My son has xxy chromosomes

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My son has been tested he has XXy

Chromosome and he is 6 years old

I don’t see anything deferent in my son I want to know what will happen in future with my son please help me what should I do

Thank you

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    First off he’s intersex also cuz KS falls under that umbrella. One can expect to have learning disability, trouble with memory, not getting along with others his age, may develop Attention Deficit Disorder,  may not experience full puberty, develop breasts, growth to be more female such as wider hips, sparse facial hair, small hands. High IQ &/or very intelligent & creative. Low self esteem, not able to develop muscle mass, fatigue, anxiety & depression, later in life(20s-40s) higher risk of testicular cancer, Breast cancer, osteoporosis.

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      He may also identify as female at some time. Please don’t be alarmed at my responses, some of us experience few of them & some have had or continue to deal with them. You need to see Pediatric endocrinologist & get regular hormone checks(2x/year) for both estrogen & Testosterone. If his hormone levels remain low he can either go on estrogen or T Replacement Therapy. Don’t just put him on T cuz doc says so. Use your own judgment. Also when checking hormone levels make sure they check for androgen inhibitors.

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    The previous individual sent you some alarming traits of xxy. Let me tell you about my experiences as a xxy male. I never had any learning disability. I have read medical books using a medical dictionary to figure out medical terminology. I do have short term memory but I keep a small calendar to keep track of anything important every month. I was extremely shy, which often can be considered not getting along with others my age as a child.

    I am still shy among others at age 67.

    I never was diagnosed as having Attention Deficient Disorder, I will have to look it up in a dictionary. Some xxy's may have dyslexia, I don't have this. Since xxy's have atrophied testes during puberty, he may not experience puberty. Unless he gets testosterone during this time, talk to your doctor about getting him testosterone. There are injections, pills or gels, so that he can get the proper dosage, and then experience some puberty.

    I never developrled excess breast tissue, but I do breast chest exams every month, just in case. The symptoms are a pea sized lump, and leaking in the chest area.

    Height may be a problem but I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall. So he may grow taller than me . Some are over 6 feet tall.. My hips are not wider, but that may be because some xxy are overweight or obese. I am not overweight. I weigh in at 145.

    I did have sparse facial hair as a teenager but I got more after getting testosterone injections at age 29. I found out I had xxy at age 29.

    I have small hands as compared to others in my family, but small little fingers can be a trait for xxy's.

    IQ's vary from one person to the next. There are tests to measure IQ's. I write short stories so you may say I am creative. But I also daydream alot.

    Low self-esteem can occur if the child is extremely shy, but I met a small xxy male who wasn't shy at all, he was quite friendly, too friendly according to his parents.

    Muscle tone I had none as a teenager and none even as a lifted weights. I could tone my uncle's but no bulky muscles, even with testosterone injections.

    Fatigue, yes, but I have sleep apnea, so I was tried during the day. I f a child snores, sleep apnea may be the cause.

    Anxiety, only because I didn't have close friends, didn't know how to be close to strangers. There is medical help that can help change it.

    Some depression as a teenager but none at this stage in my life. I never had to take medication for it.

    Testicular cancer, I don't have it. It is rare. But there are medical testas andexams for this as he ages. Breast cancer if their is a history in your family of female breast cancer. And finally, osteoporosis can occur if your child does not get hormone replacement therapy, testosterone, or if he chooses and if he is transgendered, estrogen. I don't know any xxy male who changed sexes, but there might be.

    I have experienced feelings that I should be female, but I would never undergo the surgery. Too painful.

    I have experienced what is called retractile testes or ascending testicles, whereby my testes would go back into my iguinal canal and wouldn't come back into my scrotum.

    I assume I had a short spermatic cord.

    So I had mine surgically sewed to the bottom of my scrotum.

    Other traits I have read about xxy, are small hand tremors, enamel teeth disorders, abnormal facial hair growth even after getting hormone injections,. some can grow a beard, but not a mustache, some grow body hair after hormone injections, I have chest and back hair but sparse hair on my legs. Some bald hair, but my males brothers or father don't have this condition.

    So your son may or may not have one

    or more of these symptoms. Every xxy is different.

    I have 22 different medical problems. You son may also deveope diabetes. That is one trait that is in all medical book.

    If you are in the US, there are organizations for xxy, xxyy,xyyand xxx. See genetic organizations.

    I hope, I have given you the more information.

    In the past, xxy's were pre determined to be criminals only because researchers studied prisoners and they presumed xxy's always ended up in prison.

    I have never even been in a court, jail or a prison. I have no anger issues. So dont believe everything you read on this forum. I hope you are not afraid to raise a xxy boy. There are more organizations dealing with xxy now than ever before, when one woman wrote to Ann Langers column years go, regarding her son and she decided there should be an organization that can help new parents to deal with xxy sons, so she started one

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    I agree with John... don’t let all this inter sex talk get to you. I am XXY and I found out last summer when I was 22 years of age. I have all the similar symptoms that John has but now that I’m talking testosterone weekly, these problems and issues are slowly fading. I used to also be extremely shy in school, had symptoms that would fall under severe depression and a tall un-muscular body. Now that I’m on testosterone for about a year now, my depression has completely gone away, I’m no longer as shy but I still have a quiet personality. I also started to lift weights to change my body composition and it has helped tremendously!! I can’t change the fact I have such long legs and a short torso but I’m beginning to have big arms, wide shoulders, traps because of the external testosterone I’m taking, and legs are also growing! My cardiovascular endurance has also increased and facial hair has started to grow! So many positives lie ahead for your son! I wouldn’t worry about a thing! Make sure when he hits puberty that he starts injecting testosterone (injections are the best bang for your buck) and he will mature just like the other boys! I wish my parents would have found out when I was younger because I wouldn’t have had to go through much trouble, but nonetheless im glad I have it all figured out now! So, don’t be discouraged! And please do relies your son is not intersex, he is male and born with male organs, he just lacks the production of testosterone. 
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    There a great channel on Youtube called “Living with Xxy”. He’s a great guy and talks a lot about the difficulties what xxy patients go through, I highly recommend checking him out!
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    Dont panic, i heard that all people are born women but many morph into men, think about that. ovaries are similar to testicles. Everything inside the vagina works in a similar way to the penis. I am being far fetched. We have feminine males in this world. Honestly, time will tell, but whatever the case its fixable.

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