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Has anyone has any problems with Omeprazole made by Teva? I have a hiatus hernia and GERD. My GP prescribed 20mg Omeprazole per day and the first time I had the script made up the brand was Almus. I took this for a month and it seemed to work fine. I happened to be somewhere else when I had the repeat prescription made up and was sold the Teva brand. Within two days I could feel the symptoms returning and by day five was in a lot of discomfort - the burning pain in my stomach had returned. I went to the first pharmacist who compared the notes from both brands and he said that a lot of the other ingredients, the bulking agents, capsule cover etc were different and maybe something in the Teva was causing a reaction. So the GP wrote another prescription and I got more of the Almus brand. I should add that I did return to the phamacist who sold me the Teva but they didn't want to know, utterly failed to see that there might be a problem. In my naivety, I had always assumed that all generics were the same but it seems not.

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    Hello, I have Omeprazole made by Teva too, I have been on these capsules for 15 years, &  I have over the last 2 years developed dizziness/lightheaded & panic attacks & wondered if these have caused it. Im not sure if i was ever on Almus as I never looked at the label....there is a lot of discussion about Omeprazole, so im not surprised you have the discomfort. let me know how you get on .I dont get the burning pain,..... I hope the pain goes away soon for you.
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    I have had a similar problem but with Dr Reddy omeprazole. I was put on omeprazole 18 months ago.  Can't remember the brand but think they were yellow or orange capsules.  No problems with them and they took away my symptoms.  Three months ago I noticed my usual pharmacist was supplying a different coloured (blue/grey) capsule but thought no more about it.  However since taking these new tablets I've noticed my symptoms of reflux and nausea returning, particularly during the night and first thing in the morning.  It's as if the effects don't last as long as my previous tablets.  I spoke to the pharmacist who says he has had no other similar feedback.  I googled omeprazole Dr Reddy and found a discussion forum in New Zealand where the government recently changed their prescription advice to favour Dr Reddy.  There were quite  number of complaints very similar to mine.
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    Sorry it's been a while replying to people. I forgot my password and I've only just had an email allowing me to reset. I have now stopped taking Omeprazole entirely and am managing to control the symptoms with diet. Through trial and error I have found that onions, yams, celery, chocolate and caffinated tea and coffee trigger acid and burning pain. Since eliminating these from my diet I am so much better. I substitute onions with leeks and make sure they are thoroughly cooked down before using them as a base for soups, sauces and stews. I miss chocolate but it's small price to pay for being pain free for the first time in ages.
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    Cjb. It’s not you who believes TEVA manufaures, in general give us bogus pills without nany of the main ingra

    I had a Rx for Trazodone , 60 pills. I take up to 4 tabs at night  NOT A SINGLE  PILL HAD THE main ingredient.

    I wrote the  FDA  The returned an email asking if I had any to send them. I told then I did.

    Never heard from them again!

    The most dasrardly thing FDA has done is the reintroduction  of Thalidomide in all sorts of pills like Humira,  Entivia, and in several chemo drgs (like John  McCain’s glio drug).

    What torture for any human being.

    Everyone lulled into taking ANY generic drug ending mab is Thalidomide

    Thalidomide was brought to US in  60’s, then taken off the market and banned all over the word becase if a MAN  or woman has  taken this  drug, their baby Will suffer internal destruction of all or one organ, are born with flippers or no arns or legs.

    THIS IS A German Nazi company that experiment on prisoners with this drug.

    ***sadly, it cannot be cleansed  from the water purification, so our waters are now  deceptively polluting your drinking water.

    If you soak in a bath, know it is entering your body through your skin. I believe it’s the only drug that can do this.

    Your DNA, RNA WILL BE ALTERED, therefore your babies, their babies will suffer

    This is INTENTIONAL.

    Yes, I’m a medical professional.

    There are currently over 50 drugs  containing Thalidomide in the US and commercials for Humira, Entyvia, psorias meds are played, constantly.

    Sqibb, I believe is evil, as is FDA.

    Your doctor wont’s tell you any of this.

    God save us.

    Drink Spring water!!!

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    Hi, so lovely to find someone having the same problems. I used to have the Dr Reddy brand until they started giving me Teva a couple of months back. My symptoms have returned to the point where I'm paranoid that I have a blockage in my oesophagus. My pharmacy aren't interested because I'm already making a fuss about my thyroxine (also Teva). I have just ordered some omeprazole online and I will try these before contacting my GP. I do realise that my blocked feeling could be a symptom of something more serious, but I will try this first. I hope you feel better soon.

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      Acid burning the lining of your oesophagus will cause a feeling of a ‘lump’ and possibly make you feel like it’s blocked. It’s very scary.

      Why are you taking omeprazole if you don’t mind me asking?

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