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I've been diagnosed with Klinfelter's about seven years. My testicles are very small, not sure of the medical term/for measure. I've been self conscious (knowing that) they do not really do anything!

Long story short, I've been approved for Testicular Prosthetic's & have been given more time to decide whether or not to proceed. There's an eight percent risk element, which doesn't really bother me. My wife is against it, as it is a procedure that might not be totally required. She thinks councilling might be a better route.

If anyone has had the implants, I would like to hear from you.


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    If your wife wanted breast implants would your opinion be of any interest to her? Would she feel good about herself if you said they're not an issue?

    What you need to consider when getting implants is, how big are they, will they meet your standard, will you be happy with them, is it one size fits all take it or leave it, or do you get a choice?

    I don't see why counseling would be of any use, will the counselor be able to feel what you feel? I think counseling's a total waste of time.

    Pain, they are painful to get, in my opinion agonising, you have to really want them to have them as it'll be like being kicked in the balls, every moment of every day, for about 6 months. You will need adequate pain relief, and I've discovered Transsexuals get better pain relief for their surgery than was offered me for mine.

    The choice of coursed is, and ought to be, all yours.

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    Don't do it, listen to your wife and get counselling, I was offered Testicular Prosthetic's when I first got told I

    have KS, but I thought, no they maybe small but they are mine and plus you never know they maybe just

    slow at growing

    I also read that testogel suppresses sperm production and when I read that, I stopped taking it and that's

    when I met this woman that later told me she was expecting, but still DNA testing needs to be done, and

    the battles to get a DNA test done, that's another story

    But anyway keep them, if your arm stopped working would you chop it off

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    Getting testicular implants isn't the same as getting castrated. You can get both at the same time, I didn't, I had to wander about for years with both prostheses and testes, which in such a small scrotum wasn't all that comfortable.

    Testes in virtually all XXY guys are atrophied, that means shrunken. They shrink because of Seminiferous Tubule Dysgenesis Julian, the seminiferous tubules is where sperm develop in normal males. Dysgenesis means 'defective development' - you don't have any sperm production Julian, you probably haven't since you were 14 or so - if you had sperm production you would have normally sized testicles and there are such XXY males out there, but you're not one of them Julian as you report atrophied testes.

    The defective tubules prevent the Leydig cells, the cells that make testosterone, from expanding, therefore they are incapable of producing more testosterone. The ONLY reason normal balls get big is because of increased testosterone production.

    But you could have the odd 1 or 2 sperms hiding in your testes somewhere, and only a biopsy will prove or disprove that. Your balls are never going to grow Julian, never, not ever, not in a million years, they are slang for 'intercoursed.'

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    lol maybe not grow, but could still work, when I was attending the IVF clinic in Hammersmith many many

    years ago, I had to do sperm tests, and they came back saying no sperm

    But then I changed my diet along with some really nasty tasting stuff from a Chinese doctor in

    Camden Town , I think it was called acumedic anyway a few months later I had another sperm test and it

    was then a low sperm result smile the doctors at Hammersmith said just keep doing what you are doing as

    its working, but things in my life changed with my ex-wife and I gave up

    but now with my new wife I am going to try again smile

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    How precisely, how do atrophied testes still work?

    I've seen your two other posts you've made today about preserving sperm, copies of each, I'm not at all impressed.

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    It appears people here are not happy with my posts, well tough, I'm guessing everyone here has KS

    LIKE me, I'm not happy about having KS, but there are those that get on in life and then those that wine

    on about life

    KS is not going to go away, sorry but that's it you are stuck with it, BUT does that mean you are going to

    give up on trying to live life to the full, if you are lucky enough to have a little sperm, even if only one time

    in life

    would you not want to try making some thing of it

    OR do you just go down the road of poor me

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    Thanks guys for the opinions expressed.

    XXYGuy I hear you saying, it's my decision.

    I think having excruciating pain for six months

    would steer me against the prosethics to be honest.

    Part of my anxious thought's are, Appearance & Performance.

    My wife say's my performance is great (nothing to worry about),

    i get perturbed about the size but also about ejaculate ( or quantity of it!!).

    If I get my testes removed & replaced with prosthetic's, then there wouldn't even be any ejaculate :-(

    Which might cause me more annoyance & guess what - a lot of pain for not a gain!

    In real terms, who is gonna see my scrotum?!

    The only person that has the issue, is me! I have to take more time to weigh it up.

    Thank you both for taking the time to give me you 'experiences'.


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    Ejaculate doesn't come from testes, it comes from the prostate primarily. I've not had testes for years and I ejaculate just fine. I also orgasm just fine. It's how much testosterone one has that matters, if it's too much or too little there are likely to be problems.
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    Ok, more confused than before :-/

    I always thought (without any proof!!) the testes produced the sperm, doh!

    I do orgasm & ejaculate, but I'm not (a big cummer) & that gives me issues.

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    Testes make sperm (usually) and testosterone, even in XXY guys. Ejaculate consists of sperm (usually) and water, and nutrients that keep sperm alive and give them something to swim in. The fluid protects sperm from the hazardous environment of the vagina and female reproductive tract. The volume of actual sperm to the rest of the volume of ejaculate is nominal. That is a normal state of affairs. ie the volume of sperm in a normal mans' ejaculate is nominal compared to the total fluid ejaculated.

    XXY guys tend to produce less volume of ejaculate as their prostate is much smaller than XY guys, for the same reason their balls are much smaller, insufficient testosterone. The only reason balls (testes) get bigger is because of increased testosterone production. You can discuss this with your doctor.

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