Weakness after Vaccine

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anyone else experience significant weakness and fatigue for weeks after your vaccine?

i am on first shot of moderna and started losing strength 2 days post shot and it has never improved. I'm due for 2nd dose next well and concerned.

i have not found any information that side effects last more thana few days and I’m at weeks now. normal activities are difficult and so far never the vaccine clinic or primary care has offered any suggestions.

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    so many side effects, i developed some issues after the vaccine 1st dose. Oxford one. I cant write here cause mods remove.

    all i say is NUMAN products sorted it

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      can i ask what these products are xxx

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    I had my first Pfizer COVID vaccine on February 5, 2021. Two weeks later, I noticed my legs were not responding when getting out of bed. Since then, I have been to chiropractor, spinal surgeons, had multiple MRI, received steroid injection, rheumatologist, all with no results. My legs are still numb and very weak. Received results from ANA test which were all negative. MRI shows some arthritis. Very frustrating. This condition came on quickly. No way to prove, but my assumption is the mRNA vaccine somehow attacked my nerves. I just hope it goes away.

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    I got the Pfizer vaccine back in September. I also cannot find any articles or information linking muscle weakness to the jab, but my muscles have not been the same since September. I would not call myself physically fit, so soreness after activity was common prior to September, but nowhere near compared to what it is like for me now. I just turned 44 and am of average health and slightly overweight. The smallest amount of activity involving my leg muscles is almost dibilitating now. I use a heating pad constantly (when able) and pop over the counter pain meds like nobody's business. A few days ago I walked up six flights of stairs and today my legs still feel like mush. I am not able to walk normally because of the pain. (I can walk but I walk "funny", like I am walking on glass and trying not to break it.) The heating pad provides relief when in use, but right after I remove the heat the pain in my legs comes back. The quads and calf areas are the worst of course. I have done more vigorous activity in the past (prior to the vaccine) and did not have the repercussions that I do now. I have no idea how long this will last and there is no helpful information or medical advice that can be found. I will not be getting any boosters.

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    Hi I had my booster shot 6 weeks ago and I have been fatigued ever since, before I had it I felt fine so I am convinced I am having a long term effect from it! I hardly have energy to get through the day!

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    I got really really sick after my 1st J&J shot.

    We had flu like symptoms with night sweats.

    I felt fine by day 3 and didn't notice much until a couple of months later I started noticing unusual muscle fatigue and soreness after minimal exertion.

    I used to work out for 60-90 minutes vigorously with no unusual soreness but now if I work out for 15 minutes MODERATELY I end up with a muscle strain and several days of pain.

    I can't really say if it has anything to do with the vaccine but this is the first time I've experienced anything like this and I am afraid to get more vaccines because there's just NO WAY to know what the medium or long term effects are going to be.

    I feel extremely violated by being forced into getting these vaccines before thorough studies have been done. I believe in modern medicine and want to be protected but I am also wary of being a guinea pig to something that hasn't been proven.

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    I had my 2 vaccine shots (Pfizer) in March and Booster in Oct and experiencing fatigue after the Booster that doesn't improve, sort of similar to your situation. I keep hoping it will lessen but so far remain fatigued. A physical exam checked out OK in July. An unrelated item to your post is that I got a very bad case of Shingles 4 wks after 2nd shot, not sure if anyone has experienced that.

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    I had two shots of the Astrazenica vaccine and all seemed fine. For the third (booster), they gave me the Pfizer type. Three weeks later, I lost the ability to lift my right arm (which got the jab). Also next to no grip in my right hand. I was sent to the stroke clinic as a precaution but nothing found. Cat scan, ECG, Xray and most recently MRI. My symptoms have developed into weak arms, legs, slight dizziness, excessive tremor and lack of balance. It's actually quite debilitating. I'm convinced it's a vaccine side effect but I'm letting the pros eliminate all other possibilities. One thing's for sure; if they confirm my suspicions, I will be taking legal action. I can't do anything. DIY, walking, driving etc.

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    Just so none of you feel alone, I have experienced consistent or 'chronic' fatigue since receiving the Moderna Covid vaccine in Feb-Mar of 2021. It is awful, and I am almost certain it has something to do with the vaccinations. I experienced horrific body aches and pain for 5 days after each of the two doses required. I'm no doctor, and I have a multitude of orthopedic issues stemming from 3 serious accidents over the last 30 years. I've had approximately 13 surgeries to date to repair damages resulting from these accidents but despite all of that I've been able to function for a normal workday. But now over a year after being vaccinated I am still dealing with this inexplicable and persistent fatigue making it difficult to accomplish my normal daily tasks. I also wear out very quickly and need much more frequent breaks.

