Tally of Testosterone Level to Energy Level

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Tally of Testosterone Level to Energy Level

Can we tally our most recent testosterone level to energy level; comparing your energy to your friends who are presumably XY.

I learned about my condition at the age of 48. My Testoserone level was 25ng/dl when I found out I was XXY. As far as energy level, I've always had three jobs and only sleep an average of 5 hours per night. The doctor then put me on Testosterone and told me I'm going to feel this and that (basically stronger and full of energy). I went through three different regiment systems of getting my Testosterone to increase but it went to about 35ng/dl; still compared to an 80-year old post menopausal woman. When taking the Testosterone, I could no longer walk even a short block; I felt like I'm getting a heart attack. My thigh and leg muscle would feel spastic. I had no energy. Aside from the Testosterone giving me depression I found no reason to take them any longer. I stopped it because mostly it would give me a strong depression. A few months after stopping, my level has gone down to 5ng/dl. The doctor has said the implications of low testosterone is low energy level but my energy level has gone up since I have stopped taking it. I don't feel anymore muscle spasms. I feel much better than when I was taking it. The one thing I have to worry about is Osteoporosis as low levels of Testosterone, as it does in females, cause osteoporosis. For me I would prefer the pain of osteoporosis than not making it to live that long.

I'd like to hear what your Testosterone level is and whether Testosterone gives you energy or not.

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    Well I have to use a conversaion table here, but your 35ng/dl reading is very low.  It converts to 1.2nmol/L  and it should be somewhere between 10-35nmol/L  

    ng is nanogrammes  and dl is decilitre 

    "Some medical tests report results in nanomoles (nmol) per litre (L). A mole is an amount of a substance that contains a large number (6 followed by 23 zeros) of molecules or atoms. A nanomole is one-billionth of a mole. A litre measures fluid volume."

    I personally would put up with pain of the injection, rather than not have a sex life and without sufficient Testosterone I have no sex life.   I like having sex.

    Now for ordinary men they can be depressed and have normal testosterone, they can have erectile dysfunction and have normal testosterone, so why can't XXY men have low testosterone and be depressed or have erectile dysfunction NOT related to their testosterone level?   For those two problems the first place I'd look is testosterone level, but it could be casued by something else?

    I take Andriol Testocaps currently, I'm going to have to go back to an injectable as there is going to be a shortage of supply I've been told. The Andriol Testocaps aren't nearly as powerful as injectable testosterone.  I'm much more sexually keen with any injectable I've ever had than I am with the Andriol, but Andriol is much more easy and convenient to take.  

    My facial hair growth hasn't changed on Andriol, I still grow a full face beard and have to shave every day if I want to be tidy.   I do experience less energy on Andriol.  Often I need to sleep in the afternoon.   Yes, absolutely Testosterone gives me energy when I have it at the right level.

    I recall years ago when I was cycling I could train with all the other guys just fine, but when it cam to race day, no matter how fit I was, I could never maintain ther level of speed over a day.  They not knowing I was XXY, and I would have been barred from competeing if they ever found out I was taking testosterone, kept telling me I didn't eat enough, but I ate what they ate and trained how they trained, something else was missing?  Stamina!  

    Once testosterone reaches a certain level it's converted to oestrogen.  This is how it is for all males.  This is why males tend to be taller than females.  Oestrogen causes epiphyseal closure, the epiphyses are at the ends of bones and where they grow from.  Females have a surge of oestrogen at the start of puberty and they stop growing as a result.  Males have to build up testosterone until there's enough that some can be converted to oestrogen to bring about the same result, so they grow for longer, and consequently are often taller than females, quite considrably.   XXY males because they don't have sufficent testosterone tend to grow even more tall than regular males as they have insufficient testosterone to be converted.

    Oestrogen also gives them stamina.  Without a high enough level of testosterone they can't convert enough to oestrogen and run out of energy more quickly.  So I had the medical equivalent  of an XY mans level, but it was insufficient for my needs.  I was never going to be able to compete fairly. I was never going to win a race that's for sure.   I never did win a race.


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      Im 45 below normal for my testosterone i lack energy im getting ed i went to see a specilist and he said it wouldnt be good to start on testosterone treatment because i have bipoler so ive been struggling for about 2 mounths....

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      You're XXY? So the therapy for bipolar in XY males is castration, I've never heard of that therapy before!   I know of 2 XXY males with bipolar who have testosterone therapy.  I think each disorder we have, that's anybody, ought to be treated in and of itself.  So people with bipolar ought to get therapy for that, and if they have hypogonadism therapy for that, and if Depression therapy for that, etc, etc.    Is your Bipolar specialist an Endocrinologist?  Tell that "speaialist" to look up:

      "Klinefelter syndrome: The Need for Early Identification and Treatment" 

      By  Mandoki & Sumner

      Which details a case history of a teenage boy with multiple difficulties who was treated with testosterone and other drugs simultaneously. 

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    Testosterone has never increased my energy level. In the US, I take 200 miligrams of testosterone every 3 weeks. If you stopped testosterone, you should be on a vitamin D capsule and on calcium pills to prevent osteopenia or osteoporosis. I am on two vitamin pills of vitamin D because my levels are below 30. I am not taking calcium because I get hormone shots in my hip from a doctor's office. My suggestion is to get a blood test to check your vitamin D levels and a bone density test to see if your bones are not thin. I have several tests done on my hip and ankle to make sure I don't get osteopenia or osteoporosis.Good luck.
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