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I had found it very difficult dealing with KS and society together. I've often had to deal with mistaken identity and it was taking a toll on me. I'm very masculine when. I'm talking, my gestures and even how I carry or present myself. KS has made me apart of the LGBT community and I don't want to be. I've been hurting for many years and for once I'm actually learning to be happy with me. I have a great deal of work to do but I'm learning to gravitate toward the positive by taking things out of negative occurrences. I'm not suicidal nor have I ever been and that's all because of my God. I get a lot of mistaken identity when I wore my hair in a frohawk and now that I've cut it off to a standard cut it's been better days. I live with this every day and I'm not going to stop fighting to make myself look and feel better. To my buddies in relationships how do you handle mistaken identity when you're out having dinner with your wife, girlfriend or kids?

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    By having KS u know ur intersex right? That’s what makes us part of LGBTIQ community & that’s good thing. Without them then we will always be swept under the rug n ignored. We need as much exposure as possible, cuz many in both medical field & govt want to due away with research & insurance coverage! Moreover, medical field has started to pre test pregnant women to see if child tests positive for intersex including all variations & there’s a lot of em!!! 

    We need to stick together & fight for our existence & for all those who are just being diagnosed!

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      I know it’s tough living with this condition, but unlike non intersex people, we know who n what we are!!!

      We don’t have to pretend we’re something we’re not! Even though it’s taken till now at 51, I can honestly say I’m PROUD TO BE INTERSEX!!!

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      Absolutely not. XXY's are male. Oh sorry you don't think so, well I know so, for me. I have always been male, ever since I can remember and I have never had a day where I didn't think I was male.

      My health care is paid for with taxes, if there is insurance still here, it's for the very wealthy who aren't sick, yet.

      KS is the symptoms of a disease, and Intersex is a natural formation of sex development, so as diseases can't be natural then KS can't be Intersex, the definition alone excludes it.

      The disease KS is the symptoms of is called Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis, and it does not exist prior to the onset of puberty in males with any degree of X genetic material in their testes. XXY males with NO extra X genetic material in their testes cannot develop KS, as they will not have the disease KS is the symptoms of.

      XXY is not Intersex as again intersex is a natural formation of sex development and there's nothing natural about having an extra X, for males or females. AND the additional X is inactivated, and either one can be the additional one, and one is always inactivated. XXY males only have 1 X expressing in their cells, just like everybody else on the planet.

      So maybe you're Intersex by misunderstanding?

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    You should gone to the xxy convention held in Aurora Colorado, last year in June 2017. You could have met several heterosexuals who happen to have xxy. Not all xxy's are gay. Look under genetic organizations on the internet if you are in the US. There are some in the UK and New Zealand.

    But I happen to bea gay one. At times I can lower my voice but often times it is high pitched. On the phone I am usually called miss or Mrs.

    In appearances, I could pass as a straight man. I have no gay mannerisms. I have a normal haircut. I have never a had a long term relationship. One different aspect that is different than most xxy is that I am an Amputee. Due to diabetes, my lower left leg was amputated and I have a partial right foot. I am also on dialysis, having 2 genetic kidney disorders, causing my kidneys to fail. Since I have circulation problems I cannot get a kidney transplant.

    Having these problems or gifts that I call them, I don't fit in with the gay community.

    Even in the Intersex community, some don't call themselves gay, male or female, straight, or bisexual or transgendered.

    You are what you are. Don't make excuses.

    I am sorry that everyone assumes you must be gay because of the extra x you have .

    I sometimes identify myself as a xyx male. That is what I wrote about myself in my class reunion booklet in 2010. I went to a Catholic School in Denver Colorado, but being extremely shy I didn't know how to make friends and in later years I still had difficulty meeting gay men, even now at age 67.

    Have you thought of starting a str8, or alpha --(this is how gay men classify your orientation)

    XXY organization.

    Hopefully you can find some straight xxy heterosexuals on this forum.

    Good luck.

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    The I crowd want to include us too, and they're just not interested in being reasonable. They don't just think they're Inter in their sex, they want to tell every other XXY he's inter too! I don't see the LGBT acronym including anybody who's not LGBT, and I don't get mistaken for being a member just by admitting I'm XXY.

    I think the words 'positive' and 'negative' are grossly interpreted these days. I believe it is positive to tell the truth and negative to tell lies, however others have a different application.

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    Hi Rejuvenation,

    I have a close friend whose daughter thinks she is boy yet looks very feminine. How did you find out about your chromosomes? A test at drs.? May I ask how much it cost and how long it took to find out? I am trying to persuade her to get her daughter tested but she is delaying.



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    Do what you feel is best and stay connected to God. He will sustain you in hard times, as for personal choice, if its not a sin, why not. Having a Mohawk isnt a sin, but is it healthy is the real question, sadly, in these times image is important, we have to compromise somehow someway to fit into society and not be outcast.

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