Sarcodoisis and Granulomas from fungal infection

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Hi everyone, first post!

i recently discovered I have sarcoidosis. I've had it for years but just not had a name for it, so I'm quite relieved to finally get a name for it, now its on to doing something to finally stop it. I'm hoping to discuss potential ideas and solutions based on my symptoms which seem quite different to most of the other sufferers information I can find. To chat with other sufferers about positive solutions would be fantastic.

I have a lot of granulomas pretty much everywhere EXCEPT my lungs which seem fine. I have them in my glands in my chest and neck, shoulder and breast muscle, back and dorsal muscle, scrotum, and i think my heart as i get lots of palpitations sometimes and it feels kind of enlarged as I don't like to lie on that side, feels uncomfortable. Eyes have been effected too and are sometimes quite blurry, other times not so.

I also have lots of small nodules in the skin on my neck, looks red and sore but its not sore. Just small granulomas, and you can see some in my throat too. I'm sure it is from a systemic fungal infection that ive been battling for years. Had gut problems including leaky gut, an mercury poisoning.

I've had it all for years and have become a health nut and am otherwise quite fit and healthy, but its not getting any better and im getting worried now, enough to reach out and try and find some help from other sufferers. Don't trust the allopathy for good reason, tried lots of other things but certainly not everything

Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of these granulomas? I think there could still be some fungus or other infection in there too.

I've just started with DMSO, ive ordered some papaya enzymes, ive tried most things I could find that sounded feasible or beneficial. On a paleo/keto diet for years now, done everything in the detox book, just cant find that magic bullet, if there is one!

Sooo, I'm wondering how to get these grannies before they get me! heart is creaking. I'm male and early fifties. Guess ive had gut problems since I was kid so the whole thing has been one long progression and difficult to point to a beginning.

Any ideas or links gratefully received!

Thank you

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    hi Jonathan, sorry to hear of your problems, I'm not sure if your Sarcoidosis is caused by a fungal infection but I fully understand the stress your feeling, I'v had Sarcoidosis for about 12 years now,,, thats long I'v known about it.

    I have in my lungs, skin, eyes, nasal area, possibly bowels and I think it's in my testicals but I'm waiting to hear about that, are you from the UK if so ask your doctor or specialist to refer you to professor athol wells at the Royal Brompton hospital in London,, he knows his stuff and you'll get more help and support from him and his team than anyone else, they ask you to come to them in London for an overnight stay and you'll have every test in the book plus a few more and then they will start you on a proper course of meds tailored just 4 you, good luck and let me know how you get on please

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      Hi Peter

      I'm still trying to get a diagnosis confirmed.  I am told the only way to 100% diagnose is with a lung biopsy.  How do yo know you have the granulomas in your eyes etc.  I have problems with my eyes and nose but how do they know it's Sarcoid?  I'm due to see the Thoracic consultant at the end of January and visit the lung function clinic.  Would be good to have an idea of which questions to ask.  Many thanks


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      Hi, I first found out I had Sarcoidosis after a car crash, the airbag hit my sturnem hard, it was the following x ray which found the granulomas in my lungs and surrounding tissues, then I had months of blood tests and CT scans with a contrast die injection, the only thing left was a lung biopsy , initialy I wasn't given any medication.

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    Hi everyone, thank you for the replies!

    I should have explained better that I have a problem with allopathic doctors, I belive that they mean well but also that they are part of a corrupt industry. I try to avoid them and believe they are dangerous. Two very close friends both died in hospital and have 'cancer' on thier death certs but neither of them died from cancer, they died from the doctors treatments. Anyway, I hope this explains why I am going the natural and or alternative routes. No way would I let them do a lung biopsy on me or anything like that, Anyone can see the granulomas. So I havent been prescribed any drugs and wouldnt take that predisolone you mentioned Katid unless my life depended on it.

    So, I dont have an official sarcoidosis diagnosis it is self diagnosed and im convinceed is accurate. I also see sarcoidosis as a symptom of my problem and not the desease itself. It is my body trying to protect itself from some kind of pathogen which I think is fungal but may be something else.

    Peter did you look for an infectcious agent at all? I had live blood microscpy done where some blood is taken and examined under a microscope, very revealing, lots of parasites and debris floating around from my leaky gut. Visible fungus, probably candida in the throat and is probably in the sinus, going to get an xray to check that out and remove that if its there and go from there.

    Im looking for something to break down or reduce those granulomas somehow while fighting the infection(s)

    and healing the gut. Doesnt seem to be much info out there. DMSO is interesting as it can pull other chemicals into the granulomas, colloidal silver and tea tree oil ive tried so far which might kill off any infection within the granuloma and allow the body to let go and break down the granuloma, thats the idea anyway.

    Im starting regular water fasting too to try and utilise apoptosis. Tried so amny other things too, Infra red saunas really help 

    Any ideas or thoughts anyone?

