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mandyjane1973 mandyjane1973

Naproxen is giving me severe stomach pain

it feels like a cross between trapped wind and menstrual cramps and starts thirty or so minutes after I take the tablet. I've been persevering for three days and I feel like giving up as I can't sleep though the pain, it's worse than the pain I'm taking the naproxen to combat! ( inflamed shoulder tendons) I took omeprazole this morning to try to avoid the pains but they came anyway. Any advice? Shall I persevere or give up and go back to ibuprofen? I feel like a sausage about to burst!

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  • Jan999 Jan999 mandyjane1973

    This happened to me mandy and I rang the doctor who increased my dose of Omeprazole from 10mgs to 20mgs. You didn't say what dose you are on but you need to be careful because your stomach lining will become irritated.

  • archemedes archemedes mandyjane1973

    Naproxen is known to be a medication that can cause tummy disturbances and that is why your doctor prescribed Omeprazole for you to try and combat this.

    If, despite the use of the Omeprazole you are still having problems and you are certain that it is the Naproxen causing the problem, then it might be a good idea to go back to your Ibuprofen for the moment.

    In the meanwhile I would advise you to return to your doctor and make him/her aware of the problem.

    • archemedes archemedes

      Enteric Aspirin and enteric Ibuprofen are coated so as to avoid causing stomach problems.

      Uncoated Aspirin can cause indigestion and in some cases bleeding from the lining of the stomach.

      Uncoated Ibuprofen can be the cause of indigestion, and have certain other side effects and reactions. 

      If you have the slightest concerns regarding the safe use of these drugs you should refer to your doctor and/or to your pharmacist BEFORE TAKING THEM.

      Naproxen which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) works by reducing hormones that cause inflamation and pain.

      You should not use naproxen if you have a history of allergic reaction to aspirin or other NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

      Naproxen has been known to cause stomach irritation, and that is why it is recommended to be taken with milk and something to eat.

      Proprietory (off the shelf) indigestion medications should not be taken with Naproxen as it can limit the effectiveness of this drug.

      Omeprazole is used to treat stomach ulcers and to relieve heartburn and indigestion, and is usually prescribed to relieve the associated problems that can result from taking Naproxen.

      IMPORTANT. If you have any doubts or queries concerning any of these medications, or if you suffer any adverse reaction to them, it is important that you should refer these to your doctor.

  • m76600 m76600 mandyjane1973

    Once you have irritated your stomach lining enough, then you really need to lay off the Naproxen and get it healed. Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor and works by switching off too much acid production.  This will help with your symptoms, but you need to take it regularly.  Although the end result is less acid production, Omeprazole is not the same as an antacid and won't work in the same immediate short-term way. 

    Also, if the pain is that severe, you might be getting a stomach ulcer possibly.  Maybe make sure you have something like milk or yoghurt to line your stomach and never take Naproxen without making sure you have food with it.

    In case you don't know, and also because Archemedes posted something about Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen and Aspirin also irritate stomachs in similar ways, so always eat something substantial enough with them too.

    Best of luck smile

  • m76600 m76600 mandyjane1973

    Oh btw, have you  considered a short course of Diazepam.  I find it usually does the trick to get you to relax the muscles successfully.  Your doctor will probably onlly want  to prescribe you a few days max, but that should do it.


  • lyndsey28421 lyndsey28421 mandyjane1973

    Sorry to intrude with another question but is it normal that I only started taking naproxin yesterday afternoon and its giving me the exact same problems and making me feel really cold?

    What is omeprazole? Is it like cocodamol as thats also what my doctor gave me with the neproxen?

  • babette07281 babette07281 mandyjane1973

    I also take naproxen for 6 for joint pain lately I been getting severe stomach cramps, lower back pressure, chills and just a dreadful sick feeling after taking one and last night the gassy feeling was so strong and cramps I couldn't sleep. Nothing was given to me along with naproxen so could this be from the medication?

    • m76600 m76600 babette07281

      Yes fairly likely since the naproxen has probably irritated your stomach lining by now.  When you say 'cramps', did you get any sharp pain?  If so, you may even have an ulcer.

      Milk or yoghurt may help line your stomach (provided you are not lactose intolerant ofc) and give you a bit of relief, but you should speak to your GP as soon as you can, as they will probably advise you to stop the naproxen and allow your body to heal itself.  (Do speak to your GP though!)

