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cheryl25598 cheryl25598

Sudden sharp stabbing pain in front of left shin just below knee!

I've had this on and off maybe once every couple of weeks, but today its happened about 5 times!

If I kneel on my left leg to do something I suddenly get a very sharp stabbing pain in the front of my leg just below the knee slightly to the left! Its not a shin splint as its not right next to my shin bone its about an inch or two from my shin bone. Its been particularly painful today and has happened every time I've knelt down!

There is no swelling or bruising at all. Does anyone know what this is and what could be causing it?

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  • debra59438 debra59438 cheryl25598

    Hi Cheryl,

    I'm not sure what type of pain control you have but that sounds bad. One thing I was allowed to get from my pain mgmt doc was Baclofen. I was having severe cramping in my legs and charlie horses if I would bend in a certain direction or upon waking up in the morning. My muscles were just locked up around the bones where I have osteoarthritis and possibly tendonitis. What happened was I took 10 mg and felt really relaxed. My muscles too. I had to be really careful. I did not do any bending down. It increased my appetite too but I didn't give in. So since I can take 20 mg per day I felt the charlie horse coming on in my leg but it seemed to start at my feet. I used my tens unit, put gel toe dividers to increase my circulation for 10 minutes and then took my medication and baclofen. Before I was taking Diazepam but I am going off of it because they won't work with me if I am on a benzo. So basically if you are having that type of cramping and its that bad you could ask for Baclofen. I've tried Naprosyn, Cyclobenzaprine, Methocarbomal, Robaxin. All the NSAIDS. What happened was I ended up with severe stomach repercussions. I have Irritable bowel syndrome. I have to take Zantac in the morning with my Lyrica and Norco. I started taking Papaya Enzyme like 12 pills per day from a large bottle I purchased in the natural food isle at Fred Meyer. This morning my Irritable Bowel Sydrome was not as bad. I've been doing this for a week. So the Baclofen seems to be very effective but not good if you have balance problem. I just felt really relaxed, not anxious, not paranoid, just relaxed. Sleep last night came 10 minutes after taking my Depakote, Minipress, Norco, and Baclofen. I did not wake up with leg cramps. I have severe pain all over so I can definitely sympathize with you. Have you tried. Ultrasound therapy, Hot baths, Tens Unit, Biofeedback or Hypnosis. I currently don't get enough relief during the day so about every 2 to 3 hours I have to lay down and do heat pad and then I go online to u tube and do hypnosis for anxiety by Jody Whitely. There is a cat and she calms you down with deep breathing exercises and you end up relaxed and can sleep for a few hours. I need to do it now because the train horn woke me up at 5 am and I'm exhausted now. I'll probably be asleep till Noon and then the disability bus will come to take me shopping and pick up my prescriptions. I'm only 43 years old and have severe emotional instability mood problems, chronic pain, degenerative disc, osteoarthritis, pelvic pain, cysts and fibroids on my ovaries and cervicalgia which is neck pain and it radiates into my shoulder. I was able to get a really good solid neck pillow. How about pillows for your legs. Is there anywhere you can go and get into a hot tub? I have these things available to me. Note that if you contantly stress yourself out thinking it is going to happen that it will. It is the law of the universe and the reaction of your mind and consequences of the remembering of how bad the pain was last time it happened. Try to relax and listen to relaxing music. Laughing a lot helps. Think of yourself as perfection no matter how old you are. Chronic pain is really hard to deal with and sometimes when you need to wait for doctors to cooperate or have an appointment it is so frustrating, but let them do their job but your job is to take care of you. If you can't bend in that position then don't do it! Just don't! My roommate wants me to go down for a nap. He just left for work. Its me first now with diet and vitamins and medicine and my mindfulness of the situation. I just had surgery and it allowed me to walk again. That was it. It did not take away the pain. But walking is better than not walking. With the Baclofen I seem to have my agility back again. The pharmacist told me that cyclobenzaprine is superior. Not in my case. Cyclobenszaprine are like taking sugar tablets that tear a hole in my tummy. Hope you feel better. Send me a message anytime. Talking about it helps so much. Sometimes the people you live with get frustrated too. They don't want to hear your woes all of the time. This is a good site to make buddies that are in pain too. Have a great day if you can and I will pray now for you that you can get over this. My mom had bone spurs on her hips. She went for like 4 ultrasound treatments and its gone! You can buy an ultrasound machine online for about $110. Let me know if you need the company's name. I believe they are FDA certified. My tens unit and all my stuff is otherwise I wouldn't be using themsmile 

