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i would realy value any comments on this subject. :!:

My experience has been as follows:

I am a 47year old female.

I have suffered for years with thinking i must be a pig as every time i eat i need to burp, big painful burps, over the years these have become progresivley worse and includes reflux and hard to swallow food/drink, and finally after much nagging from my family decided to see my GP (made easier because i was seeing him about deppression, IBS[take mebeverine], and kidney pain/blood in urine) i thought i may as well get this seen to at the same time. Even cleaning my teeth will make me burp!

October i had a six week course of Lanzoprazole 30mg felt ok, sore throat and tongue(red raw) a hard cough at night as well, drinking bottles of honey and lemon to soothe the throat, started to bloat in the tummy region, great the acid in my throat had gone still burping horrendously. When the course finished within 3 days my throat was burning again, back to GP as he said. He arranged for a endoscopy to be done on the 21st of December, finding :Hiatus Hernia, Gastritis and Oesophaegitis,

I thought great now all we need to do is get rid of these, HA HA!!

I have been given another six weeks of Lanzoprizole told to take Gaviscon whenever needed and see how it goes. Well i have taken about 3 weeks of tablets and i am in agony, bloated tummy, sore burning red mouth, throat,tongue, i sleep for about 2 hours at night before being woken up coughing, my mouth so sore and dry, i have takent to sucking a honey and lemon anticeptic sweet at night (in the hope i might choke on it!!)

I am sat here now with a cold cup of tea, because i dread drinking it warm as it will burn, i cant tolerate anything in the slightest bit salty, toothpaste burns like mad, ive even tried green tea and peppermint tea. Today i havent taken Lanzoprozole yet and i feel i dont want to, to see if the throat/tongue improves however i dread the acid reflux, sicky burps coming back.

Anyone had similar to this and anyone got any idea what to do to stop it im so fed up with it.


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    [quote:aa71d1af2e]bloated tummy, sore burning red mouth, throat,tongue[/quote:aa71d1af2e]

    Yeah these are common side effects, everything except the bloated tummy should slowly improve, mebeverine can also cause the sore mouth and tongue. Look at your tongue, is it generally OK except for deep looking central cracking? smile

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    [quote=\"SJP\"]I have suffered for years with thinking i must be a pig /quote]

    Sorry but the above sentence made me :lol: I hope that you don't mind it was just funny to read.

    I'm also suffering at the moment, not had an endoscopy as yet but going to be referred. I'm on my 2nd course of Lansoprazole and had the red raw throat you mention, at the time I thought it was the Gaviscon. I've recently been waking up with very dry mouth and throat almost painful.

    I've decided to stop taking lansoprazole and wait till I see a Consultant to find out what is wrong with me. My problem isn't so much hearburn or wind it's been unable to swallow like something is lodged in my throat. I have to sleep sat upright. Just need to get sorted now as it's getting me down.

    Sorry can't be of any help just thought I'd share.

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    Hello Dr Spock

    I sympathize! I have been on Lanzap 30mg a day for Stomach Ulcer/Acid Reflux for some 6 weeks now. only 2 more to go and then reducing down to 15mg. At the moment, My mouth & tongue is so sore, my tongue feels twice the size! The drugs are coping with my problem, unfortunately adding this new one! I don't know what's worse really. I tend to try and drink hot drinks it does take away the soreness, and I am rinsing my mouth regularly with Oraldene - keep taking the Lanzap, far better to treat the stomach problems and suffer the effects really - or maybe try and get an alternative if it does not agree with you?

    Now have some Ice Cream! Take Care LJ

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    So glad I found this post. Been on Lanzoprasole for almost two weeks and first week I was ok - probably cos I was on penicillin for sinusitis. This week I am getting a sore throat and ulcers in mouth and was worried cos medical book said to stop taking drug if this happens. Pharmasist said nothing to do with drug. Only two more weeks on these and then having blood tests.

    Feel happier to stay on them now knowing it may just be a side effect.

    Dreding coming off them cos all stomach pain has gone.

    Oh but sinisitus is coming back!! Boo!! X

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    I have been on Lansoprazole for many years but the side effects never seemed too bad. However, I was also taking anti-depressants for some years following a serious incident. My problems began last April/May time when I decided to come off the anti-depressants and all the side effects mentioned became increasingly noticeable. I have thought for many years that I have sinus problems linked to a bad throat and a wheezy chest. My GP told me that my aching joints were a result of arthritis.

    I stopped the Lansoprazole for two weeks and the side effects virtually disappeared. I then tried Pantoprazole but felt no beter than previously so my GP put me on Zoton FasTab. The effects are not as severe as Lansoprazole but the sinus pain, sore throat and wheezy cough all returned. My GP does not believe that Lansoprazole is responsible but I have stopped taking it once more. The symptoms once more have subsided.

    The dilemma is that Lansoprazole does seem to neutralise the acid which Zantac and Gaviscon do only for a short time. I know that over a period of time continued indigestion through escaping acid is debilitating and can lead to other issues. I know on this site others have recommended Nexium but on a cost basis GPs seem reluctant to prescribe.

    Are there any other effective drugs out there that are not part of the \"oprazole\" family?

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