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Hi I came off omeprazole gradually after being on it for7/8 weeks as it upset my IBS and caused constipation.  I was also worried about the effects of the is drug as I already on other medication. My stomach seemed much better after stopping the omeprazole for about a week.  Then what I believe are rebound symptoms started.  They are bloated stomach burning sensation belching and general feeling of indigestion.  I am not suffering from heartburn and never did before taking the omeprazole.  My main symptoms were the indigestion ones mentioned plus throat symptoms of hoarseness and throat mucus leading me to think I might have LPR.  I had been drinking alkaline water and a better diet.  The throat mucus is much better but still have some hoarseness and throat clearing.  My bowels seem to be fine now.  I cancelled a barium swallow due to anxiety.  You may say that was silly but I just could not face it as I was worried about the after effects.

I don't suppose my gp will be very happy but realise I will at some point have to go back and have maybe an endoscopy or throat scope.  My question today is do you think my present symptoms are rebound ones or the same undiagnosed problem from before.  Also what symptoms did you get when you came off PPi's and how long did they last.  My gp knew I was intending to wean myself off and gave some gaviscon advance tablets which I have been taking intermittently.  I have some ranitidine from earlier this year but don't really want to start them again.  Any suggestions.  Thanks

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    I'm a insulin taking diabetic, stroke survivor with hypertension and cholesterol. I have had herd for thirty years now. I've been on omeprazole at least 15. I have the start of nerve damage. In my thighs and naropathy in my feet and hands. I've had pretty unbareble cramping from my knee's down and sometimes in my hands. I had read on here someone with similar cramping issues. She was sure it was the omeprazole. 

    I stopped the omeprazole for a few months and nothing changed. Since then I started the anti seizure med Dilantin. 

    For the first time my cramping has stopped. I've forgotten to take it a few times. And know its still there. But I get back on it and I'm fine. 

    I'm saying all this because I seriously don't believe the omeprazole is to blame. I started back on it a month ago. I've never experienced any of the symptoms. I've ever read on this website. While on it or after. I think for me its one of the other meds or a combination. 

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    Ranitidine could have been invaluable in your weaning off process.  And may still help.  What you describe does sound like rebound, especially since you went pretty much cold turkey.

    Using a combination of Omep one day and ranitidine the next and gradually decresing the omep unt it's gone, then decreasing the ranitdine gradually until ti is gone, using Gaviscon as needed should work.   

    You might also want to consider a probiotic and digestive enzymes until your gut gets back to normal, maybe veen staying with the probiotic permamently since you have IBS.

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      Thanks for your reply.  I took 20mg for 1 week then was increased to 40mg (i in the morning and i in the evening) then I started to get constipation and IBS upset.  I then went down to 20mg for 2 weeks then 20mg every other day and then stopped.  Perhaps I should have taken it slower even after only 8 weeks on it.  I just wondered how long it would take to go.  My stomach is bloated and growling all the time and I do have indigestion but no heartburn as such.  I do take yakult and have done off and on for some years.  Should I take a probiotic tablet.  
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      Forgot to mention I suffer with anxiety and well as other health problems.

      I am seeing a CBT councillor.  I believe that the anxiety is at the route of my problems during the last 4 or so years both with the current reflux problem and IBS.  I know anxiety makes everything worse as you produce more acid when you are stressed.  I was on several groups but left recently because I was getting bogged down with all the talk of cancer etc.  I had decided to really try and sort the anxiety out and then all this which as just made the anxiety worse.

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    I stopped taking Omeprazole about six weeks ag but have not yet informed my GP.

    I hasd been taking 20mg daily for several years and it was very effective in preventing the build up of bile in my throat. 

    I had developed headaches, taking at least two paracetomols per day and also experienced dizzy spells.

    When I stopped taking them, I had no reactions whatsoever for the first five days or so but then the usual heartburn problems returned.

    I take a Gaviscon tablet at the onset of these symptoms and the number I take daily has reduced over the weeks. 

    In the early days of stooping, I was taking four or five per day but now it is a maximum of two and sometimes, none at all.

    The most significant point from my point of view is that the headaches and the dizzy spells have stopped completely. Of course, this does not mean that the Omeprazole was the cause but it is a huge coincidence if that is not the case.

    Like you, I still get a frog in my throat but previous endascope tests proved negative and I can only assume that this is the indigestion and I still had this when taking Omeprazole.

    When I stopped taking them, I had read that Ginger would help in alleviating the symptoms and I started taking a Ginger tablet daily and drinking a cup of ginger tea most days.

    Maybe this helped but I have now stopped taking these with no effect.

    I feel better in myself as a result of stopping the Omeprazole and can only suggest that you persevere.


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      Thank you Peter.  Today I have been out and my stomach has been much better.  As I mentioned I am sure anxiety plays apart and as I was Christmas shopping my mind was on other things (including my aching arthritic knees and back).  Now you mention it I too had some odd dizzy spells which I thought was the anxiety.  They do seem to have stopped since coming off the omeprazole.  It is still early days only 3 weeks since coming off them.  It was after the first week the problems started similar to but much worse than when on the omeprazole.  I have read it take anything from 4 to 12 weeks for the rebound effects to settle down. I am tending to to take 2 or 3 Gaviscon advance a day although I have only had one so far.  I hope you are soon through this and wish you a Happy Christmas and healthly 2015.
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