    • debra59438 debra59438

      Oh and I forgot to mention that my discs in my back are messed up and my tailbone is bent. Not good. I can only sit for so long. I think the surgery corrected the nerve root block but the cortisone still has to kick in. They are not sure if it will because they said my pain should be down below level 5 and I'm still at a level 7 to 8 about 4 times per day. 3 5/325 norco and 150mg lyrica is not enough to control the pain. Eventually I will be on 24 hour pain relief. If not, I live in oregon and plan on taking an alternative natural plant route in July. I am trying not to do that though because I am in Business School at PSU and I don't wanna be high when i'm working here on the internet. I only have 46 credit hours to go. I actually believe someday I will be healed. I don't know when, but I visualize my life returning to normal with a great job and maybe even a relationship with a caring and loving man. Right now I can't even date. I don't have the energysad Have a good one. 

  • cheryl25598 cheryl25598

    I haven't got cramp, its a sharp stabbing pain in my left leg just below the knee on the left of my calf/shin. Its eased off now but I've been getting a weird tearing pulling feeling if I forget and go to kneel down again. I think it could be either cartilage or tendon damage of some kind. I thought it might of gone on its own but I've still got this very weird feeling there which is hard to describe other than a kind of tearing feeling. So I think I will have to go to my GP

  • cheryl25598 cheryl25598

    The weird thing is its not a sports injury and there is no swelling or bruising and it doesn't hurt at all when I'm walking around or when I bend my leg! It only hurts if I kneel on it.

    • brandon 34902 brandon 34902 cecilia57228

      Hey Cecilia, very similar here. Lower left inner shin just above ankle, is that same area as you? It's like a rapid poking sting for like 10 seconds at a time. Started few months ago 3-4 time a day like every other day. Completely went away for couple months, then back the last 2 weeks with sharper pain, but less frequent

    • cecilia57228 cecilia57228 brandon 34902

      Hi Brandon, yes that's the exact pain i have. I have done many tests relating to it and so many scans but nothing is being found. This pain does not go away or reduce with pain killers. For me its now affecting  both my legs but at an identical position on both legs. it comes everyday but some days twice and others even 15 times a day. so depressing. i am still looking for help.

    • yolonda95113 yolonda95113 cecilia57228

      Hello, I have the same exact thing, but just in one of my legs but the same spot all the time.  Started about 3 months ago out of the blue.  My doctor told me it is bad circulation and could be coming from poor blood flow in my varicose veins.  He gave me some compressions socks.  Although the socks works, I still want to make sure that I do not have any blood clots or anything that is causing bad circulations. I will be getting an ultrasound on my legs next week.  I will let you know what comes from it. 

  • jeff18185 jeff18185 cheryl25598

    Cheryl,  I have exactly the same symptoms.  Espeically when I kneal down, pain is pretty sharp.  No pain when I wlak around or do sports, although the rea sometime feels "tight" when I am sitting around.

    By now I guy you have gone to a Dr.  What were the results?

  • cheryl25598 cheryl25598

    I told the doctor but he didn't seem too concerned all he said was that it was probably cartilage damage and that it would take at least 6 to 8 weeks to mend. Its improved a lot now but I still get a slight twinge every now and then so its still not completely healed yet.

  • elaine88258 elaine88258 cheryl25598

    I have this exact same pain!!  Just did a google search and found this post, I went for my first run last night in ages and everything was fine but when I kneel down today I get that sharp pain in the same place you have described and it takes a little while to go, then it all feels ok again....


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