My back pain, I'd love to hear some views/help please

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Hi there all, I'm new to this forum :-)

I have suffered for nearly 20 years with lower back pain.

2 1/2 years ago I had a bulging disc, to cut a very long story short, after 1 1/12 this did go back in.....but I am still left suffering with this ongoing 20 year pain which is getting worse.

I have pain in my lower back, sacroallic joints, hips, legs and feet 24/7, the pain keeps me awake on and off every night, I'm very stiff in the morning, sometimes I walk with a limp, I struggle at work and at home but git my teeth and carry on.

My leg pain varies from stabbing, shooting electric shock, tingly/fizzy, pins and needles, numbness, 'toothache' achy pain, like i'm 'wearing someone elses legs'

My back pain is tight, stiff, sharp pains depending on how I move, aches, 'red hot poker' pains.

I cannot bend over sideways or forwards very far at all due to pain in lower back, and when I try sharp pains shoot down my legs to my feet.

I have had an MRI scan showing 'no real concrete evidence of anything' :-/

The consultant had me try injections in sacroallic joints, accupunture and a tens machine.

My next appointment is Feb, after the injections didnt work.

Last year I had a real 'funny' episode, after walking for about approx 1 mile in yorkshire across flat feilds, my legs wouldnt work and I nearly passed out, O/H thought he was going to have to call ambulance/mountain resuce.....luckily a local came to our aid!

2 days ago at work I could hardly walk due to pain, which got worse through the day, by 7pm I was in bed feeling really poorly, then next day had 'flu like' body aches but with no signs of flu, I'm feeling better today, though off work and trying to rest back.

Pain killers dont work so I don't take anything.

I am so fed up!

Any opinions, thoughts, comments or help will be very gratefully recieved :-)

