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It all started with me 20 years ago when I was 50 and took 1-2 packs of "Rolaids" just to get thru the day. After a while I went to Dr complaining of blood when I went to the batroom and upon doing a upper GI he stated that my stomach was eaten up from stomach acid and then...about 15-17 years ago put me on PRILOSEC which I have have been taking for over 15 years and was told that my stomach produces too much acid ( I never asked or wondered why) but at this time Prilosec was "very" expensive and my health insurance paid for it. I believe then it was a "capsule" and after the "patent" ran out Prilosec switched to "tablets" to which was a lot cheaper and I have tried MANY times to get off of it but at least for the last 5 years the (over the counter) Prilosec in tablet form can be "broken" unlike the old capsules. I have tried in vain to get off this medication and if I "forget" to take my 1/2 tablet (10mg) I will most definately feel the "burning" start to begin. I hope that by cutting the 20mg tablet in half and finding that this will keep the burning from happening it has "lessened" my fears of bone loss, kidney problems, cancer or all the other "symptoms" that I have been hearing about from "attorneys lawsuits on TV"  but I will continue to read about and post like these will hopefully find me a cure. I have tried the "no fried foods, alcohol, and diet but still I am CHAINED to this medication. Now I am trying the Omeprazole pills that I have found online and are cheaper than Prilosec (which I buy online) and I think it is the same thing as Prilosec or has the same medication. I will now thanks to this article start taking magnesium, and Iron althought I don't think the Gaviscon will work as I have tried Zantac, Tagamet and others that don't even come close to putting out the prilosec does.

I will do everything you all have suggested and try to break the addiction I have to this medicine as my worst nightmare is being somewhere I can't find it or run out and suffereing the agony of my stomach buring. Thank you all for your post and as long as 1/2 of a tablet controls my acid I will definately not take more after hearing of some of the horrible things it can cause.

I still do not know why they make the Nexium and Prilosec and Prevacid when this one bottle of "Omeprazole" ??should do?? the same thing

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    I am off Omeprazole all together. Found out that by eating properly, my stomach is doing much better. I found that the Greek Mastixa (resin from the mastic tree) is amazing for stomach problems, and yes I take a teaspoon in a glass of water every morning 20 minutes before I eat. I still stay away from onions, spicy foods, alcohol, coffee. BUT I feel so much better
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    Hi Mike,

    If you are producng too much acid for whatever reason you need to reduce it. There are "natural remedies" which can help soothe or tackle acid once it has been produced but they do not tackle the root cause.

    Excess acid comes from the stomach producing too many parietal cells in response to Histamine H2 signals. H2 receptor antagonists (like Zantac (ranitidine)) attempt to intercept some of thos signals. However, Proton Pump Inhibitors (such as omeprazole) stop the production of too many of these cells and are by far the best way of dealing with acid hypersecretion. There are many different PPIs available but research has shown they are all as effective as ecah other when taken in equivalent dose. The cheapest generic omeprazole is as good as the most expensive Dexilant (though some patients tolerate one more than another. On the www BarrettsWessex org uk website, you'll find a table of the different PPIs with equivalent doses and costs. (US costs at the very bottom of the page may be a few years out of date but give a comparison). Find the drugs page from the drop down menu under the Treatments tab.

    Don't be worried about the scare stories. I have read all the research about the "side effects" of PPIs. They are all blown out of proportion by the sensationalist media who don't understand the difference between correlation and causality. For instance the latest paper linking PPIs and kidney disease says, "patients taking PPIs were more likely to experience declining kidney function". It could have just as easily said, "patients experiencing declining kidney function are more likely to take PPIs". The paper does not provide evidence that PPIs actually cause kidney disease.

    Read about this and the other scare stories on the Barrett's Wessex website by finding the page "PPI dangers" either using the search function or you can find it linked to on the page previously mentioned or find it on the left hand navigation panel under "Drugs" under "Treatment".

    ("Prilosec" is the brand name for the drug originally introduced in the 1980's by Astra Zeneca. Its generic name is omeprazole. When it was going out of patent, AZ refined it to produce esomeprazole (Nexium) which they have claimed is better (though research (apart from that sponsored by AZ) disagrees. ) Now Nexium is out of guarantee, generic esomeprazole is becoming available. )

    PPIs have been in for a bad press and I have seen some lawyers in US are hoping to make money from unwitting patients attempting to sue the drugs companies. They will probably be unsuccessful - research has shown that most "problems" that can be attributed to PPIs are from misuse and more prevalent amongst self-medicators.

    The media haven't picked up on the other research which shows PPIs probably reduce the risks of developing oesophageal cancer.

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      Thank you so very much for your reply and I will, as you suggested, go to the links and read further. I very much appreciate your comments as well as the time it took to respond. Just happy that I have now found someone that truly knows about and can relate to my symptons.

      Thank you again

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    After starting at my doctor's request, taking 75 mg of Rantinidine, or generic zantac, and finding it helps, but not enough, I also tried taking 75 mg in the morning, and 150 at night, but still, if I ate anything at all with garlic, tomatoes, peanut butter, pretty much anything, I was still miserable.  I resorted to opening my omeprazole 20 mg, and taking out half the granules and taking 10, and it works, it works wonders, so I called the doctors office and told them that, but guess what?  She called in another script for 150 of the zantac.  She does not want me taking the omeprazole at all.  So, back to square one.
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        Believe me "Zantac" didn't even start to compare with "Prilosec" as I tried them all. I am now ttrying the Walmart over the counter "Omeprazole" to try and get off the Prilosec. Don't know why your Dr suggest Zantac as I certainly am no expert but have been taking Prilosec related medicine for 15+ years and cannot go over 24 hours without burning starting in my stomach. I have learned a lot from this blog and have also learned a lot more from the "Internet" than most doctors!! Try talking to the "pharmacist" at Walmart or ? and ask him about (Over the counter / Omeprazole) and get "different opinions".

      Good luck as I know what all of us are going thru, especially waking up at night with your stomach on fire.

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