Omeprazole and a bunch of side effects ?

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I hope someone can help me a little bit, or a lot. 

I have been taken Omeprazol for 19 years. I have expirieced all the side effect in I read about in this forum tread and many more.

In 2011 I was in the hospital with anemia and I needed a blodtranfusion. The doctors could not find the reason for this and I still have to take strong Iron to keep it up.

2 months ago I got really bad breathing trouble , it is like I can not get the air all the way down to my lungs. It is really scary. My lungs and heart got checked but there was nothing wrong, other than I suffer from a low puls from time to time. Is there anyone else here that have breathing trouble due to Omeprazole ?

The doctors then made the conclusion that it is because of my back and I started at a chiropraktor but that did not help either. The doctor gave me Tramadol for my back pain and then it got really scary after 3 pills (not at once) I got an anaphylactic shock and was taken to the hospital after I was stabilized at home. 

I had to take some antihistamine and some Prednisonol for 3 days after, my breathing was a little better while I took them, but Prednisonol is also to make your body function better.

After this my breathing trouble returned and a month after this I took some of my daughters astma inhaler because I was so frustrated with my trouble of breathing properly. I have taken this medicine before, with the anemia because the doctor first thought it could be astma and I did not have nay problem with this medicine. 

This time I got my second anaphylactic shock, I got an Epipen at home at got to the hospital again and again I should take the medicine 3 days, my breathing was so much better. 

After 2 anaphylactic shock I was so scared to take my medicine, so 6 days ago I stopped taken my Omeprazole, Codeine ( for back pain). 

First thing I noticed after years of drinking up to 5-6 liters a day (1,5 gallon), I now drink like a normal person. Then I noticed my body does not hurt like it use to, my back and so, but not my entire body. But I have been and is still so dizzy that I am afraid to pass out. I have lots of panic attacks and overall feel like my muscles does not work properly and I have been sweating like crazy. But on the positive side my breathing is almost back to normal. 

Have any of you experienced breathing trouble while taken Omeprazole ?

Have any of you been drinking so much because of Omeprazole ?

Have any of you have an anaphylactic shock while taken Omeprazole ?

And can any of you tell me how long I will feel like crap, with dizziness and panic attack and sweating ?

Have any of your a doctors word for that Omeprazole has been the course of your problems ?

I live in Denmark and not one doctor have questioned if my anemia, breathing trouble and so on could be from my medicine, but after my drinking became normal after one or two days of Omeprazole and my breathing was getting a little better I started to google and found this tread and now I am scared because I have been taken these pills for 19 years. 

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    Oh poor you, my mum was put on these and they stopped her other meds from working, they should never hace been given to her with her other meds, if it wasnt for the fact i looked this up on google and read not to be taken with her other meds we would never have known, i watched her deteriating before my eyes.  Usually the side affects affect people in first few weeks or months, so i dont think the omeprazole  would be causing the problems years later as regards the breathing problems but they are known to cause panic attacks and many have felt they were having a heart attack.  What age are you and sorry but are you a man or a woman as i cant  tell by your name. reason i ask is the sweating and other symptoms could be caused by meanpause if your a woman. My mum slowly went back to normal after a week thankfully. Were you on any other medication that may ahve clashed with the omeprazole i wonder? If it is the Omeprazole causing all your symptoms  then you should feel back to normal but how long after taking them for 19 years i dont know. personaly i think they are lethal and should be avoided if poosible. 


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      First of thank you for your reply and so sorry to hear about you mum. 

      I have been taking metformin , Kodein , athenor ( stop with those 6-8 months ago) while taking Omeprazol.

      I am a woman and 41 but I now for a fact that it is not menupause yet and that sweating  also includes cold sweats and it only startet when I stopped taking Omeprazole. 

      I mean a lot of the side effects I have had since the beginning but back when I started taking them the side effect where not listed at all so I never thought it was them causing most of my problems.

      About the breathing I am almost sure that they caused it , after 2 month without breathing proberly and now over the past 6 days my breathing is slowly returning to normal. But of course I can not know it for a fact.

      No I have not talk to the doctor about it yet, because I just discovered this page today because I was on google trying to see if Omeprazole could cause any problems.

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      Hi quinde

      Id get a print out if you can about all the side affects people have been getting before you go to your doctors,  Theres enough to fill a book! shocking isnt, wonder if your sweats are due to coming off the omeprazole to suddenly? after being on them for so many years? presume they were given for stomach acid digestive problems in the first place. Theres another section on hear full of  side affects messages. It wasnt until i went o the doctors with mum and told her what id read she looked it up her self and said oh yes your right! we will remove them from your repeat prescription.  Alsoi they gave her meds for cholesterol which gave her leg pains, guess what, blood test revield she didnt even need them! I ask you whats going on hear.rolleyes

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      Sorry I missed your comment. 

      The sweating is a little better today , but the panic attacks and dizziness is not. I also have had really bad nausea.

      I will try to find that section on side effects , thank you

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    You cannot take Omeprazole for more than 14 days every 4 months.

    You have to change your diet completely.

    I never had any side effects at all, but have been taking it as I described above.

    In the 14 days:

    6 days daily

    3 days every other day

    3 days every two days

    2 days every three days and stop.

    Of course if yuo start drinking alcohol, caffeine, eat acidic foods, you prolong the problem, and it can cause major problems.

    I wish you good luck

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    What dose of omeprazole are you on? (The normal maintenance dose is 20mg or high dose is 40mg.) I was on the drug for 15 years increasing to 80mg a day (before I had reflux reduction surgery.) I, too, was anaemic and needed iron supplementation.

    Anaemia may be caused by hypochlorhydria induced by these drugs being too efficient at what they're meant to do. Too high a dose for too long can be the reason.

    (I remember in 2009 discussing this possibility with the UK's two top gastroenterology professors, saying that if stomach acid were reduced too much for too long there may be problems of absorption of essential minerals. At the time they dismissed my suggestions as the minerals are absorbed in the duodenum rather than the stomach. However, I was then gratified to see research coming out that supported the idea that high dose long term PPIs could indeed result in anaemia. The stomach acid is needed to convert the iron into a chloride to be absorbed, The two professors have since agreed I was right.)

    Although reflux can be the cause of breathing difficulty, I don't know of it being a problem reported due to the drugs which are taken to reduce the dangers of the reflux.

    PPIs are amongst the safest drugs. They have been in regular use for over 30 years by millions of people worldwide, some of whom undoubtedly owe theri lives to them. Much research shows a probable chemo-protective effect.

    There are many scare stories (mainly inflated by populist media) with claims they cause a host of problems but when you look at the research they are always correllation rather than causation. Where links have been found between PPI usage and other problems it is more likely the patient has co-morbidities.

    They are powerful drugs and if needed long term should be monitored by a doctor.


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      My dose was 20 mg twice a day.

      I take them for Hiatal Hernia , I think , I am not a 100 procent sure that is the english word for it though.

      But I stopped taken them a week ago today. 

      Thank you for your reply , I am glad to see that they could be the course of my anemia.

      All the sideeffects I read about in this forum here so now I am confused.

      Because I have them all and have felt really bad ( not with the reflux) but with dizzinez , coldsweats and huge panick attacks since I stopped taken them.


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