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    i would like u to read my story its similar to yours,, i would like to share my story with others if i help just one person i will be happy, last june the springs in my sofa broke, i continued to lay on it and developed a bad backache, i decided to spring clean the house and bending over washing the floor my back went the pain buzzing down my leg was incredible (1st injury) this is when i believed i either slipped a disc or it was bulging on my nerves, it almost felt as though someone had kicked me up the backside or i needed someone too. I had a constant unrelenting stabbing pain in my right buttock. I started visiting the chiropractor every few weeks and the pain grew less and less,I remained active by walking every morning and i would push through my pain barrier until and this eased symptoms by october i wasn't pain free but i was close ( i even started wearing high heels again) Fast forward october the 7th and i was (funnily enough) washing the floor again and low and behold i slipped on water and fell, i was so scared to fall on my right side i threw all my weight to my left side when i fell.. After this fall is when disaster struck, this injury crept up on me slowly without me even realising. a week after i fell i struggled to get out of bed, The doctor prescribed my anti inflammatory and B6 vitamins and i went for a spinal xray that was clear..I suffered from severe muscle spasms down my leg that would take my breath away, these were brought on by walking to much, they lasted about a month Back to the doctor who then gave me steroid pills these helped but i could only take them for a week after i stopped them the spasms returned. My body was twisting to the left i just couldn't stand up straight, I started to believe i had twisted my pelvis when i fell. i couldn't walk i went to a specialist in hope that he would give me a steriod injection.I felt as though the pain was deep in my sacroiliac joint, my tail-bone would ache, i felt as though i needed someone to stomp on the bottom of my back to flatten me out. The specialist did a physical examination on me and told me he'l bet his car its a slipped disc causing all these symptoms, go home and rest in bed for 2 weeks otherwise i will end up with surgery. He didn't give me the steroid injection instead he prescribed me very strong anti inflammatory again. in the period of 2 week bed rest i used to get up and walk about within my flat i timed my self 2.5 mins i could with stand walking before i had to lay down. This was a low point for me and depression set in. I would give anything just to be normal and pain free again and i would never take being normal for granted again! I rose from bedrest after 2 weeks awaiting a miraculous improvement that never came, My hip started to ache deep deep pain in my hip joint, I went to the doc for another xray, this was clear. It felt as though i was going mad i. just wanted answers i wanted a cure and i felt as though no doctor was truly listening to what i was staying. Sitting was excruciating, standing was impossible and miraculously i managed to hold down a job all this time!! I was referred for an mri (which where i live this waiting list is ridiculous) I was worried for my own state of mind, when you have constant pain it destroy's you, it changes who you are, i couldn't think straight, oh i forgot to mention i was popping pain killers left right and centre..This was rock bottom for me my social life was zero, my relationship was suffering through my own guilt, i was holding onto my job by a shoestring i didn't want to go anywhere or do anything i just wanted to lay down coz that was when pain was minimal. Now comes my break through... my husband got frisky with me one morning (which was highly uncomfortable for me may i add) I ran my self a bath and laid in it to relax..whilst washing myself i found a lump.. this lump was in my groin (near my buttock) My first reaction was panic but the more i rubbed this lump the better i felt this was a good pain.. That night i massaged this area for hours all the time this lump was dispersing, the next day i had a huge bruise. i then went on what i can only call a journey of muscle knots (trigger points) it seemed once i found this one contracted muscle in my groin the rest of the trigger points reared there ugly heads, they where everywhere,. Now if uv never had a trigger point u wont know what ur feeling for but let me tell you they pop.after a few nights of deeply massaging all along my hip joint my pelvis i could almost stand up straight!!! A miracle this is when more tears came but this time of joy.. Im no expert but i believe these horrible parts of contracted muscle is what was keeping be bent to the side, they are what was causing all my aches and pains as my body was being pulled in every direction. they were causing pain everywhere. Never underestimate the power or the sneakiness of a trigger point coz they are there but they are deep.and they can be found by a circular pressing motion not just rubbing,, I believe i had a severe case of trigger points and i believe once you find one they will all make themselves noticeable, my muscles would swell up and then disperse as i pressed on them a very strange feeling that is kind of hard to explain to anyone.I'm not saying by any means that trigger points are the cause of all back pain but i strongly believe they are overlooked i believe they can mimic the symptoms of other pain like slipped discs or a twisted pelvis. they can cause nerve pain and unrelenting pain radiating pain. a pain that feels like joint pain, deep pain, if they are never found they may remain deeply hidden for years causing pain for years, i was lucky i found mine by chance..I have learned a few things on my back pain journey and like i said in the begging if my story helps just one person i will be happy..I learned trigger points are stubborn, hidden and overlooked I learned that really the best person to cure me is me, I learned that sex is good in more ways than one!! That it pays to hire a maid and that i may of just won a nice new car off a so called specialist doctor wink Good luck iv copied and pasted my story after reading that your symptoms are similar to mine. i would like to add i also suffered pins and needles on the bottom of my foot, muscle wastage, i had severe sciatica, shooting pains i walked with a limp, i used to get stiff if i sat in 1 position for 2 long as you can see our symptoms are similar, good luck trigger point hunting

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      Hi Tammy...I read your post today as I just found this web site...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   TRIED YOUR METHOD OF  finding the triggerpoints...what a revelation!!  I must say I feel better already...long way to go but I can tell it is helping.  You will laugh how I did it though as I tried a ball  a foam noodle but what I like best is my rolling pin!!  Slowly rolling it up and down my back, top  then bottom, down the legs, feet, and arms.  It is just wonderful...stopping where I found a pinch and rolled it slowly over those points.  Used my hands too when the rolling pin located the points needing some additional work.  Thanks again!!  I am sooo glad you wrote your story and I do hope others will find you and try it as I did.  Best to you!!  Brook
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      Hello Tammy,

      Hope your back is still doing well and your triggerpoints are under control. I have been diagnosed with costochondritis. Since a few days I am seeking triggerpoints in my upper and lower back tu massage...have these rubber balls....Hope It will work its wonders for me as it did for you!


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    I have the same problems. It drives me CRAZY!!! i have had so many slipped and buldging discs in my lower spine but it totally effects the rest of my body. my upper back its always tight and it hurts to stretch. Pain medication does help me sleep, which i need to sleep good, but i moved 4 months ago and cant see a doctor untol october. But what medications have you tried? I hope this at least makes you feel like its not just you! hahah i feel your pain cry FEEL BETTER!!!

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