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Hi...i would just like to share something with you all.  About 4 yrs ago i had a kind of breakdown,i was perscribed fluxotine..well about a year passed by and one day i just decided to stop taking them for no other reason that i thought i didnt need them and i dont like taking meds. Anyway, i was expecting maybe not to feel well,or something...but nothing . i got on with things and didnt think twice.   Well 2years down the line i was feeling slighty overwhelmed again and i was perscribed ..Sertraline.  after about a month or so i remember thinking " actually i "think", i feel a bit lighter so alls good, apart from the underline fact that like i said before i really dont like taking meds.  after about another month  that  ok feeling went..and i was just plodding along you know..i dont mean i felt sad or deppressed just  nothing . Anyway, about 8days ago i ran out of Sertraline. I wasnt overlly concerned i just thought well they didnt make me feel any different so thats it . Iwill just have a go at taking nothing as i have done most of my adult life.  what happened next is a shocker. Anger like i hardly ever felt before,no patience at all,horrible waking up soaked and having to change 3 times a night, total change of personality...( where has Gel gone?!!!) But, the most concerning point is  the brain "shift"  some describe is as brain freeze,frazzle..etc for me i would say a kind of feeling like my head feeling like something every now and then shakes my head from side t side and it is the most horrible feeling ever. its been about 9days now but this morning i took 2 ( someone elses ) as i just wanted a bit of time to work this out. mainly though, i am angry  at myself for allowing myself to even start taking a med such as this but also very angry at the people that make this drug. i feel like an experiment and i feel weak of heart and substance for allowing myself to go down that route. What i do next i havnt decided i will not let this beat me  but not to be in charge of your personality  is very surreal and not for me. I will find the strength and get off this dangerous man made little tablet !  Gel xxx  and good luck to every one who is doing the same xx


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    Hi, well your story is very interesting, I was taking setraline only for 10 weeks , I had horrendous side effect and then I had an unnatural high for 2 weeks followed with a very low spell so I decided to stop taking them and I feel as though I'm going through the side effects again, I don't want to take any meds as I have never needed anything in the past ,I just hope that these side effects will leave me and I can regain some sort of natural balance . Take care and thanks for sharing your experience x
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    You're supposed to stop taking this kind of medication slowly, by reducing the dosage and frequency (your Dr should have explained this to you!!) Its dangerous to just suddenly stop (whether you feel that they are working or not) because most people will get very bad withdrawal symptoms. That's why you shouldn't stop taking them without notifying a Dr and getting advice on how to come off them. 
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      I think the withdrawl is worse than the side effects I experienced.

      horrible med for me.


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      Me too, sticking to staying off it though as I don't think it was right for me ! 
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      I find that drugs r always advertised on tv for various issues..

      adds show happy thin beautiful actors laughing running round free from pain.. So over advertised. Even when I found one that helped it never measured up to thei Big PHARM adds on tv. 

      Eventually all those side effects starts to show up.. Then going off is miserable. just another month or more out of my life again..

      everyone is different of course. 

      Stay well stay strong.


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    I am in a similar boat as you. Forgot to take my meds on holiday and felt well enough to stop taking them. In the last three weeks I have taken just 25g of sertraline to take the edge of the brain shakes - can't stand them. I too am now into rage outbursts. No post natal depression anymore thankfully but extreme tiredness, joint pain and a general feeling of withdrawal similar to giving up smoking. Hate it - but am determined not to go backwards. Things are starting to be a little easier but still there so don't expect a quick fix, just stick with it if you feel you can cope with the side affects. If the anger or anything is presenting a real problem them go back to your doctors to see if there is a different med that will help with the withdrawal. Good luck x
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    Hi Geraldine, just went through basically what you're describing, a little different. I weaned myself off with my Doctor. It get's better, takes awhile but you will feel better. I've had a lot if stress but am starting to finally calm down. I raged like never before. I've been to Hell and I'm on my way back. Stay strong, you may want to talk to your doctor as there are meds. to help.
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    I had terrible debilitating migraines..total body aches worse than the flue. Barfing and high blood pressure not to mention urine retention.

    as they say sometime the cure is worse. I don't trust big pharm... Selling the cures left & right on tv. Show people with happy smiling interactions enjoying life...they r actors not taking the meds.

    just more reason to read all the clinical trials & side effects before trying these new meds.

    take care

    (( hugs))cheesygrin

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