      You need to take naproxen with food always, and you should definiitely ask your GP for a proton pump inhibitor like omeprazole to prevent future problems.

      Best of luck!

    • babette07281 babette07281 m76600

      I will call her Monday. Yes it was painful double over and lay in bed moaning..that was yesterday all day...I did not take my naproxen last night and woke feeling so much better no pill this morning either. I do remember without naproxen I could barely move the joint pain was so bad...Thanks for the help. Have a good sunday.

    • laura48798 laura48798 babette07281

      I was prescribed naproxen for neck pain by my GP not nothing with it to help with the heartburn, I'd rather have the neck pain than this awful heart burn, I'm hoping as I haven't taken one today that I'll feel better by the morning x

  • peter.hill peter.hill mandyjane1973

    I suffer from severe gout. My new doctor prescribed Naproxen. I usually use Arcoxia. The Naproxen made me really unwell. Could only take six before stopping. Stomach pains and headaches.

    So, I still had gout + Naproxen side effects.

    Threw out the Naproxen and got Arcoxia (Etoricoxib). So, much better. No side effects.

    • DeeTeeCat DeeTeeCat peter.hill

      I have a Spondylolisthesis and I've been on Naproxen for years, although I was only taking one tablet 1-2 times a week. (I have a morphine patch too)

      About 2 years ago, I was put onto Ferrous Sulphate for anaemia and, following the suggestion on the information leaflet, took it 1hr before food.

      Within a couple of weeks, I had incredible ulcers and gastritis and started to take take Ferrous Sulphate with food.

      Unfortunately, the damage had been done. I eventually just stopped taking it.

      When I went to the doctor and gastro-enterologist, they both blamed the Naproxen. Even when I told them I only take 1-2 a week.

      When my Naproxen supplies were running low and I begged my doctor to give me more as it was the only thing that worked.

      He mumbled something about the Naproxen staying in your tummy for a long time. (... and the other meds dont?)

      He then said we could try this new medication called Arcoxia.

      I took one just before a "Charity Christmas Dinner" but my tummy was burning before I even started eating.

      I was in bed for a week after that. This was by far the worst bout of gastritis since the Ferrous Sulphate. So I didn't take any more.

      Doctor has now put me on Methocarbomol which look like paracetamol caplets and are about as effective as paracetamol. There is just no noticeable pain relief.

      Docto has substituted my Lansoprazole for Omesoprazole, I'm happy this wil protect my tummy better and I may try the Arcoxia again.

      Thanks for your comment, it has made me decide to try the Arcoxia again.

  • harpoon harpoon mandyjane1973

    I have sciatica with stenosis. Low back, buttocks pain, thigh and calf pain. Going on 2 months. Can't get an MRI til I have 8 weeks of conservative treatment, (chiro, physcical therapy, orthopedic doctor, MD, etc.)  I was perscribed naproxen 500mg tablets  2x a day, to reduce inflamation. After just 2 tablets my stomach feels like I'm about to have a hernia/rupture. Burning and gassy too. Prednisone was perscribe when I first got sciatica but that did nothing to reduce inflamation (thus reducinging pain). because the pain has been going on so long, body fatigue, hard breathing and chest pain are a daily thing now.

    • m76600 m76600 harpoon

      Hi Harpoon,

      This sounds familiar.  I found after trying a lot of physiotherapy to very limited benefit, that chiropractic really helped.  What we discovered was that the area was inflammed.  This was exacerbated by the gluteal muscles tensing up and aggravating the whole area including the nerves.  Ultimately by stretching out the glutes, I was able to relieve the nerve compression.  You need to be proactive in stretching those muscles, and its very obvious when you are not, because the pain and numbness gets worse.  Perhaps you could try this, or try find gluteal muscle stretching exercises on Youtube etc.

      Regarding the Naproxen, GPs normally prescribe Omeprazole with it to stop excess acid formation, since Naproxen can irritate the stomach.  If your GP hasn't, perhaps you could ask for it.

    • harpoon harpoon m76600

      PT prohibitied stretching the hamstring, but yes, it's when that glut tenses up (and I can feel it spasm) after 20 steps, that the pain is most severe and the limping starts up again.

      TY for the suggestion.

