Need good reviews on long term Omerprazole

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Are there any good stories out there with long term use of ppi’s,?

All you here is the bad. 

I actually live down the street from NIH ( national institute of health)

And asked 3 doctors, and 2 researchers in pharmaceuticals.

  They all said the percentage of people with issues is 1 out of 200.

  A lot of patients and study volunteers have other issues and take other drugs . 

I don’t doubt the people who have bad experiences with this drug . 

I have Barrett’s and my gi said the pros out weigh the cons. would  I rather keep  acid off my Esophagus  or burn it and make it worse.

 I must say it was refreshing to hear from some of the top researchers in the world . I’m not sure there biased or not . 

It’s funny how one good story can make you feel wonderful , untill you read bad ones and anxiety sets in .

Any tips are greatly appreciated such as calcium, magnesium,  B 12 supplements. If so what kind are the best?

I eat super healthy, raise the bed, and Definitely stop eating three hours before bedtime. I think that’s what caused my Barrett’s  in the first place. Years of chowing down and laying on the couch at night

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    I’ve tried them all and don’t get on with them at all they gave me heart palpitations but I have mild esophagitis which has healed now I’m happy to say and the reflux but I came of the lansoprazole and use ranitidine but I’m on nothing at the moment just take supplements and vitamins that’s all but if you barratts it’s wise to stay on them for healing process ( you don’t want it to get worse do you.) lansoprazole was the one that I persisted with. omezprazole I found was the worse and pantoprazole esomeprazole and new one rabeprazole I would take the Zantac aswell for acid reflux no caffeine as it irritates the esophagus and no acidic drinks you will need a strict diet more veg and no spices. Good luck 
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      You got that right. That’s what the doctor emphasized on,  since I had Barrett’s I need to keep the acid where it belongs... I’ve only been on it for about four months and I’m just trying to do my research to see what I can do to help myself from getting deficient in vitamins and bone fractures. 

       My G.I. just doesn’t seem interested in even talking about it. I have a dietitian that I’m going to be calling tomorrow to see what creative ways I can eat. I already love veggies, fruits, lean chicken, occasionally steak, fish .   I’m thinking of switching doctors and  going to see a Gerd specialist so I can go in there with a list of about 20 questions. 

      But I’ll definitely do my research on the person first. Because I’m the type who needs a down to earth people person who doesn’t mind taking 10 minutes to talk 

      Thanks for your input

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      I was like that I had so many questions to ask G.I. could never get old of him and they won’t talk to you on the phone I’ve just had my 40th birthday and all my s**t has been going on since 2015 when I first had the heartburn and sickness went to doctor they put me on omezprazole for 2 years before I got to hospital for a endoscopy then the first one said it was a hiatus hernia but he couldn’t get it down to my stomach as I was gagging too much so then I had to go back to the doctors to refer me back to the G.I. to book a sedation endoscopy put to sleep waited nearly a year for that then they found h. Plyori in my stomach gastritis and mild esophagusitis with erosions that was last November everything has healed now and looks normal but I’m still very angry that I was left that long 2 years before the doctors referred me it’s only aswell because I kept going if I hadn’t gone back probably would have never got referred to G.I. so it’s hell for be and all those antibiotics I’ve been on and I had a nurse that scared me. Because I didn’t like taking the omezprazole because as I said before i do t feel good on them and she said if you don’t take the omezprazole you could get barratts which leads to cancer of the esophagus which scared me at the time the way she said it. There’s a few supplements you could try if you drink don’t drink wine very acidic wine apparently is like drinking vinegar and the omezprazole wont work because the wine will counter it out best not to drink with barratts you need to heal it. No oranges lemons any acidic fruits and drinks decaf coffee or tea I just drank water for months and still do. But I would take lansoprazole that’s the one took you will need 60 a day I was 35 to 40 mg a day but as I said it’s taken me 4 months and mine was just mild esophagusitis I had erosions aswell so it takes time you have to really look after yourself and allow the time for healing. Come off the omezprazole try the lansoprazole see how you get on with that one it’s better. Good luck 🙂

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    Consider the following perhaps and not meaning to be rude here.

    You have stomach acid for a reason and most symptoms are from ppis stopping production of acid and consequential inability to absorb the necessary nutrients.

    a I’d production decreases with age and many issues presenting as excess acid are in fact lack of acid.. bloating due to acid not breaking down foods and bacteria causing gas, this pushes the acid up and into the oesophagus (check out lack of stomach acid and issue)

    Ppis do stop acid but they do not stop reflux. Since the introduction of these horrible drugs, oesphageal cancer has apparently increased because people are often unaware that they are having partially digested food entering their oesophagus.

    As for researchers suggesting that these are drugs are ok, ask who is paying their wages!!

    Doctors, not all are looking for preparations to alleviate your pain and do not always believe that they carry the risks by taking them.

    Doctors also have very little training in nutrition ...but, I’ll go back to the fact. You need your stomach Acid!!

    Your body though, do your own research you’re in charge! 

    Look into the dangers of calcium supplements too 😊

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