Omeprazole and Dizziness

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Last Friday I was diagnosed with Duodenitits and Gastritis, which I have had a gnawing and sore feeling in my epigastric region for months now.

The doctor perscribed Omeprazole 40mg in the morning and Ranitidine 300mg at night...

I started taking the ranitidine Friday night and the Omeprazole the next morning..

I was OK feeling until Wendsday at noon, so that would of been my 5th dose of Omeprazole and 6th of Ranitidine.

I suddenly around 11pm started feeling light headed then eyes started to feel tired had a hard time focusing on things and felt like I was going to fall over when standing for a little bit.

Went home ate lunch hoping that would help, it only got worse, started to have a tension head ache also. I took regular strength tylenol, which helped a little bit but not much, made the tension head ache less.

Today (Thursday) took the 6th dose of Omeprazole, and around the same time (11am) started to feel light headed again, but no where near as bad as yesterday.

Going with the timing, it seems like its Omeprazole that is making me light headed (there is no room spinning feeling, just feel weak and like I'm going to fall over). It seems like this lines up with the amount of time for it to get through the digestion phase and into my body. I'm taking it around 7 to 8am and feeling off around 11am to noon. I did not have this feeling for the first few days, but I know it takes a few days for PPI's to really start working on you.

Will this go away? I read a bunch of other places people having similar feelings but no one ever says if the lightheadedness / dizziness subsides as you get use to the drug.

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    well, been on it 9 days now, the dizziness is less severe each day, I can still kind of tell when the medicine gets obsorbed by my body, it's about 3hrs after ingestion I have a sudden off feeling. It seem to be subsiding faster now too, but not 100% sure if I'm getting used to it or something else is going on.

    Am noticing an odd weakness now in my left arm, just feels like sometimes it wants to quit on me in the middle of doing something. and still have fatigue every now and then and have to lay down.

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    update to this..... I'm still taking the 40mg Omeprazole every morning around 6am-7am and 300mg Ranitidine at night aroun 8PM...

    for about a 12hr period starting not long after i take Omeprazole I start to get weak feelings, tingling in my hands, odd falling sensations when walking but not falling, sometimes now lightheaded a little bit... and if i press lightly on my epigastric region there is a tenderness / sore spot. almost to the minute 12hrs later from taking it, all these symptoms mysteriously vanish, almost like the drug only affects me for 12hrs. Is this normal? When I take the Ranitidine I don't have any noticable side effects.

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    This is a VERY real reaction to this drug - I have noted it now with the 2nd time taking it. 20 mg the OTC prilosec as well as the RX Omeprazole, both after taking within 72 hours the side effects light headed, dizzy, that feeling like you have not eaten or blood sugar dropping not anything that would be possible to live any sort of quality life with. Completely not tolerable and REAL. The key now is to inform your providers and not be ignored. If you have other health problems address those and stop taking this medication.

    If you are ignored by providers file complaints against them and seek help until you find someone who will listen.

    I keep a food and supplement journal and have had the same horrible side effect after taking both the OTC Prilosec and the RX Omeprazole. Document and see for yourself and explain to the physican that you have. Its hard to ignore an "informed patient" who is not just going in and saying "I am not sure what is wrong".


    **For those reading discontinue taking and see how you feel. As I did NOT have these symptoms until AFTER I took 4 tablets total. Day 1 tablet 20 mg prilosec, day 2 1 20mg dose am and pm as directed by my Doctor and Day 3, 1 pill in the am and then bam exactly 5 hours later I felt dizzy as if I had not eaten and my blood sugar had dropped and realized same symptoms I had the 1st time I took Omeprazole. Unable to do anything other than hang on and enjoy this F up ride. 

    **Do not ignore the side effects as they are happening, they are real, they are not in your head and you need to find other solutions besides this dangerous drug to fix whatever the issue is.**

    Get help from doctors traditional and what may be deemed not so traditional in this modern world there is much more than "what the antiquated text books offer to the traditional doctors* and get well. 


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    Same here. Strange. Over the last 3 years I have previously had 2 courses of Omeprazole, each was 1 month of daily 20mg (I think also 2x a day for some of that). No problems, stopped my GERD for nearly a year each time.

    Then recently, 5 days after starting another - my 3rd - course, I got such bad random episodes of vertigo that my GP took me off the Omeprazole and I use Ranitidene instead. I notice that the Ranitidene is not as effective. BTW the vertigo happened "out of the blue": I've never had anything like it before. It was quite scary the first time it happened, I worried that I was having a stroke. Very strange that the episodes last less than 5 minutes of serious discomfort - inability to stand up or even sit up - and after they pass, apart from feeling shook up, there's little else wrong with me.


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