  • carole57474 carole57474 mandyjane1973

    I get the same pains but not within such a short time - more like three hours later.  the sausage about to burst is a really good analogy. It's awful.  Any ideas anyone?

    Ibuprofen does not have the same effect but the doctor prefers Naproxen.

  • jan1961 jan1961 mandyjane1973

    I'll join the club too smile Im like Carole ,after a few hours i start feelng sick,bloated stomache crammpy. i dont get it with ibrufen may just stop naproxen ..shame because on a regular basis it does help with pain 

  • laura48798 laura48798 mandyjane1973

    I have been taking naproxen since Monday (5 days) I take 2 a day, I'm taking them for chronic neck pain. The last few days I've been getting heartburn and feeling of needing to burp.

    Has anyone else been suffering the same???

  • greyf0x greyf0x mandyjane1973

    Hi all, I took Naproxen and Codeine on Friday night for my hip pain and I am still having the exact same symptoms as you have described.

    Should I be worried that the pain has lasted for four days now? It's keeping me up through the night and nothing seems to dull the pain!

    I did take Lansoprazole with it but it doesn't seem to have made the slightest difference.

  • viv15674 viv15674 mandyjane1973

    I've taken naproxen for awhile for severe neck and back pain, and several weeks ago went to my GP for bad stomach pain and heartburn with gassiness.  I started also taking omeprazole as prescribed by my ENT doctor because she said my throat showed irritation consistent with acid reflux.  I've subsequently been to both my OBGYN and a GI doctor about the stomach pain.  The GI doctor said omeprazole is a common cause of stomach pain and abdominal tenderness as well as joint and bone problems, and I had heard that naproxen can cause irritation of the stomach lining.  I'm just stopping both and going to attempt to manage the pain with physical therapy (which I do 2-3 days per week), exercise, heat and ice, and acetaminophen (I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen, so my options are very limited).     

  • ridley ridley mandyjane1973

    I have just been prescribed Naproxen about a week ago and have been prescribed Omeprazole to go along with it.

    Last night I started a bout of diarrhoea which has continued throughout today, together with stomach pains/cramps. I have just had to go again but now I have past bright red blood. Anyone else had this? 

    • pauline06122 pauline06122 ridley

      I have been taking naproxen 500 twice a day for 1 week now

      My Dr gave me a stomach tablet as well.

      I have spent this week in constant discomfort from cramps and diarrhoea. 

      I feel miserable, but agreed with the Dr to try it for 1 week, my inflammation hasn't disminished I'm miserable! It has been difficult tolerating it.

      I am keeping my end of the bargain, but I am going to have to go back and speak again to my Dr.

    • turk88 turk88 ridley

      I took omeprazole and naproxen 3 times (one Sunday evening and again Monday morning and Monday night), these were not prescribed for me, I’d had a bad shoulder and was trying to avoid a doctors appointment! Anyway, on the Tuesday morning I had horrendous stomach pains/cramps along with diarrhoea which eventually turned into just bright red blood on its own (no diarrhoea). This happened all Tuesday morning but since then there has been no more blood (this happened 5th sept). I went to the doctors and have an appointment to see a specialist in October. My bloods came back normal but my stool sample came back significantly raised for inflammation of the bowel. Is there any updates with you? Did you go to the doctors? 

    • turk88 turk88

      I forgot to add, the diarrhoea lasted all Tuesday morning but the blood only happened once on its own and possible some more with the diarrhoea. The pain was awful, I’d never felt pain like it

  • dan79263 dan79263 mandyjane1973

    I was given naproxen, codeine and paracetamol to ease the pain of broken ribs, 2-3 days into it now and im struggling to sleep due to the pain coming from my stomach, is there anything I can do to help get rid of the pain as im a college student and cannot afford to be up all night in pain.

  • melmelo melmelo mandyjane1973

    I took 400mg of ibuprofen last night right after dinner for an inflamed shoulder. I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad stomach cramps and in the morning I was doubled over in pain. As soon as I ate breakfast I was okay, until almost 24 hours later when the cramps have started again. I don't know what gives. I haven't had ibuprofen for a really long time, last time I had it was a few months ago when my dr had prescribed it to me for my shoulder and I remember getting the same symptoms. Is my stomach lining really so damaged from that course of medication that I can't even have a single tablet any more?


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