    Net result is it takes alot more push to get my 40 hrs a week in and I love my work, hate not being able to get things done as fast as I could 1.6 yrs ago.

    Can I 'prove' it's the result of the vaccine - of course not - the doctors simply cite the other previous conditions as the issue, but it sure feels like I've lost alot of steam since getting those damn shots.

    I sincerely hope we will all get the truth about these things sometime down the road if this political bickering ever stops long enough - regardless of what that truth is, just that it IS the truth and not tainted by bias.

    Incidentally, I never did get Covid despite being significantly exposed both before and after being vaccinated. My poor wife got hit pretty hard, but survived, and our teenager was over the symtoms in about three days with no apparent 'long' affects. Poor wife still hasn't regained all of her taste/smell and doesn't look like she ever will as she's been over it for almost a year now.

    God bless all of you , and thank you for keeping this alive as I don't feel quite so alone in this now 😃

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    My wife got the Covid jab. I did not. I have never had any symptoms or health issues related to covid this entire time. My wife now has extreme muscle weakness, especially in her legs. I often have to help her get out of chairs or the car. I have to pull or boost her on stairs, even curbs, to get on a sidewalk requires assistance. Additionally, she has stabbimg pain in her back muscles, which she did not have before. She has both weskness and myalgia. The effort she has to make to walk leaves her short of breath. I am asthmatic and cannot run or swim distances, but I can easily walk a steady pace. Just walking to our car leaves her gasping for breath. Before the shots, she s always had stronger lungs than me. Not any more!!! There are a lot of reports of heart issues, muscle weakness, tremors, spasms, shortness of breath and other symptoms. They were experimenting on people with this so-called vaccine. I can only hope that there might be recovery, but she does not seem to be improving.

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    Early last year (about one month after Moderna booster shot) I had progressive numbness in my right leg starting at the outer toes and gradually migrating to most of my foot. Along the same time was getting major soreness in my calf muscles.

    Long story short ended up doing physical therapy and figured out that the achilles tendon major calf muscle path had apparently gotten very weak and the lateral calf muscles were doing all the work and loudly complaining about the workload.

    I found I could not lift myself up on the ball of my right foot at all...left foot was fine.

    Physical therapy with exercise on the lower calf and traction brought back about 85% of the strength and I was told it could take a couple of years to gain full strength back.

    I also started having weakness in my left hand such that I could not even operate nail clippers.

    While this was going on I also started getting muscle cramps and what I'll call colateral muscles all above the waist (no lower body problem after the inital calf muscle weakness). If I use a tensor muscle for example in my first two fingers than the other two fingers will cramp. Mind you I can use a gripper exerciser without any problem at all (Rogue Fitness Captains of Crush gripper 80lb I can touch the grips). Just getting some dollar bills out of my wallet today I got a cramp in my index finger. So it's only the mild tensing of a muscle that is a problem. Exercises don't cause any problem.

    I'll be seeing Iowa State University Hospital neuromuscular clinic next week.

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    had first moderna shot in Feb 2021, second in March 2021 and booster Dec 2021. Before the shots I had no problem with weakness in my legs. Now that I think about it, my legs started getting weaker in 2021. Could play golf and every thing else with no leg pain. I turned 83 years old in 2021 and thouht it was probably just old age, but the more I think about it, I think my weakness was caused by the vaccine. I have always been very active and worked out regularly. I also notice I get leg cramps quite often. Now I have trouble walking a very short distance. I have had the circulation in my legs checked and it was OK. Will talk to my primary Doctor about it. Hope something can be done.

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      My father-in-law is 83 as well. He just told us this weekend he believes the weakness he has been experiencing in his legs and back is due to the covid vaccine He spoke to another man this week who has had the same issue . This man told my FIL that he went to the Mayo clinic and they told him it is due the vaccine. I don't know what they officially diagnosed him with or how they are treating it. My IL's didn't give any other details but passing on that there might be hope through Mayo. None of the doctors that my FIL has seen have had any answers whatsoever. They may press the issue with the doctors knowing this info now but who knows if they will get anywhere here.

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