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      Hi Johnathan, I'v had Sarcoidosis for about 12 years now and as far as I'm aware the only way to remove these granulomas is surgical, ask your doctor to refer you to professor athol wells at the Royal Brompton hospital in London, he'll listen to you and your family about your problems, he won't bombard you with all the geek speak the docs usually Come out with he's a great listener,, don't be afraid of him just tell him everything what's wrong

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      HI Jonathan

      sorry to hear about your issues, however there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

      I was diagnosed with this problem some 4 years ago and the doctors in charge just said monitor it until I was yo yoing with my weight and breathing issues. from 15 stones to 9.5stone and being in bed for 1 month unable to move due to pain in every joint, blur vision, uric acid level off the chart.

      fortunately for me my father is a practising homeopath and as such I very much resisted the use or steroids as highly recommended by the doctors and SPECIALISTS once on them you are there for most of your life. they not only make you dependant but also destroy what good condition there may be in the main organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, heart).

      at first it was presumed that it may be cancer due to the major fluctuation of weight however the diagnosis was negative thank the lord.

      my father would not treat me as I was too close to home and wanted an objective view therefore he referred me to his teacher in Cornwall who dealt with me over skype.

      my fathers teacher said something to me on day 1 which I will never ever forget and that was YOU DO NOT HAVE Arthritis but issues with your liver and organs caused by this disease as organs are secreting chemicals which are the cause of the joint pains and if we can get to heal the organs then the pains will disappear.

      how right he was and to date is.

      I was told that sarcoidosis is common in African males and females by the specialist it is a lower form of TB.

      as when you are stuck down with somethin you decide to become detective of your own body and try to solve how you have contracted this disease.

      I was working for an estate agent and on a number of occasions was bitten in dirty houses by cat and dog flees, there I am certain was the insertion of the parasite that causes this disease. however it took  this parasite a number of years to work its way to the stage of starting to cause me the issues that were symptoms and subsequently the diagnosis of this disease.

      the sarcoidosis has started to lead to cirrhosis of the liver to some extent I think the homeopathic treatment was started just in time to prevent further damage and to limit the damage to a very early stage of cirrhosis.

      I have had a variety of homeopathic remedies which after 3 years have lead to a stage whereby I can live a 95% normal life.

      in my opinion this is a parasitic disease and must be treated as such. I also had a cough for 3 years or so without any doctor being able to diagnose it but as you get luck breaks which I did, I read of another patient who was with same symptoms and she took 1 month of HYDROXCHLOREQUIN 200mg for 30 day 3 x a day. this is a malaria treatment drug, and guess what it treats the malaria parasite and any other parasite that may be doing its worst in the body and surely enough the cough disappeared and the sarcoidosis is in the boot of the car instead of the drivers seat. 

      ask you doctor about this they are reluctant to give this to you but you insist and take it with milk at meal time as it is very harsh on empty stomach and could cause you to cough up blood if you have liver issues then at night time take pure nettle tea to flush liver whilst taking this medication as it is harsh on the liver.

      for your stomach grogginess and digestive tract issues what I felt was that there were parasites in the gut getting the better of me, eating was causing bloating and much discomfort stools were irregular and pain full. however another magic bullet was discovered and advised to me by my father here's how to take it, it may suit you it may not but as a sufferer from these issues it benefitted me to the point where I am living without all the discomforts mentioned above.

      wake up in the morning>gargle with warm water (not toothpaste) get some organic garlic from Tesco 3 for 90p >crush a single clove in a bowl with a clove crusher>mix it with 1 table spoon of organic black seed oil get this from amazon > leave after mixing in bowl for 15mins as this will increase the potency of the chemicals in the garlic > table spoon this down your neck without chewing> couple of sips of warm water after it>let it work for 30 mins before eating or drinking. do this for 8-10 days and see how you feel, the garlic will KILL the parasites/worms/bad gut bacteria DEAD just like the bleach advert which kill germs in the loo. 

      after you eat your breakfast brush your teeth no smell no issues, what's better stomach problems or a bit of garlic breath.

      eat some live culture yoghurt to top up good bacteria now and then.

      the best of health and good luck to you.



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      Hello Faz.

      i was really interested in your discussion. I have recently been diagnosed with sarcoidosis

      In both lungs and have had a cough for nearly two years which is at the stage where it is driving me mad.     They are now going to do a broncoscopy and also test for tb.  

      I have worked as a dog groomer for 20 years so have been bitten by fleas many times and wondered if this or any other parasite could be a cause. 

      Some 10 years ago I was diagnosed with crohns and had a bowel resection due to a stricture but have been clear ever since. So am now wondering if this was crohns.

      I am not on any meds at the moment and always try to help myself before going down that road. I have started a regular workout to help me exercise my lungs and get as fit as possible to help fight this horrible disease.

      Good luck all. 


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      Hi sue, I have had pretty much the same experience with my bowels,,, I had nearly 8 years of very painful bowels and I got fed up of hearing oh it's your appendix rumbling or it's gastricenteritis ,,,then it was oh you might have a touch of crohns disease.

      After collapsing at home I insisted they remove my appendix,,, guess what, it started again a month later,,, I couldn't even keep water down for 9 days, there blood in my,,,, well,,, poo and the day after I stopped the dyorea they wanted a sample,,,, nothing was ever diagnosed and it hasn't come back since, the doc I saw on the follow up immediatly said it could be Sarcoidosis related

      Where was she when I was admitted, thankfully the symptoms haven't been back since .

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      Hi sue

      Sorry to hear of your predicament, however we can’t lay down and be run over by this problem. 

      I had problems with the right lung and also had the broncoscopy done and tb test. 

      My view is more strengthened with your report of flee bites. 

      You should speak to your go and ask him to put you on Hydroxychlor Quinn 200mg for a month take it carefully with food and if your have no allergy to it milk. 

      I am very confidant that you will see the benefits after a month. 

      Then they the garlic as this has been fantastic for me. Keep up the exsercise as this is important. 

      I wish you the very best. 


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