I rather live with that than what I was experiencing. I did try one more time just to be sure so after a month I went back on the medication and guess what, it all came back.  I have found that what and when I eat have helped with the GERD symptoms.  Not eating after 5 PM does help me.  No more wine with dinner and small meals all help.


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    I was on that stuff for a number of years. It destroyed me. I have bone issues now because of it. I was also losing feeling in my leg. That was a side effect. The symptoms subsided somewhat when I stopped. Those pills are near impossible to just quit cold turkey as GERD comes back with a vengence. There is a study out on it. I stopped using them as a result of reading the study. I don't remember most of what it said, but it was nothing good. I'll try to find the name of the study and bring it back here if I can.
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    I have been on Lanzoprazole since Sept 2020. For the last 3months I have been suffering haemorrhoids like symptoms with itchy anus and painful passing of stools. I was wondering why and got suspicious of Lansoprazole and hence I ended up here reading your experiences while trying to link them both online. I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist soon and I will mention to her what is going on. I will get back to you as soon as the consultation is over. Luckily I didn't have any bleeding though. I will stop taking Lansoprazole from today and see what happens. I have been using Scheriproct ointment which helped me ease pain when passing stools. My blood test revealed Vitamin B deficiency aswell. I was prescribed Lansoprazole for inflammation in my stomach.

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    I see from post above that others have been suffering from pile type problems from being on PPI. I was on generic brand of nexium for 18 months with excessive bloating and gas plus stinging sensation when passing a stoll, which at times lasted all day. I have small trace of Barretts so was reluctant to come off. My consultant told me to just give it up, the side effects became intolerable. I'm now on H2 Blocker Cimetidine, I'm quite careful with my diet.

    Three weeks off the PPI, I am still suffering all the side effects, my bowels are all over the place. I have started on anxiety tablet but I think the anxiety is from worrying about the Barrets, I was a week on no medication.

    I'm really hoping for the side effects to start easing off shortly, I feel absolutely awful and spend most days just sitting around on ice packs. My GP recommended Buscopan but I don't find it offers any relief.

    From reading the posts I realise the side effects are going to last for a couple of months but at least they will be lessening.

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    I've been on lansoprazole a number of times over the years. And I always half-forget the side effects, which are identical to those on this post. I don't have much to add, it's just a relief to know I'm not only one. When I mentioned side effects to my GP she frowned and said she'd never heard of it happening before.

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    You folks are not alone. Hiatus hernia for a several years so GORD a problem - normally managed through diet and using PPIs only when that fails. Any time taking Omeprazole for more than a few weeks at a time caused tongue/mouth soreness (which went within days of stopping) so tried Lansoprazole and within a few weeks get a maddening back end itch never had before. After over a week of increasing irritation and topical treatments, stopped Lansoprazole and gone within a day or so. Anecdotal I know. A shame, the PPI were really effective at stopping the reflux and constant discomfort (and damage), but if you get side effects you have to balance out the quality of life. Going back to GP to see if there are other PPIs to try. Best of luck

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    100% Lanzoprazol caused itchy back end. Multiple visits to the doctor and not once did they mention it could be caused by the medication. I tried changing diet and even going vegan which didnt help. After i stopped taking Lanzoprazol my backside healed after around 2-3 weeks. To manage my GERD i now drink sips of water throughout the day, I avoid salty food when possible, I also chew sugar free gum for 20-30 minutes after a large meal, the saliva produced neutralizes the acid i get after a big meal. I am feeling much better since stopping Lanzoprazol.

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